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Date: Feb 13 2013

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I’ve long been enamored with this picturesque outdoor dining scene.

Isn’t it the dreamiest? I want to crawl in. Go on and get the look for yourself (but don’t forget many, many green plants!).
I’m just dying for a good reason to get the bistro chairs. And those hand painted dishes would mix so well with others for an eclectic tabletop look, don’t you think?


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Date: Feb 12 2013

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Look Linger Love readers are really cool.

Like freaking awesome women doing super cool things. Way cooler than me. I’ve poured over everyone’s messages and think this survey was one of the best things I’ve done for the blog. I know a lot of you still haven’t taken it and I’m hoping you will. I’m leaving it up for the week.

I’m going to do a post going over what I’ve learned, but for now let me just address the number one request. House pictures are coming, y’all. Just not quite yet. I’m still working on this place and tinkering with rooms and need things and yada yada. But I promise I’ll try to be better about showing little snippets when I can. Try to understand? Please?

In the meantime it’s loud and clear that you like the personal posts. I’m glad to hear that because I enjoy sharing that stuff too (but not tmi). I will say that I treat my instagram account as an extension of this blog with more weight on the personal stuff (but not my kids up in your face every day). And I try really hard to not share the same things on my blog, pinterestinstagramfacebooktwitter and vine (geesh that’s a lot of stuff). I make a serious effort to try and switch it up so you don’t get bombarded with the same material in every outlet, because I know how annoying that is. So there’s that too.

On to today’s post. Here’s a smattering of recent things.

I just ordered this rug from Joss & Main and it came Saturday. Really loving it- it’s super thick and soft and purple. Yes!

I picked up this Amanda Uprichard top from Two Brunette’s here in Charleston.
Please note how I am slightly giving you a peek at my powder room’s Atoll mirror and mudroom tile. I know, super lame peek, but I tried. Any hey, you gotta give me points for not getting the toilet in my selfie shot.
Anyway, I am OBSESSED with Amanda Uprichard’s line. You may remember I wore her pretty tab sleeve blouse (with Gap skinny pants) for my Charleston City Paper closet feature.
Here a few of her new things I’m really, really liking…

My friend Alesya, the designer behind the popular Alesya Bags, has this gorgeous one of kind red laptop bag up for grabs. She’s looking for a new tag idea and wants submissions. The winner will not only get this bag, but will also have their design brought to life by freaking Stitch Design. If you don’t know them, you should. They’re incredible, and are the masterminds behind my new site design that’s coming.

Okay, I’m signing off so I can go read more survey responses. Super behind! Happy Tuesday.


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Date: Feb 11 2013

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So I’ve been talking all about myself the past two years. Now it’s your turn.

But seriously, I put together this short and sweet survey so I can learn about you. And let me be clear about one thing, I’m not doing this to find out what I should and should not write about. I hope this doesn’t disappoint you. But I write about what I want to write about. That’s why this blog is such a passion of mine, why I’m happy to spend as much time on it as I do. It’s just me. Whatever is on my mind. And I think I’m a lot like most of you, I’m into pretty interiors, fashion, cute things for my kids, pretty flowers, great recipes… lots of things.

But that is actually what lead me to this survey. I don’t really know my readers at all. I know like a teeny tiny tenth of a percent of y’all through your comments, but I want to know more. This will be good for all of us, don’t you think?

I mean, aren’t you a little curious to find out who else is reading?

So the survey is short and sweet. I capped it at just 10 questions – mostly multiple choice b/c we’re all busy fools. And it’s all completely anonymous. So if there is something you’ve been wanting to tell me, well hey here’s your chance. Be gentle, please. I will read it all.

PS, wasn’t the Grammy Awards so inspiring last night. Something about watching people fulfill dreams and perform on that stage just left me with a good feeling.


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Date: Feb 8 2013

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This weekend we’ll be busy around the house setting up the new screen porch, garden shed, and the newly empty mudroom. This has me thinking about how difficult it will be to get the bench that I’ve imagined in the mudroom out of Lilly’s bathroom. She’s kind of claimed it.

At least it looks cute there.

I just got my new favorite belt and it was only $28, the Free People’s Triple Wrap Belt. And it comes in 5 different colors. I got the ivory (shown in the middle here) for spring and summer.

While you’re over there do yourselves a favor and check out these denim cutoff shorts. I cannot tell you how pissed off I get when I try on cut offs only to see that half of my ass is out. These have a 3 3/8 inch inseam. Do you know how hard it is to find cute cut off shorts that aren’t a 2 inch inseam?? These are $68. Just so happy.

Annnnd that’s it – keeping it short and sweet today. I’m off to run some errands and have lunch with a girlfriend. Happy Friday!


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Date: Feb 7 2013

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You all know how I love to highlight small shops. Cool people making their dreams happen. Here are some new (to me) shops of note for you to note and visit!

Love these cheery illustration prints and cards. This gal Katie is a talent!


A big thanks to my friend Christine for tipping me off on this one. I mean, how amazing are these handmade dolls?


More cool, handmade dolls and stuffed toys.

Dirtsa’s chalkboard maps would be so cool in a playroom for kids to learn with. I imagine Land Of Nod should snatch these up to sell soon.

Anna Sibley’s handcrafted scarves are not only gorgeous but also give back. For every scarf sold Anna buys an item in need from a Tanzanian for a Tanzanian. That’s cool.
On a random note, I went and saw Silver Linings Playbook with some girlfriends last night. So good. I wasn’t a Bradley Cooper crusher before, but he really is a looker isn’t he?!


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Date: Feb 6 2013

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I’ve been keeping a dirty little secret. Really. Our backyard…

Not so pretty right now. We inherited an old 80’s pool that isn’t my favorite and throws everything off but we’re trying our best to work with it. We didn’t want to scrap it because, well, pools are fun. And it’s awesome to hear the stories from people about how they grew up swimming in the pool (it was one of the few pools in the neighborhood back in the day). And I mean, we’ve already overhauled the house, let’s keep the charming pool. I actually believe by embracing it we can create a super cool backyard (even without redo-ing it and spending an absolute fortune). Pipe dream? Very possible. What do you think? We’ve already switched it to salt, so there’s that at least. But it’s going to be hard to work with that weird patio. That’s the real problem. The patio that we probably have to work with. Budget budget…

In the meantime the screen porch and storage shed project we started a couple of weeks ago should wrap up in the next couple of days. I’m SO excited about both of these. We’re building the screen porch with the idea that it is a true room to the house and plan to be out there all the time with the kids. We didn’t put an exterior door on the porch, so you can’t get to the yard from there. I like it that way while the kids are young, plus it can be switched easily later. And I will finally get to use my mudroom since Josh will move all his tools and things out to the shed!! Awesome. Wouldn’t it be fun if that were a playhouse for the kids? Probably not going to happen though.

Note: all of these pictures were taken at different stages of the building process. And you know this light above the mint door is being replaced.

No, we don’t have a fireplace on our porch (though we’d like to have a backyard fire pit at some point). That’s the backside of the one that’s inside the house.

As far as the actual patio and yard area go, we have some space to work with. Our house is shaped like a U in the back so there is this courtyard that is created. So there’s potential. Our lot is uniquely large for our area, that’s a plus too. Here are some of the images that are inspiring me…

And these flamingos!! I mean, these people are just having fun with their home. That is what it’s all about. I’d love to incorporate a few :)

Oh and I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry. You’re right, I know nothing about landscape design. We’ve called in the big guns for this one and are working with a landscape architect. Hoping we make some magic together. One thing’s for sure, there will be some damn twinkling lights.


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