Date: Aug 9 2017

Filed Under: Decor, Fashion

Thought it might be time to share a few of my personal favorite things that I’m loving so much right now!




cropped jean jackets: i just ordered this one and can’t wait for a temp drop so i can wear it.

metallics: i just got these heels & they’re every bit as gorgeous & comfortable as i expected.

tropical accessories: i just pre-ordered these hoop earrings and cannot wait to get them!

the handmaid’s tale: okay, this is a weird one, but is seriously addictive.

pink accessories: all of them. how amazing is this shade on this purse?

glossier: everything. i’m seriously becoming the addict. and the cloud paint might be my #1.

feminine details: loving all the ruffles on this dress at jcrew. need it. just waiting for a code.


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