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According to Travel + Leisure’s recent survey, Charleston, SC. 

We’re also considered to be the friendliest city in the US (also according to Travel + Leisure).  Not a bad combination.  I love my city!


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Date: Jun 25 2011

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First off, thanks to everyone who entered to win the Stella & Dot giveaway.  We loved reading through all of your messages about the new Renegade collection.  It truly is gorgeous, I’m loving S&D’s new edgy look.

Now for the winners… chose numbers 12 and 16.  What does this mean?

Congratulations Audrey Brames and Morgan Strenck!! 

{Audrey is one lucky girl, this is her second Stella & Dot giveaway she’s won here on Look Linger Love!}

Thanks once again to my lovely Stella & Dot sponsor Annette for hosting this giveaway.  Ladies, be sure to shoot her an email ( of thanks with your choice of jewelry from the new Renegade collection!


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Date: Jun 24 2011

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A lot.  Elizabeth’s been busy in her shop Pretty Smitten – check out all of her new goods!!

Lucite Trays:
IPhone Cases:
Melamime Platters and Plates:
Plus her store is still filled to the brim with adorable party supplies 

So go stop by her shop and say hi!!  Oh, and Elizabeth is just 3 followers shy from 100 on her adorable blog!  Go pop over and follow her- it’s fabulous, plus she does giveaways over there.


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Date: Jun 23 2011

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You know how there are women out there who seem to constantly inspire and amaze you?  It’s a rare kind.  And that’s why they’re special.  I often refer to them as my girl crushes.  And today I get to introduce you to one of mine.  You may already know her, but I’m betting you’ll learn something new about her here today.

Caitlin Wilson is a triple threat kind of gal.  Once you get past the effortless good looks, you find that she’s an insanely talented interior designer, inspiring mother, and expert of living life beautifully.  I’ve been following her blog for quite a long time now (and have learned a lot!).  So I knew I needed to share a little “Caitlin charm” here on my blog for you too.  Of course, to have the chance to ask her any question that I wanted was a bonus too :)


LLL: Let’s pretend we’re going on a trip to Paris… What do you want to do first?
Caitlin: I’d go get a warm pain au chocolat and and then hit the flea market! {I spent a spring term in college in Paris and I ate a croissant for breakfast and a crepe every afternoon- let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t live in Paris!}

LLL: Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Caitlin: Shoes, handbags, sunglasses…but I intentionally collect cake stands.

LLL: What is your greatest extravagance?
Caitlin: A painting that my husband surprised me with for my daughter Olivia’s room.

LLL: Willing to divulge any favorite shopping resources when decorating?
Caitlin: If you’re looking for cute books for your bookshelves- there’s an old readers digest collection with darling patterned covers that can often be found at thrift stores.

LLL: We’re out to dinner. What do you order?
Caitlin: Something sinful…I try to eat healthy at home so when we go out, I splurge! A burger or steak and I always indulge in dessert! Chocolate anything will do!

LLL: You have a new fabric line in the works! What can you share?
Caitlin: My new fabric line is inspired by the places that we’ve lived in the last 2 years- the Middle East and Asia. Many of the patterns are classic geometrics that we all love- trellis, fretwork, chevron- but I’ve added a new twist. One of my main reasons for wanting to create my own fabric line was to offer color ways that I love and feel are missing from the market. You’ll see corals, aquas, berry pinks, greys, and gold. The crowning pattern is my hand drawn floral reminiscent of Chinese flowers and foliage. I designed the collection so all of the fabrics can work together. You choose your favorite- and I’ll show you 2 other pillows to put with it to create a perfect combination. I will be selling readymade pillow covers in a variety of sizes as well as fabric by the yard. This has been such an exciting venture, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the launch on September 1st!

{She thinks she’s excited??!  I cannot wait to see what all is up her sleeve!}

LLL: Is there a design trend that you are sick of seeing?
Caitlin: I appreciate all different styles so I try not to hate on anything…but I guess if I have to I’d say I’m a bit over the suzani look. I love authentic, antique suzanis- like I used in a project in Dubai…but I think the fabrics have been overdone.

LLL: On your blog you’ve shared that you’ve had clothing custom made. Could you tell us a little about the process?
Caitlin: In Dubai, it was so incredibly cheap to have clothes made…it’s a common thing to do but I guess you could say I got carried away with it. The great thing about custom made clothes is that you can accentuate the good things about your figure and hide the bad. So under all those high waisted skirts and trousers with bows- I’m hiding my mummy tummy! I think that’s probably the things about living abroad that I will miss the most…an affordable luxury!

{For the record, I see no tummy – just one hot momma with an adorable little girl!}
Thank you so much for stopping by, Caitlin.  As we say here in the south, you’re quite the gem!  And I hope you all go visit Caitlin’s wonderful blog, Style Files.  She’s one to watch.


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I’m absolutely DYING over Stella & Dot’s newest Renegade Collection.

 Spikes and sparkle?  Yes please!
And may I add that the prices are pretty great too!

My must have pieces are the cluster necklace and the cluster bracelet.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is what your must have piece is.  Because my always amazing and generous sponsor Annette is yet again offering up a giveaway.  Not just one, but TWO WINNERS will win their favorite piece from the Stella & Dot Renegade Collection
Here’s how you enter to win:
1st entry: Just leave a comment below with your favorite piece
2nd entry: Go “like” Annette’s facebook page
3rd entry: Hit “like” down at the bottom of this post to share with your fb fans
4th entry: Tweet this giveway (be sure to copy me in so I see)
This post will end this Friday night (June 24th).
So spill it!  Which piece has you drooling??


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Date: Jun 21 2011

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I’d like to wear this.

{Dress, Scarf, Flats (on sale!), and clutch)


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