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Date: Jun 29 2012

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So, I’m now not only an avid buyer in the Etsy community, but I’m now a seller there as well!

For now the name is “Hang This Wear That” because I get so much of my inspiration from clothing and that’s how I first introduced my art here on the blog. But it could change. I also need to do something with my banner but have no idea what nor do I know how to do it. Hmmmm.¬†
Regardless, my art shop is live. I have a lot of new stuff in there. Like these…

And I just finished up a series on linen too. Love the texture on these girls.

Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and freaking do it, ya know? And I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been for your support. I love this blog space soooo much. It has brought¬†a lot of goodness to my life thanks to all of my awesome readers from all over the world. You guys are cool, I don’t tell you that enough. But really, ya’ll are super cool and I really wish we could have dinner and sit and chat and sip on yummy lavender martinis.

Also, thank you so so much for all the kind comments on the house happenings. I have to admit it’s a little stressful trying to get that house ready, be a mom, and everything else! Who am I to complain (for the record I’m not)! It will be worth it. Anyways- Happy Friday, Everyone!!


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Date: Jun 28 2012

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Hey I’m on a roll now for showing y’all updates. Now that some interesting things are starting to happen anyway :) Again, sorry if you follow me on instagram and have seen a few of these.

Here’s a shot of part of the back of the house. Just got these lights up (one more going up in between these two as well).

Yep, we’re painting the brick white…

Some kitchen lights that I’m totally digging. Thanks to Melissa at Veranda Interiors for hooking that up!

The beginnings of a banquette.

Ceiling detail in the master bedroom.
And Lilly checking out her new playroom.
Apparently there is a lot of black and white, ha! It’s looking good and I’m so freaking excited to move in. Lots of work to be done yet!


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Date: Jun 27 2012

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Let me vent for a day, please? I’m so sick of seeing this kind of headline “What Guys Really Want You To Wear” or “What Guys Don’t Like To See Women Wear”. I’m sorry, but who gives a flying ****?

How about we all just wear what we want to wear, what makes us feel good. We only live once (and it’s a quick life), so let’s just have fun with our wardrobe and not over think this. Do you think my husband likes everything in my closet? Nope, not at all. But he knows that dressing up is fun for me. And if I’m having fun in what I’m wearing then that makes me a more fun person to be around. And well isn’t that the whole point anyway? To enjoy life?

I asked Josh what he thought of this dress. He said it looks stupid and like she’s a bullfighter. Well you know what, I love it. And so does she. And she’s enjoying it, see that little smirk on her face? Go her.

Okay, glad we had this chat. Now let’s not worry about what anyone else thinks of our clothes (men OR women). Hopefully, none of you cared anyway!

Need a little more inspiration? Just go see the Man Repeller, of course!

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