Date: Jul 21 2014

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I am so excited to share my porch swing makeover today! If you follow my instagram then you know that I partnered up with one of my most favorite stores in town, GDC Home, to revamp my neglected porch swing into something amazing. About a year ago Josh built the swing and I hadn’t gotten around to designing an ideal cushion setting and was just using random outdoor pillows we already had. Not anymore.




linen dress (on sale), cape knot bracelets ℅ (from grace’s bb collection), lr wedges




When Josh built the swing he designed it to fit a twin mattress so that it would be roomy and easy to find a mattress. We bought an inexpensive mattress and wrapped it up in mattress protectors. We had been using sheets and throws in the interim until I got around to getting a slipcover. So this project with GDC couldn’t have come at a better time.




I had a fun morning in GDC’s fabric department & workshop (located upstairs in their West Ashley location here in Charleston) designing my ideal cushion situation. I wanted a clean and light look that would obviously be durable enough to withstand coastal weather on our covered porch. I went with a light gray sunbrella fabric for the mattress slipcover and a few pillows so that dirt would be disguised. Then we used white for a couple of bigger pillows as well.




These pictures of me thrown in here fell so goofy. Anyway, for some color I headed to GDC’s Trina Turk outdoor fabric selection and chose the yellow bamboo arches fabric for two big bolsters that I wanted along the sides of the swing. I’m a sucker for a big bolster pillow and love laying lengthwise on the swing with them. For an accent lumbar pillow I fell in love with the blue carmel coastline print by Trina Turk, as well.




The swing is hung with thick marine rope.


LLL_streetstyle_67-10 LLL_streetstyle_67-2 LLL_streetstyle_67-1



The kids, in their pjs still from nap time, couldn’t resist jumping in for a picture, too.




THE BIGGEST THANK YOUS go out to (1) Josh for building the swing and (2) GDC for turning our swing into the dreamy situation that I had hoped for. We couldn’t love it more and GDC’s fabric department and workshop couldn’t have been nicer to work with. If you’re in the Charleston area you already know what an amazing home store GDC is, but if you haven’t yet stopped in to look around their workshop and fabric department then you really outta! Don’t blame me if you spend all morning there, there is so much to see. If you’re out of town, totally check out GDC’s beautiful website.


Photography by Gray Benko.



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44 Responses to “Porch Swing Makeover With GDC”

  1. jillian says:

    soo beautiful!! i cant wait to have a porch + swing. xo jillian – cornflake dreams 

  2. Audra says:

    so dreamy! We just bought a new house with a huge porch…i’m thinking a porch swing is in my future! -Aud

  3. Sara says:

    That is awesomeness!!

  4. Marche says:

    OMG! I have always loved your porch swing. I’m loving the makeover. The bright pillows are awesome.

  5. caycee says:

    DYING!!! I love this so much. I dream of a big old swing just like this at our “next house.”

  6. Stephanie says:

    Love your porch! Did your hubby use a plan for the porch swing? If so, would you mind sharing where from? Thanks!

  7. WHB says:

    Big porches are my favorite – growing up with a hugh wrap around porch ~ So southern. LOVE. Go hubby for building. Does Josh want to share his dimensions for his awesome swing? I know my hubs would love to make this :)

  8. Alesya says:

    Can we hire Josh?!

  9. Beyond fabulous! You need to ask your husband to write a blog post with a step by step tutorial on how he made it. Would LOVE to know!

  10. jill says:

    i cannot believe you guys DIYed this entire project!! this is such wonderful inspiration as i’ve alwaaays wanted a huge porch swing like this but couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on one– now i know it’s possible to do the entire project DIY style! beautiful porch :) ;)


  11. Amazing. I love how deep and roomy the swing is!

  12. Emily McEwen says:

    Amazing! Love how roomy and deep the swing is.

  13. lindsay shary says:

    ahhh amazing!!! love everything about your porch and swing! just perfect!

  14. lindsay shary says:

    ps, i had been debating on this dress and your post just sold me! :)

  15. Julia Ryan says:

    oh yes ma’am. This porch is perfection. How did I not know Josh could build things. Impressive!

  16. Chassity,
    It looks great and like the perfect place for my afternoon nap!!

  17. this porch is amazing!!! If there is one thing that my southern upbringing taught me it is to only get a house with a big ole porch!

  18. Serious envy right now! I would love a porch swing. Beautiful!!

  19. Emily says:

    Gorgeous! I still remember swinging on my great grandmother’s swing with my cousins at family get togethers. There’s nothing better than a great front porch swing :)


  20. Chassity says:

    Hey Stephanie, I know he found one on google but we can’t find it now. So sorry about that. But there are a million!

  21. Chassity says:

    I asked. I wish you could have seen the look he gave me :) HA!!!! I know he googled a tutorial to do it, but now I can’t find it. But there are a million out there.

  22. Chassity says:

    Thank you Jillian!

  23. Chassity says:

    I think it should be! Hope you’re well Audra.

  24. Chassity says:

    Thank you Sara!

  25. Chassity says:

    Thanks Marche. I love the new look! xoxo

  26. Chassity says:

    Thanks Caycee! Now I need to plan a little porch drinks and biscuits night.

  27. Chassity says:

    Totally southern, I dream of porches that go all around my house where the kids could run circles. Of course that would cut out on a lot of light getting in through the windows… I can’t find the exact tutorial on google now but there are a bunch out there. I feel like he sorta winged it, too.

  28. Chassity says:

    We could trade Josh’s for a day or something. Just let my kids and I get sick first so that he can fix us. :)

  29. Chassity says:

    Right? I mean, why the heck are they soooo expensive?! I wanted one so bad and finally Josh was like, fine, I’ll make one bc that shit’s too pricey. Thank you!

  30. Chassity says:

    Me too, good for naps and piling on as a family. Thank you Emily.

  31. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much Lindsay! And yay – I think you’ll love it. It has a great fit and is comfy.

  32. Chassity says:

    Yes he’s actually very handy when he gets the time to do it. :) Thanks sweetie.

  33. Chassity says:

    It is the perfect spot, thanks Sissy!!

  34. Chassity says:

    For porch drinking :) Thanks Emily!

  35. Chassity says:

    You’re the 3rd Emily to comment on this post today, so funny :)

    What a lovely memory. Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

  36. gaaahhhh!! I love it. I would take awesome long naps there!

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  39. Lauren says:

    I was wondering if it actually swings since it is secured on the ceiling in four places? It is gorgeous!

  40. Cindy says:

    Love, love your porch swing. My husband said he would build me one for Mother’s Day! I love the clean style of yours. Do you know where your husband got the plans for it? Thank you!

  41. Lydia says:

    I have a quick question
    My kids want to build me a mother’s day gift : a porch swing. But my dilemma is the cushion.
    I want a twin size swing but how do I get a mattress outside without it going bad: mold

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