I’m so excited to share the first installment of “Holidays with Perri Poppins”. Perri Stilp is Charleston’s favorite kid’s camp counselor and creative genius. My children adore her. She has a location right on Pitt Street in the Old Village, a charming and historic neighborhood that is one of Charleston’s most prized hidden gems (Oh hey The Notebook was filmed there). Perri spends her days activating the imaginations of children and having fun. So she was a no brainer to tap for halloween diy costume ideas. I let her take control of this project, so I’ll turn it over to Perri.


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This handmade owl costume is simple and cozy, letting even your little ones take part in the Halloween fun.

Materials needed: felt, brown long sleeve shirt and pants, old glasses, boas, feathers.

For the body:
Step 1: Use a hot glue gun to attach the boas. Start gluing on the back and bring them up and over to the front.

Owl Glasses:
Step 1: Using an old pair of glasses, take out the lens.
Step 2: Decorate the sides with feathers.





This Carmen Miranda costume idea comes from Oh Happy Day and is really easy to make from items you can find at a thrift store. I made the headdress using plastic fruit that I hot glued directly to the red turban.

For the headdress:
Step 1: Use a hot glue gun to attach the larger pieces of plastic fruit to the turban in the shape of a tower. Let dry.
Step 2: If you’d like your headdress to be a little more eclectic, use hot glue to top the fruit tower with food picks, drink umbrellas, plastic fruit candy, & fake flowers.

Materials needed: peasant blouse, tropical pants, turban, fruit candy necklace.


To see Oh Happy Day’s version please click here.





This drummer boy costume is an easy one to put together last minute.

Materials needed: white t-shirt, leggings, tall hat, old buttons, and toy drum.





For this snail costume, modeled off of Oh Happy Day’s Homemade Halloween guide, you will need kraft paper to make the shell. Your little one will wear it like a backpack. Very simple to make, just don’t leave a trail of slime on the stroll around the neighborhood for candy.

Materials needed: kraft paper, cardboard, ribbon, headband, pom poms, pipe cleaners.

For the shell:
Step 1: Crumple and wrinkle up the kraft paper.
Step 2: Begin rolling then start to twist it into a shell shape.
Step 3. Glue it all together.
Step 4. Repeat all the above steps (will need 2 shells).
Step 5. Glue both together and mount to cardboard.


To see Oh Happy Day’s version of the snail costume please click here.




Darling, yes? I love that simple snail costume! Thank you so much to Perri for putting these fun ideas together for us. Check out her site (or her instagram) for more creative kid cuteness!


Photography by Gray Benko.


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6 Responses to “Perri Poppins: DIY Halloween Kids Costumes”

  1. Lindsay says:

    oh my goodness these are the cutest costumes!!! and the kiddos are just adorable!

  2. jillian says:

    omg i love the Carmen Miranda costume!

  3. Kim Aull says:

    these are darling!!! Fletchy got a hair cut!!!! Cute as always!

  4. Aly says:

    So cute to see Oh Happy Day’s costumes actually recreated on other kids! Her Carmen Miranda totally inspired me to make a fruit hat for my own adult Halloween costume!

    • Chassity says:

      Oh Aly! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know any of these costume ideas came from Oh Happy Day’s site or I absolutely would have linked back. Editing post now. Appreciate you letting me know.

  5. these are magnificent!! I love Carmen Miranda!

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