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Date: Jul 20 2012

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The whole pregnancy/momma thing…
That there is my friend Gray Benko and her daughter Farris. Gorgeous pair, right? Well throw in her husband, Mike, and it’s quite the gorgeous family.
So as you can tell they’re expecting another one soon. To get the nursery ready for the baby boy arriving next month, Gray went to work on a big girl room for Farris. It’s good. Really good. So I wanted to share it with you all, because I think you’ll like it too. 
 And Farris adores it too. See…
Such a happy girl. 
 Some Room Sources:

Wall Color: SW Pink Chablis (ironically same color as Lilly’s new room)
Bed Quilt: Serena & Lily
Pillows & Shams: Homegoods
Frames above bed: Art of Chic
Portrait Caricatures: Pop Pop Portraits
Scarfs: Zara
Mirror: Ikea (spray painted green)
Pink Hair & Bunny Art: Bella & Bunny
Fairy Picture: Pottery Barn Kids
Painting Above Dresser: By Farris
Small Square Painting Above Bedside Table: By Farris

The dresser, stool, desk, and hope chest were refinished by Gray’s friend, Jessica at Stellar Junk, who is clearly a talented and helpful friend.
And just throwing in this here instagram to embarrass Gray (but delight all of you)…
Hot Damn, Right?!
Gorgeous room, Gray. Farris is one lucky little gal. xx
** Note: Gray is a kickass children’s photographer. So her photos are kickass. If you want kickass photos too, contact her. She’s taking a couple of months off though, naturally.

** The beautiful maternity photos were taken by Virgil Bunao.


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Date: Jul 19 2012

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I’ve had an interest in learning how to knit thanks to my Granny (she makes me such pretty blankets). But I haven’t felt a hurry to learn. I mean, I don’t need to knit until I’m a Granny, right? Well after seeing The Knit Kids’ shop I’m a little more motivated to get on that hobby.

And with leather shoulder patches – kickass.

So this afternoon I’ll be taking care of the kids, writing a blog post, packing up a house, cooking dinner, and learning how to knit.
Alright maybe not today. But perhaps sometime soon.


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Date: Jul 18 2012

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Well we’re about a week and a half out from our move in date. Excited doesn’t even describe it. Though I am dreading the whole move aspect of it, we’re going to love our new home and neighborhood. I’ve been snapping pics the past few weeks. More progress has happened since a lot of these but still want to share!

Our bath. I die. So happy with how this is turning out. Many have asked. This tile is from … Home Depot! Special order, but Home Depot.

Some pretty sconces that lead to the master suite. Got these on sale at Serena & Lily.

Someone is super excited about her pink bathroom vanity. I am too, I admit it.

And Lilly has a pink room too :) Color is Pink Chablis.

Hard to tell, but that there is cascading marble. It’s sexy.

And a little pot filler action.

We’ve had such an awesome building experience. Our architect Heather Wilson (aka THE living with kids beautifully expert) and our incredible builder Bart Beasley (he just gets it, is on time and on budget, always calls me Ma’am, and whom Lilly affectionally calls “Bart the Builder” with a sing song voice) were a freaking dream team. Dream team. Couldn’t have been happier.


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Date: Jul 17 2012

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It’s not only shiny new products that get me excited. It’s their branding, packaging, and full on identity design that gets me going too. And Charleston just so happens to be home of one of the very best of the best design companies in the country. Stitch Design Co. comes to life every day in what I consider to be one funky and cool space on Canon street. And I dropped by last week to chat with the ladies behind the award winning team.

{Don’t your just love their Blu Dot desks??}

Since teaming up in 2009 Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson have been custom tailoring brand designs for some, make that many, of our favorite brands. From logos, web design, stationary, event invitations, packaging, you name it they make it happen. And they make it look reeeeally good.
Just a few LLL favorites in there ;) Marysia Swim, Library, Canvas, Troubadour, Proud Mary, Cutey Booty, Alesya BagsCallies, Charlotte Elizabeth… I’ll just stop because the list goes on and on. And so does Stitch’s pile of awards, including their most recent award of Top Small Design Team in the US by HOW Magazine. Pretty cool, ladies.
Thanks for showing me around Amy and Courtney! I had such a fun time in your inspiring corner of downtown Charleston. I think I need to stop in more often! xx


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Date: Jul 16 2012

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Happy Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend. I finished up a couple of paintings that I’ve been working on.  A little feminine (and one masculine) flair for your wall, if you will…
{Mae is 14 inches x 14 inches – acrylic on wood panel with 1 inch sides – $150}

Mae is actually the little sister to this larger lady (not the model! the piece below, which isn’t for sale at this time.). Good golly I loved working on this larger size (36 x 48).
{Sophie is 9 inches x 12 inches acrylic on rag paper – $75}

{Graham is 9 inches by 12 inches acrylic on rag paper – $80}

Graham”  +  “Blue Studio Shirtdress


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Date: Jul 13 2012

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Remember how I mentioned that it’s face melting hot here in Charleston right now? Well the skies have been gracing us with rain which has given us some cooler evenings. Yeehaw. I snapped this while walking downtown a couple of nights ago. Even our sidewalks are gorgeous. Just saying.


Like I said over on Camila’s blog, I’m not so much an effortless style kind of girl. By this I mean that I put a lot of thought into my spaces and wardrobe. But everyone has a few pieces they can mindlessly throw on that make them feel like the cat’s meow. Here’s one of mine.

{Available at Proud Mary}
You can read & see more at Effortless Style. Camila really is the cat’s meow herself. Always finding the best things and doing impressive projects (really impressive, not lame DIY stuff). You read her blog, right? I have for years. And she’s the one who hooked me up with the Nate Berkus Blogger show just 2 weeks after I started my blog. A good gal there.

You know how good Bang Bang Shrimp is. Well I’m betting this Bang Bang Cauliflower is freaking awesome too. I want to make it soon.

And for all my talented southern readers out there, Garden & Gun just launched their 3rd annual “Made in the South Awards” and are accepting entries through August 1st.

Do you know how freaking happy I would be to see some LLL readers represent in there??! If you think you can compete, go check it out.


I know my posts have felt random lately (at least to me). I’m feeling rather scattered. More on that later perhaps. Maybe summer brain. But happy weekend, Everyone! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I plan to. I promise I’ll get a house update for you next week! I know I’m late on that.


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