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Date: Aug 31 2012

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Um, Emerson Fry’s Fall collection anyone? Dying.

I mean DANG all the shoes alone are killer.

Pictured above, she just seems like a cool chick, no? As an aside, major sale on her spring collection that I showed you all a few months back. It’s pretty killer too.


Last night I attended Charleston Wine & Food Festival’s Launch Party. Great time. Though I did come home with a lil belly ache thanks to sampling a million different plates and drinks. I’m never one to turn down a chef… It was fabulous. Tickets for February’s event are now for sale.

Now I don’t talk about celebs much on here, but allow me this… Luke Perry and Jennie Garth (Dylan & Kelly) might be an actual item now??? Say it isn’t true. This makes me all sorts of giddy. I used to have a t-shirt with my picture and his on it and a huge heart around us. I was in love. They’d be so cute together, right?
{via NYPost}

And on that note — Happy Weekend!!


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Date: Aug 30 2012

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With the end of summer right around the corner, today I dedicate my blog to beachy art, stripes, and their fabulosity.


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Date: Aug 29 2012

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I admit I’ve never really had the gorgeous table. You know, like the pictures you see where everything is perfectly placed and there are fresh flowers, pretty books, the perfect sconce light…

 or maybe…

Mine is much more likely to have one of Lilly’s princess crowns and some stray cheerios. But after seeing some gorgeous carafe’s on pinterest, I’m a little motivated.
Or maybe some pink… 


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