Date: Sep 30 2014

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Lilly’s easing into fall with some new Old Navy things. Little steps. I think I’ll love this sweater best with skinny jeans, but Lilly prefers it paired with the black circle skirt. Both cute.




And oh hey, this is my house. I know some of you have been curious.


LLL_Lillylikes_oldnavy-2 LLL_Lillylikes_oldnavy-5 LLL_Lillylikes_oldnavy-4 LLL_Lillylikes_oldnavy-10 LLL_Lillylikes_oldnavy-9





old navy sweatercircle skirt + leopard loafers ℅


Aren’t those little leopard loafers cute? And check out this little skirt! I think Lilly needs it. It’s freaking COOL!!


Photography by Gray Benko. // This post was brought to you by Old Navy. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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12 Responses to “Lilly Likes: Swing Skirts”

  1. jillian says:

    she is too cute! i really want a pair of leopard flats!

  2. Lindsay Shary says:

    she is precious!! and i love the little peak into your casa:) so pretty!!

  3. Those leopard loafers are the cutest thing…and I wish they made that sweater is my size! She is just darling :)

  4. your house is so gorge!! as is sweet lilly!

    xo jpc

  5. Sooo cute! The over-sized buttons on the side are adorable.

  6. Julia Ryan says:

    LOVE. It. All.

    That is all.


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