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Blame my upcoming mountain trip, but this jealous sweater letter it’s most likely thanks to the crop of cozy sweaters that are popping up from my favorite brands. I want that. I want that!

Preparation is key. Said she.
Also, many of you probably already know that starting tomorrow Google Reader will no longer exist. I have no idea why they’ve decided that they shouldn’t bother with it from here on, considering the millions of people who use it everyday, but sadly it will be gone. I’ve had a Bloglovin’ account for probably 5 years now and can tell you it’s a great way to follow your favorite blogs. So consider using that site to keep your blog reads organized. You can find Look Linger Love on Bloglovin’ right here.


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Date: Jun 28 2013

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Oh hello weekend, I’m so glad you’re here. What are y’all up to? I’m thinking I need a family beach day on Sullivans. Probably stop by Home Team BBQ for a sandwich and mac n cheese (they have the best bbq and mac ever. Hands down. They didn’t pay me to write that, but I would accept free food.). In light of that I probably outta bring my high waisted Marysia Swim Tiki bikini. :)

Isn’t this underwater picture cool? Gray took it of us one night last weekend with her new lifeproof iphone case.

So I’m gonna sign off with a few good sale highlights, sound good? Because right now is the perfect time to snatch up your designer favorites.

(The deep V back of this is so crazy good. One size 4 is also available HERE for less.)
(Also available HERE.)
(Also available HERE along with the rest of the collaboration collection.)
(See it below carried by the designer herself.)
Also love this Dannijo necklace and these Rachel Comey loafers.
Have a good one!!


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Date: Jun 27 2013

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There are very few brands that are so well curated and designed that I feel like I could wear their brand and their brand only all season long and be happy. (Random but am I the only one who has these weird thoughts? Like, if I had to pick just one store, what would it be…) J.Crew and Madewell come to mind as high contenders for winning this award. But just wait. I’ve been dying all over JOIE’s collection the past couple of months as new arrivals would spill onto Shopbop and various other favorite sites. But what I didn’t realize is just how complete of a collection JOIE itself is. Dresses, blouses, tees, pants, shorts, flats and heels, even the perfect bag. It’s just so wearable and perfect. I probably pulled about 25 different pieces for the post, it was so hard narrowing it down`.

I have some JOIE pants and they’re super comfy. And I’ve been stalking the Fori Maxi for quite some time now (haven’t ordered it b/c it’s pretty similar to another dress that I have). But I think I’m most drawn to the dresses and blouse collection. Much like how Equipment has their widely adored button down top on lock down, JOIE has the silk blouse nailed. I tend to gravitate toward feminine pieces and JOIE most certainly offers that.


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