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Date: Jan 14 2013

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Hello Monday, you again. I must admit it’s quite hard to greet this day coming off of such a wonderful weekend. We had dream January weather here in Charleston with high 70’s. Spent the entire weekend outside, at the beach, fishing, strolling, parks, outdoor meals, birthday parties… and a smashing end consisting of chinese food with the Golden Globes. The best.

You know what else is the best? A good deal. And Prabal Gurung for Target Collection hitting stores on February 10th is pretty great. I don’t like everything, though I never do, but I have my eye on some things.

Did you see the shoes too? Fun. Sneak peek the entire collection here. Or of course you can shop the Prabal Gurung line here.


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Date: Jan 10 2013

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Despite the stress, having a ticket to Alt has definitely had some perks. The last couple months I’ve had a lot of fun mail days from Alt sponsors. One of my favorites was the free Blurb book I was invited to make. Have you all heard of Blurb? People say the best things about them, and for good reason. I created a book of my family using some of my instagrams photos. It was really easy to use, super fast to make (I probably did mine in about 20 minutes or less), and the end product is absolutely beautiful.


Also, for those of you who wanted to see my new rug from eSaleRugs.

They definitely made a loyal customer out of me. The price was great, they threw in a rug pad, I received it in just a few days, and the quality is freaking awesome. I couldn’t be happier. eSaleRugs is the bomb.

Oh, on a completely different note. I don’t have this, or really need it, but how great is this Ikea Shoe Cabinet? I think it could solve a lot of the world’s problems.


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Date: Jan 9 2013

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Lately my mind has been preoccupied with all things Alt Design Summit. It’s pretty much the coolest blogging conference on earth and takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah later this month. I’ve been wanting to go since I learned of it back in early 2011. I couldn’t go then because it had just happened. Doh. Then I couldn’t attend in 2012 because I had just had Fletcher. So when registration opened up a few months ago I stalked the site and scored a ticket before they sold out in like minutes or something like that. Maybe an hour. Not sure. Anyway, this is my first year attending.

I’m no stranger to blog conferences. I’ve been to Blogfest the last two years and have traveled to and attended a few other blog events too. I’m a pretty outgoing and open book kind of girl so I generally meet people easily. Yada yada yada.

But you know what? The folks at Alt keep dropping lines that shoot little slivers of nervousness through me. Like, Alt is pretty much one big fashion show. Oh yay, sounds fun. Wait. Is that fashion anxiety I feel coming on? I know, I’m really blowing this way out of proportion by writing about it. Making it sounds like I’m way more paranoid than I am. But you get what I’m saying a little bit, right? And you’re probably thinking oh please, Chassity. I’m sure you have plenty in your closet. But too bad most of it is for warm weather. It’s going to be down right frigid in SLC!!

From what I understand there will be about 650 attendees. And according to Alt, they’ll be decked out in the best top knots you’ve ever seen, sparkly heels, and jewelry that could pass as art.

Guess I better get to studying my closet. Ohhh… maybe I could buy a few new things. Right?

Anyway, I just felt like opening up today.


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Date: Jan 8 2013

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My friend Harper shared a new find yesterday – Harvest Textiles. I’m liking a lot.

This sweatshirt top is making its way to my closet and subsequently to my back likely every day here after.  I love a comfortable shirt I can lounge in and then also wear out of the house too.

Serena & Lily’s new dipped belly baskets make me want to kick my own ass because I still haven’t dipped my baskets like I told y’all I was going to. Ridiculous.

And how about these gilded posters by The Vaguely? I like them.

It’s warming up here in Charleston this week, I plan on taking advantage of it and being outside as much as possible. Lots of strolling. Outdoor meals. Maybe even the beach. 


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Date: Jan 7 2013

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So let’s begin the story here. Because she’s pretty and is dressed enviably. I saw this picture and quickly put myself to the task of hunting down a similar belt.

I found this brass belt. Bingo.
UPDATE: Thanks to Gaby I found this brass belt on ASOS and bought it. I mean for $26 might as well try…
Then I saw this picture.

And immediately went out and bought more lipstick. Because you can never have too many bright ass lipsticks. I guess some would disagree. But not me. My latest lipstick obsession? Urban Decay’s Super – Saturated Hi Gloss Lip Colors. OMG. They are bomb. My two new colors are Punch Drunk and Crush. The girl who rang me up said she can’t get enough of Crush, and also loves FBomb. The name is enough for me. I might order it too.
Upon seeing this next picture I decided to start on one of my resolutions, and invited friends over for meatball subs over the weekend. I used this recipe for the sauce and this alfredo recipe (to pour over the top of course). I totally just used frozen meatballs because I don’t have that much time on my hands. It was delicious and a grand time was had by all. 

Later I spied this rug and immediately clicked over to eSaleRugs and made a purchase taking advantage of their 50% off sale. Unfortunately this rug was already sold.

  But I snagged this one :)

Lastly, I saw this embroidered closet by Allison Watkins and am smitten smitten. I now dream of her making one for me.
Whew. I’m exhausted :) Happy Monday, Everyone.


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Date: Jan 4 2013

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Let’s chat about the crazy hot Markus Lupfer Lip tops that everyone (okay, maybe not everyone) dreams of…

Right, they’re hot. But the price tag? Well I wouldn’t say they’re inexpensive.

So then, I found this embellished lips top for just $38 by River Island.

Super cute. But how do you feel about this? Total rip off or okay since lip smacks have been around forever? Designs, ideas, layouts… they are copied and borrowed from all the time. Is it okay? What do you think?

The lovely modeling ladies images in the collage from top left clockwise: Harper & Harley, Urban Gear, Shopping the Trend, Fashion Bomb Daily, Lucky, Gal Meets Glam, This Time TomorrowMan Repeller, Gabe,


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