Date: Jul 5 2011

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Because I love you all so much, I simply cannot resist sharing Marysia’s 2012 swimwear collection.  I’m palpitating over it all.  And not just because she’s my friend, but because it’s seriously that good.  Aaaand there just might be a certain special suit in here that I’m super excited to debut :)

Some bikini bliss.  That black suit must be mine!  Like this season’s collection, the bottoms fold down.

Aren’t those red suits so fun?  And I adore the blue and black together.

And these cover-ups are wardrobe staples.  Especially adore the bottom side tie dress. 

And for the kids, Marysia’s 2012 Bumby collection is rocking too.  How cute is Marysia’s daughter Elle? 

Last but sooo not least…  Debuting on LLL for the first time, the Lilly suit!  Yep, named after my girl :)  I’m such a proud momma!
Like you, I cannot wait for the collection to become available.  I’ll be sure to give you all a heads up when it does.  Marysia, once again you’ve created a fabulous collection!  Congrats.


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29 Responses to “A Peek At Marysia Swim’s 2012 Collection”

  1. I can’t believe your little one has a bathing suit named after her- how precious is that!!! These are gorgeous- I love the nude and black one with the ruffles!!

  2. I love that first red one-piece, yes I’m too afraid to rock a bikini any time soon! And every.single.babygirl.suit. They are perfection! How exciting for your sweet little fashionista to already have something named after her! What fun!

  3. Such a great collection, especially love the cover ups. Its hard to find cute cover ups! And love Lily’s bsuit, its my fave kids one!

  4. Deanna Pai says:

    That red one-piece is AMAZING. And the cover-ups are so cute that I’d wear them on or off the beach, for sure! Thanks for the introduction. :)

  5. 17 Perth says:

    Um–I LOVE that first bathing suit. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Natalie says:

    All the suits are gorgeous I don’t even know how I would choose a favorite. Love that Lily has a suit named after her!

  7. Amanda Hill says:

    No way can I pick a favorite! I want one of each including the kiddo’s :) Adore!

  8. I love her swimming suits, classy yet fun and stylish. And how cool that Lily has a suit named after her? What a fashionista already!

  9. Morgan says:

    The children’s suits are adorbs. And I love the look of the high waisted women’s bikini bottoms but know I could never pull them off. Fun to look at though!

  10. ADORE high-waisted swimsuits!!
    Hope you had a magnificent 4th!! ;)

  11. What great suits! Love the red bikini!

  12. Love the beige flowy top with the beige bottom with the red diamond, they are all beautiful but that’s my favorite ;)

  13. Love the beige flowy top with the beige bottom with the red diamond, they are all beautiful but that’s my favorite ;)

  14. Love the beige flowy top with the beige bottom with the red diamond, they are all beautiful but that’s my favorite ;)

  15. Cute swimsuits! I’ve check out her site!

  16. These are gorgeous and so flattering and chic. And obviously the kids stuff is adorable. I’m going to look more into this designer… thx!!

  17. Julip Made says:

    Ahh adorable! You have all the right to be a proud mama. Also loving the adult counterparts… frilly and girly and loving it!

  18. Lon says:

    This might be the best collection of suits I’ve ever seen! And Lilly’s is adorbs!

  19. This might be the best collection of suits I’ve ever seen! And Lilly’s is adorbs!

  20. Famous already, Miss Lilly??? (c: And that suit is stinkin’ adorable…but hello gorgeous black and blue suit!!! I want. I need. That detailing on the top just makes me want to whip out my credit card and not tell the budget conscious hubby…shhhhh, it will be our secret!!! (c:

  21. The Lilly Suit! That’s amazing. So stinkin’ cute. What a talented designer. I love the red one piece. Happy Tuesday, girl!

  22. Oooh…I like the navy with the bright, vertical blue stripes. And that little girl is too cute!!

  23. Michaela says:

    Wow! So adorable. Her daughter is precious. I love that light blue two piece and the one piece with ruffles. All the dresses are fab, too!

  24. Thank you Chassity for sharing with your adorable sweet friends! So happy that you all like everything…I’ll make sure you all know when this collection hits the stores in november…just in time for resort time!

  25. Daydreamer says:

    all so beautiful…beautiful designs, photography, and models! so cute your Lilly has a suit named after her!!

  26. classiq says:

    Beautiful collection! Elle is so adorable! And your daughter having a bathing suit named after her, how lovely! :)

  27. Gray Benko says:

    These are fantastic, she never ceases to amaze me!! I am IN LOVE with the red and white one piece and also the black and blue one piece, I would kill to have them! And for Farris, the blue ruffle bikini and the beige ruffle bikini…and the little dress…ahh they are all so cute! Not to mention, Elle is the cutest little model ever!

  28. Gray Benko says:

    Oh and go Lilly!! :)

  29. Gray Benko says:

    Oh and go Lilly!! :)

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