Date: Sep 6 2011

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Today is quite bittersweet for me as it’s the one year anniversary of the day I started my blog.  Yep, Look Linger Love is ONE!  This little place has brought me so much joy and passion.  I knew I’d love blogging, but I had no idea how important it would be to me.  I have made an army of friends who inspire me everyday- some in our “online world” but also a large number in my real day to day life.  You all know who you are, and I love you.  I’m even a little weepy as I write this… can I just blame the pregnancy hormones? 

The people and experiences are what make blogging worth all of the time that it takes (which is a lot for those of you wondering).  But when it’s something that you love, all of that time is well spent.  I thank each and everyone of you who want to take a few minutes out of your very busy days to visit this little space, it means the world to me.  I love sharing what inspires me with all of you.

So I thought it might be appropriate take a look back at my very first post that I shared here on my blog.  I still believe every word that I wrote.  And I got a really warm and fuzzy feeling when I noticed where I sourced my very first image.  Wow, look at how far this little blog has come :)


You see, not that many things have changed since I became a momma. You read that right. Sure, there are days when I’m still in my pajamas at noon. Yeah, my receipts at Target are exponentially higher these days.  But ultimately, I’m still trying to live my life as happily and beautifully as I can. What better way to chronicle and share my daily inspirations than a blog?

Because really, who says you can’t carry a supply of diapers and Cheerios in an incredible handbag?

image – “Jak and Jil” via Pretty Mommy


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45 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Look Linger Love!”

  1. Morgan says:

    Happy Blogoversary!!!

  2. Happy blog birthday dear! You sure have come far in one year. Keep up all the awesome blogging :)

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! I’m looking forward to many more beautiful pictures and post to come.

  4. lizziefitz says:

    I love following your blog! You are a ray of sunshine. Happy one year!

  5. Gray Benko says:

    Happy blogiversary to the raddest blogger I know! How far you have come in just one short year! I can’t wait to see what the next has in store for you!!! xo

  6. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!! I love reading your fabulous blog. Looking forward to what all you will come up with this next year!

  7. Natalie says:

    Happy blog birthday! It’s been so fun following along this past year. :)

  8. Happy blog birthday! I thought the blog was older than that ;) Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished this year!

  9. {molly beth} says:

    Congrats! Your blog is such an inspiration! I always look forward to looking at it!


  10. Erin says:

    Happy Blogaversary!!!!

  11. Simply LKJ says:

    Happy blogaversary!!! Love that first post.

  12. Happy, happy, happy blog birthday!! Thank you for giving us such incredible inspiration..for ourselves, our home and our munchkins. You are an incredible blogging friend, xoxo S

  13. HAPPY BLOG DAY MY DEAR! Your blog is as amazing as you are and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this next year for you and your blog! I’m so thankful that I get to be lucky enough to share those exciting things with you online and now at our coffee dates!

    PS-pretty sure that first post about cheerios in a designer bag is what got me hooked on ya to begin with!

  14. Allison says:

    Yay! Happy blog bday! :)

  15. paige winn says:

    Congrats on your first year! Looking forward to following your posts for years to come!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LLL! thank you for a fantastic year for all of your readers.
    xo jane

  17. 17 Perth says:

    Happy Blog Birthday!! Your blog is always full of fun, beautiful and inspiring finds/ideas! Congrats on one year and I am sure that many more great things are in store for you.

  18. Amanda Hill says:

    Happy Birthday LLL! I wish I was there to throw a HUGE party! I totally miss you and can’t wait till we get to hang again! Your the best! Here’s to another great year full of big things to come!

  19. Happy Anniversary! You should be so very proud of everything you’ve accomplished in one little year…xo

  20. Happy birthday lady bloggie!!!! YOu are my first taste of a blog and I’m so thankful to show me how it’s done….and to include marysia SWIM in so many blog post! THANK YOU my sweet friend!!!

  21. Aw, happy blog birthday, love! I’m so glad that you’re blogging and inspiring all of us each and every day : ) xo

  22. Love it! Only a year, your little baby is still a baby :)

  23. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
    you look like a farty face and you smell like one too!

    just kidding. you look pretty. and you smell like good.

  24. Bud and Leo says:

    Happy blogversary!!! We have absolutely LOVED following your blog and of course getting to know you along the way. You blog for all of the right reasons and share amazing moments, and takeaways, from life that we love reading about. We truly appreciate the blogger friendship we have with you. Happy Bday Look Linger Love! Cheers to many more :) xo Lisa

  25. Happy BlogBirthday!! :) I love your blog, your insight, your ideas, your loves, everything! Love everything about your blog! Keep doing what your doing!

  26. Yay! Happy one year to your fabulous blog!! I love checking in and reading what you have to say! I look forward to more stylish, great posts! I loved getting to see your first post. Great job even at day 1! :)

  27. Allison says:

    Happy 1 Year Blog Birthday! I’m a recent new follower and glad to have found you! Thank you for writing your wonderful blog and being an inspiration to all of us!

  28. Anne Read says:

    Happy Anniversary! And here’s to your second year! May it be even better than the last :)

    Anne Read

  29. Sketch42 says:


    And yea, Im a throw a diaper in a fendi bag kinda mom too ;)

  30. YAY!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!! I’m very happy that you joined the blogsphere ;) Cheers for many years to come of wonderful posts, pictures and words!

  31. YAY!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!! I’m very happy that you joined the blogsphere ;) Cheers for many years to come of wonderful posts, pictures and words!

  32. YAY!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!! I’m very happy that you joined the blogsphere ;) Cheers for many years to come of wonderful posts, pictures and words!

  33. Lily says:

    Happy first birthday !! I adore your blog and love the blog world as well…so many great people and wonderful inspiration !!


  34. Happy blog birthday to you! Wow, just one year? You have come so far! Amazing AND inspiring. Here’s to another fabulous year!

  35. Congratulations! You have done an amazing job!


  36. SaraRuth says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I hope I can get to cheerios and diapers in my purse one day….Congrats!

  37. Happy Blogging Birthday! Wishing you many more happy years at the computer, sharing all the lovely things that inspire you.

  38. Natalie says:

    Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite blogs and real life gals too! I look forward to reading your blog everyday and love that we share the same passion for our designer bags. Who says having kids means we have to sacrifice style. But seriously I am so glad I have gotten to know you and sweet Lily! So happy to have ya’ll in our life!

  39. Pretty Mommy says:

    Happy Happy Blog Birthday Chassity!! You’ve carved out one of the most charming spots on the web…and all in one year!!
    ps- that link makes me feel warm and fuzzy too ;)

  40. SHERRY HART says:

    Happy blogging birthday! I have to say that it has definitely changed my life! It will be 2 years in february for me.

  41. travelkate says:

    Congrats! Happy blogiversary! I know there will be many more to come!!

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