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Date: Mar 19 2012

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Let’s show some love for my March sponsors, shall we? 
Seriously, they’re all amazing…. just see!
Gah, I tell you what… I spied these dresses a little while back and am DYING over how they look in Kokoon’s very latest spring photoshoot. So beautiful.

Yeah, that Shimmie floral dress makes my heart jump a little. And I just love Laine’s “Behind the Seams” post about the photoshoot. Such a cool lady. I love to see all the details and hear about the photographer. Beautiful collection, Laine!!


As if Stella & Dot’s Spring collection weren’t enough, have you seen the new limited editions? I’m a total slutski to beautiful items that are one of a kind or limited in quantity. It just makes me feel special.

That white Mischa necklace has my name on it. Isn’t it divine? With the weather changing it’s the perfect time to spruce up your jewelry. Go check out the whole collection here!
Elizabeth’s shop is filled with the cutest stuff right now! Still loving her new iPad cases.
And don’t forget her party packages too. So cute and easy for a kid’s shindig and she has the cutest themes to choose from.
Every time I visit Pixie Lily I get the warm and fuzzy momma feeling. The collection is just so soft (the softest I’ve ever found, for real) and so sweet in design. It just looks like it’s made for happy (and well behaved) kids, doesn’t it?
And you may not realize that Leda also offers the most exquisite handmade notes, Pixie Papier.
I’ve used these and was seriously so bummed when I ran out. Everything Pixie Lily is quality all the way, and I know a lot of southern mommas who can attest to that!
Oh Pretty Mommy, why must you tease me so with your gorgeous new arrivals. I’m on your site way too often perusing and bookmarking. They just keep on coming!
She’s truly a step ahead of the game every. single. time.  How fun is that striped Ace & Jig dress? And I’m still so pumped about my new clutch!
I kind of wanted to simply post this image above and just let it do the talking but you know I can’t keep from gushing over these bags. I mean, if you need a serious diaper bag with serious organization while still looking hot, well here ya go… Bellisima Baby Bags is the bomb. And I WILL leave it at that ;)
See, aren’t my sponsors the best?


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Date: Mar 18 2012

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Hey Charleston friends, the week has arrived!
It’s a great line up this year. Can’t wait to see what the emerging and featured designers have in store for us at this year’s Charleston Fashion Week.
Get your tickets and all the information HERE.
See you under the tents!


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In honor of 5 sensational years on King Street, Hampden Clothing is celebrating with their top brand, Rag & Bone, with a 2 day event filled celebration scheduled for the end of this month.  This gets monumentally cooler (at least for those of you who are local), as Charleston is playing host to the brand’s iconic design duo, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. What does Hampden Clothing’s owner Stacy Smallwood have in store? A day of private shopping, a bluegrass barbecue party, oh, and just a teeny weeny runway debut of the line’s spring women’s and men’s collections.

Of course I’ll be reporting on all the fun activities to come, but wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you attended too??

Ummm, that is a no brainer. Of course it would be way cooler if you were actually there too.

Did I mention that the runway show presentation party will be at Westbrook Brewery? So cool. And if this doesn’t just get you all jazzed up and sparkly feeling…

So here’s the deal, you can actually buy tickets to attend the runway show and be a part of this event (so you don’t have to be Olivia Palermo to get a seat)! Awesome.
Okay, so now I want you to meet Hampden Clothing’s owner, Stacy:
And now you need to pay really close attention (for something good that’s coming at the end of this post…) Stacy wants your help deciding what outfit she should wear to the runway show. Here are her options:
Option 1:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Marseille Dress}
Option 2:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Bright Orange Zipper Capris}
Option 3:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Harlow Dress}
Option 4:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Mustard Racine Pant}
Option 5:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Black Guard Jacket}
Option 6:
{Featuring Rag & Bone’s Camel Canvas Newbury Boot}
All pretty sweet options right? Oh to be the owner of one of the country’s coolest boutiques… Anyway, Hampden Clothing is giving away one ticket to the Rag & Bone runway presentation to one lucky LLL reader!
Here’s how you enter:

and leave a comment on their Facebook page 
voting for which outfit you think Stacy should wear.  
Easy. Go now. Do it. And good luck.
But remember, even if you don’t win you can still buy your ticket here. See you there!


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Date: Mar 15 2012

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At long last, Emerson Fry‘s Spring 2012 line (formally known as Emerson Made) launches today to the public. And my heavens it’s incredible. Were any of you like me and signed up for the early shopping preview?? I just can’t help myself.

You’re welcome, and happy shopping!


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Date: Mar 14 2012

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Show of hands… How many of you are REALLY living the style you want to live?

{One of my pins. Room by Katie Ridder}

I know I know, we all can’t afford to overhaul our homes and closets to match our pinterest boards and favorite blogs. But it is simple enough to paint a wall pink (rather than simply placing a pink tchotchke on a table), or be brave enough to throw some color up on a ceiling (rather than just pinning our hearts out about it), or we can wear more sequins (instead of just fancying up polyvore fashion board after fashion board… are you really wearing something that resembles your “Friday Fancies”??).

{Another one of my pins, albeit a stretch…}

Here’s to no longer hiding behind our pins. To living the life you want to live. Go do it, whatever it is. Hopefully it’s not the fear of what others will think that’s holding you back. Because guess what:

They just will… either way. So throw caution to the wind and do what you want to do!!
And get ready for a challenge … to be continued.

PS- I’m over at Sadie & Stella today sharing my favorite room in my home (ironically).


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Date: Mar 13 2012

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I promised ya’ll I’d report back on the teal dress…

Once pressed and taken in (it ran very large) it’ll be a great summer dress for the price. So I’m keeping it! Unfortunately it’s all sold out now (and ya’ll were FAST about that!). But I did find the coral version available here.
But remember when I blogged about getting this Zara skirt? 
Well when it showed up it was quite large, was missing a leather disc (#fail), and kinda made me feel like I was trying to look 21… So back it went. It’s sold out now too…
Oh, and J.Crew’s Shoe of the Month Club March pair showed up yesterday. The Sydney Patent Sandal… Summery and very comfortable.
I’ve also been on the serious hunt for a birthday dress. I recently bought this little Tibi number and it’s looking like the emerging winner.



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