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Date: Mar 31 2012

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Have you all seen this Tutu Project yet? In his best effort to raise money for breast cancer (and keep his wife Linda’s spirits up after being diagnosed herself with breast cancer) photographer Bob Carey has taken 110 images of himself donning a pink tutu in settings that range from deserts to ferrys.

He’s selling tshirts, prints, and has a book due out this fall. Now, I call that fabulous! Read more about his tutu project here.


And if you’d like to do some more weekend shopping, my sponsor Sarah Swansen is offering 30% off in her Gallery Wall shop through April 1st. That’s $7 paintings ya’ll. 


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Date: Mar 30 2012

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Remember this little post that sparked a lot of conversation? You know, about living what you pin and fantasize about? I mentioned that a challenge was coming. Well it’s time that we all show our cards…

I challenge you to do something inspired by an idea that you’ve blogged about, talked about, wished about, or pinned.

Your project can be anything. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of throwing an awesome party for friends, or reupholstering a chair in a fabric out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you want to cut 10 inches off of your hair, or design a handbag. Hell I don’t know what floats your boat, but whatever it is I want you to do it!
And if you do something kinda big or pretty darn cool, well then we want to see it! I’ll be taking your submissions up through May 15th. I’ll just need some photos and why you chose to do what you did!
And yes, I’m going to participate too. Let’s do this people!


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Date: Mar 29 2012

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I want to put these runners all over my new house. Crazy awesome.

Too bad shipping would probably be a bitch. Aren’t they just the coolest?


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