Date: Apr 12 2011

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You didn’t think that my adoration for all things gorgeous stopped short of luggage did you?  Surely not.  Either way, Steamline Luggage’s collection has me dreaming of summer getaways. 

I say we pack up the car and head west!  Maybe with a little Mumford & Sons playing over the speakers.

Images courtesy of Steamline Luggage.  And Pssst – they’re having a 40% off sale right now…


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31 Responses to “Luggage Lust”

  1. Very chic! These are worthy of a private plane! ; )

  2. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Wow! Drooling over the luggage! I will have to check it out! Great choice!

  3. wow! I NEED that tan and pink set ASAP!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! I have the boring black stuff…not so fun haha

  5. Ailinh says:

    These are GREAT! Oh my word. It makes traveling such a pretty thing to do. We just moved out East with a luggage that takes like 2 minutes to zip open. I think it’s about time I give hubs a little nudging for a new and sassier one… ;)

  6. Carly says:

    Wow! I love the orange luggage. It’s weird, but luggage is one of my favorite things to buy. I get so excited when I purchase a new suitcase. :)

  7. So darn adorable. I am ready to hit the airport! And Mumford & Sons is playing non-stop over here. Even my four year old sings it. ;)

  8. Ms. Bright says:

    I saw these on a blog last week and haven’t been able to quit thinking about them! Gorgeous!

    And I’m with you…Mumford and Sons on my speakers right now…let’s go!

  9. Morgan says:

    Definitely lovely but luggage is not something I’m willing to throw money down for. Doesn’t last long with the way airlines treat them!

  10. jessica says:

    very chic!! love the very first image! love the color!

    ps: today’s the last day to enter the giveaway on my blog! hope you’ll join in!! :-)

  11. Nuha says:

    Oh my god, I love them! Even if I wasn’t traveling I’d probably leave them out as “decor”. We travel alot overseas so I’m always on the look out for pretty, sturdy luggage that doesn’t weigh a ton. It’s hard to find!

  12. claudia b says:

    Oooh, gorgeous!
    I love the Explorer in that rich, saturated yellow!

  13. Sara Mueller says:

    Absolutely amazing! great find.

  14. These luggage pieces are great! I love the pieces with the orange, so fun.

  15. Lily says:

    These are fabulous ! I want a set in the orange !


  16. I love…the first set is so chic- they all are but I love the classic look of the cream/brown. Would be perfect for NY no? ;)

  17. Amanda says:

    I do need new luggage…thought I had some picked out but maybe I should rethink it???

  18. travelkate says:

    It’s my dream to own a piece of this luggage! I think it is the most chic luggage out there right now-thanks for the tip about 40% off, heading to check out the sale now!

  19. Liz says:

    Yes happy you are in “The wild, wild west” with me tonight. You will just adore Boulder :) Matt and I can’t wait to dine with you and Josh!

  20. lizziefitz says:

    So very chic ! Would love a set ! So ready to go to Paris again:)))

  21. Simply LKJ says:

    You gotta have the luggage if you have the clothes, shoes and handbags to go with!!

  22. ooo I’ve been looking for luggage.

  23. Ashley says:

    I love that luggage AND Mumford & Sons. Perfect for a roadtrip with friends!

  24. That is the cutest luggage I have ever seen! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for some Louis…but these are so darn adorable! Might make me dread packing a little less (c:

  25. Natalie says:

    Love that luggage and Mumford & Sons and the idea of a getaway. If only my suitcases were that chic. Also laughing about the canons comment, I heard them practicing all weekend was like wtf?

  26. I die over that pink one!! Would make travel so much more fun

  27. Saw these…i think they sent it to me..
    Anyhow i like the first ones at the top… I thought id like the pink, but no so much. :))))

  28. Julip Made says:

    Oh these would be perfect for my upcoming vacay and I’ll take one in pink!

  29. Amy R. says:

    I would love some fancy luggage. The pink is really chic.

  30. I’m literally drooling over these pieces. I didn’t know anything like this existed that was actually in a reasonable price range {LV has always been my aspiration- with the word aspiration heavily underlined} Thanks for brightening up my evening with this eye candy! Click and save!!

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