Date: Nov 7 2011

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Happy Monday!  I’m coming off of a wonderful weekend.  My girlfriends surprised me with a baby shower and I’m feeling so loved.  Surprises are the best, and I was totally blindsided!  I hope you all had a great weekend too.

So back to our Tis The Season roundups.  I decided to put together a little something for the men, because without a doubt we want them to look good too!  November and December are always slam packed with social get togethers (yay!), so just in case the man in your life needs a few updates….  {most do, right?}  Oh, and I tried to keep things inexpensive here because we all know we have to save money for our own wardrobes!

J.Crew Shawl Sweater: Comfortable, stylish, and my bet is he’d live in this.
Gap Marled Hat: Love this and it’s really inexpensive.
J.Crew Flannel Tie: For the dressier occasions. This is my favorite tie I’ve seen this season.
J.Crew Gingham Shirt: Josh bought this shirt in 3 different colors and I LOVE them all.
J.Crew Flannel Plaid Shirt: Plaids are big this season, & I love these colors. Great for layering too.
J.Crew Vintage Cord: Again, Josh has these and they’re HOT.
Clark’s Desert Boots:  Why do so many guys wear shoes til they have holes? These are fab.
Tartan Bow Tie: Luckily, my husband loves bow ties b/c I don’t think anything beats them!
Gap Cardigan: Gorgeous, well priced sweater!
J.Crew Chambray Shirt: A must have in any man’s closet.  Josh wears his all the time.
Bowling Grace Shoes: Love this wintery take on the boat shoe.
J.Crew Tweet Sportcoat: Sportcoats are THE EASIEST and BEST way to take it up a notch.
And An Honorable Mention:

J.Crew Velvet Ludlow Sportcoat: Again, sport coats are necessary, and this gorgeous velvet one is perfect for the holiday season.  Josh’s velvet sportcoat is my favorite one he has.
PS: You may have noticed a lot of these links are J.Crew. Well they’re in the middle of another fabulous promotion: 25% off + free shipping on orders over $150 with the code STAYWARM!


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18 Responses to “For The Guys”

  1. Natalie says:

    I heart a man in a velvet sport coat, seriously sexy!! And Yes I buy cheap clothes for Matt so there is more money for me:) and lets be honest Matt could care less what his clothes cost or really what they even look like!

  2. Simply LKJ says:

    What a sweet surprise, and so kind of your girlfriends. So loving the look for our guys…mine could use a little help in the fashion department!

  3. Love all of your picks! WE made a trip to Jcrew this weekend and got Spencer some great stuff!

  4. I might have to get my Hunny those Bowling Grace Shoes!!! Sexy! Thanks for the ideas I have been thinking about our Thanksgiving outfits!!

  5. awesome roundup for the MAN…i love dressing mine…if he only listened to me more. He stole the new autumn cashmere hat I got at LUCKY SHOPS this weekend…looks so cute on him:) so happy your girlfriends surprised you!!! miss ya!

  6. Amanda Hill says:

    Ohhh I ordered that Jcrew sweater for mike! Hope he looks that good in it! Adore the velvet jacket too!

  7. travelkate says:

    What a fabulous surprise…hope we get to see photos :) We just went to the J. Crew outlet last weekend to pick up some stuff from my husband–we always find such great stuff there for him!

  8. Bud and Leo says:

    love this! The guys do need a lil tlc! we went to jcrew this weekend and also looked at those clarks! so cute! xo Lisa

  9. Ashley says:

    Great picks for the men! Those Clark desert boots are one of my faves!

  10. Yay for surprise baby showers!

    I looove those wooly looking shoes for the guys. Great picks :)

  11. ADORE the grey wool and velvet sport jacket and how fun about your baby shower- hope you’re going to share some pictures!!!

  12. Leslie says:

    I love your picks; maybe my husband will get something good!

  13. I love that gingham shirt!! Perfect gift idea for the guys!

  14. I always love J crew…and how hot do guys look in velvet blazers??? I’m still trying to convince mine that it’s a good idea…he still thinks it’s a little too metro for him (c:

  15. Great picks! Husband needs a whole new wardrobe on our way back to Toronto next year, J.Crew will be a must stop for sure ;)
    Loving the wintery boat shoes!

  16. Great picks! Husband needs a whole new wardrobe on our way back to Toronto next year, J.Crew will be a must stop for sure ;)
    Loving the wintery boat shoes!

  17. Great picks! Husband needs a whole new wardrobe on our way back to Toronto next year, J.Crew will be a must stop for sure ;)
    Loving the wintery boat shoes!

  18. Love these picks! Hubby needs ALL of them! Esp that flannel tie…so versatile!

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