Date: Jun 26 2017

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Good morning from Coral House :) We’re here for a few days and I’m not one bit mad about it. This island makes my heart happy.


Sharing some of my recently favorited etsy finds today! Especially loving that peacock headboard!




1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9


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Date: Jun 23 2017

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But really. They are.




1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9


I’ll take that little bow number, please :)



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Date: Jun 21 2017

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Good morning from Lake Oconee! I’m having such a nice time visiting this pretty area of Georgia! It’s been raining but we’re making the most of it and feel like I’m eating my way through the town. Today we’re heading to Madison for the next couple of nights and I’m excited to see more of the state :) Meanwhile I’m placing all of these dresses on my “want” list!




pink stripe dress, white dress, denim romper,

blue floral dress, red & white floral dress, pink floral ruffle dress,

white embroidered dress, blue lace up dress, white tassel midi,

blue check dress, blue stripe dress, pink ruffle dress, pink floral dress


Any favorites? Mine top three are the pink floral ruffle dress, the white and navy embroidered dress, and that tropical blue dress.



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Date: Jun 20 2017

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One of my favorite design choices I made for Coral House is the Biscuit Home Bedding. I have had their bedding before so I knew it was high quality, and I love all of the fun patterns and accessories.



(rattan headboard, chartreuse wall sconces, navy tables, tile floor, floral vase)




This bedroom features the Jenny Blue collection! I love the light greens and blues. And so cute with this blue linen neckroll sham.




This upstairs bedroom features the Bloomsberry collection in periwinkle with the blue linen shams  and that lovely blue cashmere throw.



(rattan headboard)


384A0453 384A0451


This pink bedding is the Leighton collection paired with pink linen scallop shams.




And this fourth bedroom features my favorite pattern of all, the Dorothy Blue collection.



(rattan headboard, blue wall sconces, navy tables, beach print, tile floor)




And I just love that little red linen neckroll sham.




Thank you so much for my friend Bailey and her team at Biscuit for helping me make Coral House’s bedrooms cozy and fantastic! You can check out their entire Biscuit Bedding line here :)


Photography by Gray Benko.



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Date: Jun 19 2017

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Good morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend and Father’s Day. Today I’m flying to Georgia with Explore Georgia for the week! If you have any recommendations for Greensboro and Madison please send them my way :)


Meanwhile, my quest for a dress stocked summer wardrobe continues…




1     |     2     |     3     |     4

5     |     6     |     7     |     8

9     |     10     |     11     |     12


All so cute – that second dress in the top row is under $50!




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Date: Jun 17 2017

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7 things catching my eye lately.





Mara Hoffman’s latest is both refreshing and gorgeous!

The perfect summer slide. More colors here.

My all time favorite skincare line just launched a new Basics collection.

Did you see that Amazon bought WholeFoods? This internet joke is hilarious.

I am OBSESSED with these silicone cover ups – a necessity in my book.

How cute is this watermelon beach lounger? And it’s just $35.

Don’t you know? A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.



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