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Date: Feb 28 2013

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Remember recently when I went on and on about how sometimes conference presenters aren’t so informative? Well the universe seems to be pointing her finger at me and she’s putting me in the hot seat. The Southern Coterie Summit in Jekyll Island, GA to be exact.

The Southern Coterie has teamed up with Southern Living to bring together an intimate niche group of southern creatives (think bloggers, artists, social media junkies… you?) for this inaugural event in early May. Expect a lot of conversation, ideas, and in my case, beach time. It’s going to be sooooo good.
My friend Lulie Wallace and I will be leading a session all about blogging and brand collaborations. We’ll be getting real. I promise to bring it. You can read more details about our session here on the summit schedule page. And check out the rest of the schedule – it’s packed with some really awesome presenters (see that whole list here). I get a lot of emails asking for thoughts and advice about blogging – well, here ya go.
Point it, it’s going to be an awesome getaway to Jekyll and I’m hoping to see a lot of you southern peeps there!! We’ll have pool drinks, meet some great people, learn a few tricks, and have an all around good time. Check out all the details HERE.


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Date: Feb 27 2013

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I’ve shared my adoration for Clare’s paintings before (almost exactly 1 year ago, see here), and I just think y’all will love her latest pieces. Every time I look through them I have a new favorite. You should note that all of her prints are incredibly affordable, too.

Dreamlike and such pretty color. Let’s revisit some of my favorites from her work past.


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Date: Feb 26 2013

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What, you see all pretty clothes and fancy things up in here so you think I don’t know my way around a Home Depot? Wrong. They’re such a legit group over there.

Remember when I took part in their holiday style challenge? Well a few weeks ago they asked me to participate in their upcoming Patio Style Challenge, too. Que the happy dancing.

So I was invited to choose a patio set to have and to hold forever and ever. As you know, we’re in the midst of fixing up our backyard. Which means I’ll soon be in need of a dining set to go back there. Pretty good timing right? Feeling so lucky. The backyard isn’t done yet, so for the time being my new set will live in this little space on my porch.

I can’t wait to break into those boxes and get this pretty all set up! Expect some bright paint, people :) I’m thinking peachy coral. But we’ll see where the Home Depot paint department pulls me. Unfortunately our painters want to charge an arm and a leg to paint this (take advantage much?) so I miiiiight actually have to tackle this on my own. Any tips for painting cast aluminum?


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