Date: May 7 2014

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As a mother I can rightfully say that all we want for Mother’s Day is our family safe and sound, some hugs and kisses, along with a little peace and quiet. If one is so inclined to treat their mother with a little prize well then by all means, here are a few wonderful ideas. And this guide is the real deal, y’all. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of this.




Crocheted Sun Hat – because we care about our appearance and our skin.

Beach Bag Key Chain: Time to switch things up, yes?

Fresh Turkish Towels: Much cooler at the pool and they pack easily, too.

KSNY Bluetooth Speaker: Cute enough to sit on the shelf or pack in the beach bag.

Rio Book Clutch: Just think, this will get passed on to you one day.

Embroidered Chambray Tunic: This might be the prettiest thing ever.

Embellished Sandals: Can dress up any old outfit.

KSNY Watch: Watches and jewelry are always a good idea.

Biscuit Bedding Sheets: Who doesn’t want to sleep on luxurious bedding?

Slim Aarons Print: Just because we all want one.

Floral Jammies: Adorable and appropriate.


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  1. jillian says:

    love that towel + watch! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

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