Date: Aug 3 2011

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This post is coming a little late but I felt it was absolutely necessary to share.  I’ve been so touched by the messages you all have sent on my Glitter Guide Shop The Street feature.  It really was as much fun to do as it looked thanks to the help of some great people!

{A view of the downstairs area of the salon}

Canvas is a salon here in downtown Charleston that I have been going to for quite some time now.  I go to Marie (co-owner along with Turner Watson) and have never been happier with my hair or with a stylist!  So many of you complimented my hair for the photoshoot, well Marie was the master behind that one!

{First shot of the day, I was cracking up!}

The salon itself is gorgeous & charming, located in the heart of upper King Street’s shopping district (because you must do a little shopping and grab lunch after a salon appt!).  Canvas recently expanded to the upstairs of their building and now offers nail services too!  It seems so crazy, but nearly EVERY girl with fabulous hair that I know here goes there.  It really is the place to go and have a glass of wine while you get your hair done.  Be sure to drop in and see them.  All the girls at Canvas are amazing.

And what’s a photoshoot without a photographer??!  Gray did such an amazing job on these photos that I simply don’t even know where to begin.  The fact that I was at ease and actually enjoyed myself during the photoshoot (do you know how hard it is to pose by yourself?) was thanks to Gray.  She has a way of putting anyone she is shooting at ease.  Not to mention she helped pose me so that my baby bump stayed pretty well disguised.
{Hiding behind a dress always helps, ha!}
But this isn’t even the type of photography that she specializes in.  Gray’s a master at children’s photography.  Master!
I took these pics from Gray’s facebook fan page and then plugged them into my rinky dinky collage maker.  I assure you her quality is a lot higher than what I’ve done to the pictures here (like that Gray?).  So if you’ve got kids, book her!

Last but not least, thank you to all of the amazingly stylish shops and businesses that allowed us to come in and take photos. 
The Shop The Street story would not have even been possible without you!  Thank you for making Charleston a fashionable town to live (and shop) in.


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20 Responses to “I Couldn’t Have Done It Without…”

  1. You look so incredible, you have alot of us envious of your amazing style and gorgeous good looks :) xoxox

  2. you need to give yourself a little more credit girl for YOUR fabulousness! Thanks for sharing all your secrets behind the shoot though. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to pencil myself in to canvas on my next trip to Charleston. My hair could use some help!

  3. That’s a really sweet post and I love getting to hear a little bit about the behind the scenes. What an amazing opportunity for you to get to do the shoot for the spread and have so much fun with it! It was so beautiful, and wow, you look fantastic!! You have such great style and always look so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  4. Alexa says:

    You look gorgeous! And those shots of the babies are too cute!

  5. Amanda Hill says:

    Well it was awesome! I totally love that salon! But if you ask me…you made the shoot :)

  6. Lily says:

    You look gorgeous in all the photos !! And you won my giveaway ! When I click on your “contact” button it opens the email program on my computer that I don’t use so I cant get your email ! Email me lily @ !!


  7. Amanda says:

    What a beautiful thank you!

  8. Wow girl! There was definitely a lot of people involved in that fun photo shoot! And *amazing* talent and products, if I do say so myself…yes, I’m including you in the talent (c;

  9. Kelly Krugh says:

    Love seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff!! It looks like so much fun!!! Congrats again! :)

  10. Such a pretty pictures!!

    Im your new follower!


  11. caycee says:

    You get prettier by the pictures girl!So stunning, and I may have to check out this salon now ;) We need to do a play date soon, maybe Monday??

  12. You seriously looked SO gorgeous in this shoot- loved seeing these behind the scenes shots!!

  13. I’m sure you were just as pleasant and great to work with! Congrats again on such an accomplishment!

  14. Julip Made says:

    What a fantastic article Chassity! You looked gorgeous and I agree, the hair and the photographs were perfect. Congrats!

  15. Everything about it was absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Daydreamer says:

    even the outtakes are adorable! That Grey Benko is SUCH A TALENT! And you are so photogenic!

  17. Love all of these out take shots Chassity – you look completely gorgeous! xx

  18. Collins says:

    SO glad you stopped by my blog so that I now know about yours! That’s sweet little Cooper in the bottom left. Love it! My sleep is way off because of my foot surgery on Tuesday so I now have something to do for a while….stalk your past posts! I’m now a follower. :)

  19. You have convinced me to A) make an appointment at Canvas and B) hire Gray when I have babies.

  20. Gray Benko says:

    Aww shucks, thanks for the kind words Chassity! As always, this was so much fun to do with you!! I love looking at that picture of you laughing at Canvas btw! You are such a beauty! :) xoxo

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