I have some exciting news to share – Josh and I purchased an adorable home on our favorite island, Harbour Island in the Bahamas! Coral House (isn’t the name perfect?) was built in the mid 1800’s, is pink, and is full of charm! We’ve been working with my dream architect, Beau Clowney, on some renovations to make it perfect for our family and yours as well because beginning this April 2017 Coral House will be available for rent!!


Coral House




(view from the upstairs porch!)


We’re flying down tomorrow for a few days to get organized and meet with our contractor. I’m so excited to share more of the design process with you – in addition to Beau Clowney, we’re working with many of my favorite brands and artists! We’re adding two bedrooms to make it a comfortable 4 bedroom home, putting in a tiled pool with poolside bar, renovating the kitchen, as well as some other interior and exterior updates. And of course she’s staying pink!


I can’t wait to share more of the design details soon! Decorating an island home has been a dream of mine and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do it in my favorite vacation spot! You can see more of the house here, and for anyone on instagram you can follow along on @coralhouseharbourisland!





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33 Responses to “Introducing Our New Home: Coral House on Harbour Island”

  1. Kim Aull says:

    Looks amazing!

  2. Gray Benko says:

    SOOOOOO excited about this!!!!

  3. OMG! So exciting!! Can’t wait to see all the updates!!

  4. Alesya says:

    Congratulations! Following your house designs has been so interesting – excited for this new project.

  5. OMG!!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT. to follow along with the renovations (and go visit soon ;-)!!! Congrats!! So So exciting.
    xx jpc

  6. Chassity says:

    Thank you Jane :) xoxoxo

  7. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much, Alesya!!

  8. Chassity says:

    Thank you Sissy, means so much to hear this from you. xoxo

  9. SO EXCITING! To say I am excited about this would be a severe severe understatement. Cannot wait to go. YAY!!!!! xo

  10. Ann Schwartz says:

    This house is amazing!! ! I’m so excited for you and Josh! I can’t wait to see all of the design details!!!! Drooling already!

  11. Emily helena says:

    That is sooo cute! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  12. Looks so cute! Can’t wait to follow along on the renovations and hopefully one day go visit! ;)

  13. Jillian says:

    SO SO SO excited for you!! 100% sign me up for renting!! Can’t wait to follow along with all the renovations!!
    xx, Jillian

  14. Kate & Travelmoon says:

    Got so excited reading this! Congrats! I always love your photos from when you visit it looks gorgeous!

  15. Olivia says:

    SO EXCITING! CANNOT WAIT! Island cocktails here I come! xoxo

  16. Emily says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL house!!!!! Congrats to you and Josh! What great memories you will make here. I can’t wait to rent it!!!! Enjoy your trip!! Xoxo

  17. Chassity says:

    So excited, Jackie!! Thank you.

  18. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much, Ann :)

  19. Chassity says:

    Thank you Heather! That would be amazing!

  20. Chassity says:

    Ahhhh YAY!! Thank you Jillian.

  21. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much, Kate! You would love it there!

  22. Chassity says:

    Thank you Emily :) xoxoxox

  23. Charlotte says:

    Chass and Josh, way to freaking GO!!!! I am so happy and proud of you beyond words! What an incredible purchase and what fun, enriching adventures await for you and your family! Love you both and can’t wait to come visit this precious home! Can’t wait to see what you do to it! XOXO

  24. HEYOOOOO!!!!! Are we there yet!? Can. Not. Wait to come visit! She’s a beauty already and can’t wait to see the “finishing touches!” xoxo A

  25. Beautiful!!!! So exciting. Can’t wait to head down there and see it in person! xx

  26. SO exciting for you guys! What a DREAM!

  27. carrie says:

    Wow! This is so very exciting. Congrats! And I look forward to hearing when it’s available for rent. Keep us posted. :)


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