Date: Jan 23 2012

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This past holiday season you could definitely say that my family’s number one gift to give was subscriptions to Garden & Gun Magazine.  You may be thinking, a magazine about gardens and guns?  Really Chassity? But I assure you it’s totally legit and one of my favorite reads.  And I’m sure that there are many of you who soak up each page of every issue that turns out too (pssst, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about them here on LLL).

Well today Garden & Gun received some much deserved love and recognition on the CBS This Morning’s show in the story “The Woman Behind Garden & Gun Success“.  You want to watch this, ladies.

See, it’s not just a magazine about hunting dogs and duck decoys.  In fact, did you all realize that Garden & Gun is behind this very picture that has been blogged and pinned for, well, days and days (yes, it’s one of my favorites too!)?

{The beautiful Rachel of the blog Nest Egg}

There is a real good reason why 45% of Garden & Gun‘s subscribers don’t even live in the south.  They just want to know more about it.  And G&G does a beautiful job of sharing the way southerners live.

Need to pick up a copy and see for yourself?  The February/March issue hits newsstands tomorrow.


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14 Responses to “Gardens & Guns?”

  1. I’ve had it delivered to Manhattan since discovering at a hotel in Nashville in 2008– a favorite read! Impressive to launch a mag successfully in this economy.

  2. Can you believe I’ve never had my hands on 1! Now, you’ve got me wanting a subscription!! :)

  3. I lived in South Carolina for a year and I discovered Garden and Gun at Whole Foods, it’s such an awesome magazine! It’s such a great representation of the cool qualities of the modern South, I just love the overall aesthetic of the magazine…thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Garden and Gun is one of our favorites around here! One of the best to subscribe to for sure!

  5. That is totally awesome…that is one that the husband might not roll his eyes when I squeal when I get it out of the mailbox (he does do that when my InStyle mag comes (c: )

  6. Kelly Krugh says:

    I LOVE Garden and Gun; it makes me feel like I am from the South when I read it. I love Southern Living as well by the way. I have yet to find any “Midwest” magazines that I really like- and that actually make me excited to be from the Midwest, so I’m sticking with the Southern reading for now. :)

  7. Amy R. says:

    I look at G&G all the time. Love it!

    Amy R.

  8. Manda says:

    Love G&G! I was really excited when they did a write-up about Augusta Georgia last year. They really shed some light on some of the fun aspects of the town, and the entrepreneurs that made them possible. Someone I know, Coco Rubio had a whole article devoted to him for bringing the much needed “hip” feel to the downtown area with Soul Bar.

  9. This is so great Chassity! ANd I’m so honored to know two editors there and call them friends! Well Haskell is just recently gone but she was there for most of the time and did an amazing time. Did you know Squire Fox shot this cover! What a great crown in Charleston…i miss you all! xoxo see you in March!

  10. Nope, had NO idea that a magazine called Garden and Guns was behind that lovely image of Rachel that I’ve seen everywhere! Who knew? Thanks for the intro! Although I won’t lie…it’s the kind of thing I’d have to read in the privacy of my home! :)

  11. Oh my gosh this is mine & Blake’s FAVORITE magazine!! I got him a subscription to it for Christmas and we just received our Feb/Mar issue TODAY! I’m so excited to dive in! One of the best magazines I’ve ever read :)

  12. emily says:

    Someone at work was just telling me about this. Sounds great. I am going to subscribe!

  13. This looks like an awesome gift! My mom and my sis would love. Good idea! XO

  14. Joan Perry says:

    Love it. The photography is always so beautiful.

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