Date: Feb 16 2015

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Hi! Sorry for my absence on Friday and this weekend. I was in New York for fashion week and didn’t bring my computer. Here’s all about it, I had a great time. It was freezing.


I stayed at the Marlton again because I just love that hotel. It’s adorable, cozy, and in a great neighborhood (Greenwich Village). My friend Liz was my roomie.


new york fashion week


We met up at the hotel and then headed over to Milk Studios for Marissa Webb’s runway show.


new york fashion week


I really liked the details of the simple ties in the front with the backs loose and billowed.


marissa webb

photos by rodin banica


After the show we met our friend Allison for coffee, ran by the Apple store for a phone charger and had another Katie Holmes sighting, and went back to the hotel for a little bit. That night we had dinner at Palma with Mackenzie. Josh and I ate there in September and really loved it!


new york fashion week


Side note, this trip was all about Uber since it was freezing in NYC. Was so nice to not have to wait outside trying to hail a cab.


The next morning my friend Stacy from Hampden Clothing picked us up and we tagged along on her buying appointment at Loeffler Randall. Yes. You know I’m a crazy fan so this was beyond fun to see the behind the scenes and new fall collection. I can’t share any of the product photos yet but trust me it’s sick good. Lots of pretty fringe and a major surprise up their sleeve.


new york fashion week


Then Liz and I ran over to the Kate Spade presentation. It was really great, per usual. I’m loving their fur and plaids.


new york fashion week new york fashion week


Then we walked over to Tipsy Parson for lunch.


new york fashion week new york fashion week

Carly, Liz, me, Amy, Mackenzie


Next we ran over to the Shoshanna showroom to see a peek of what’s new for fall and their new midnight collection. Lots of pretty things in there!


new york fashion week


That night we met Grace and Alex (who took this picture) for drinks at our hotel and then headed over to Lafayette for dinner with Stacy (Hampden), Molly (of Les Nouvelles), and Sean Monahan (designer of Sea). This night was so much fun!


new york fashion week


Breakfast in our room the next morning, so cute on china.


new york fashion week


Stopped by Bare Minerals for a little makeover of sorts. It was fun to see some of the same BR girls I had seen last year at fashion week, and I’m now a little obsessed with the Complexion Rescue.


new york fashion week


Looking brighter! Next we ran over to the Tibi show and it was so, so good.


new york fashion week


A lot of the collection I feel like you really need to have that skinny straight body type, but I’m still going to try to give it a go come fall because it was so pretty.


new york fashion week


Here’s an Über crew pic. By the time we got into Mara Hoffman it was silly packed and already beginning so Liz and I ducked out. I hear it was pretty.


new york fashion week

Merritt, Christine, me, Liz, Kat


We were starving to we went to a little italian place near the Marlton (I forget the name!) and then went back to the hotel.


new york fashion week

new york fashion week

new york fashion week


It was snowing and freezing and we never made it back out. Spent Valentine’s Day night watching both Father of the Bride movies, doing facial masks, and eating hotel snacks. HA!


new york fashion week


Sunday morning was spent dealing with flight issues.


new york fashion week


At noon I headed over to Bobo for the Design Darling blogger brunch hosted by Mackenzie. It was the perfect way to end the weekend by getting together with many of my friends before flying out. It was so cute there!


new york fashion week

new york fashion week


Cab selfie. Does anyone else get really car sick in NYC cabs? I mean, it’s awful for me. All I wanted at this point was a barf bag and to take my spanx off.


new york fashion week


And that’s all! Fun time. Happy President’s Day, y’all!



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12 Responses to “New York Fashion Week Trip Recap”

  1. Alesya says:

    I once got sick in a NYC cab, had then pull over and puked in Central Park. Good times.

  2. jamie says:

    you look pretty and i like avocado toast.

  3. Gaby says:

    Sooooooo FUN!!! Between freezing my ass here this weekend and there with fw and your recap, I’ll take yours! :)

  4. Chassity says:

    Me too :) Miss yer face see ya in a couple days.

  5. Chassity says:

    I mean, I feel like you should’ve been there! xoxxoo Gaby!!

  6. The hotel is the cutest! LOVEEEE the wall moulding and that brass bed. Yum!

  7. Loved the post and hearing about the adventures of fashion week!

  8. Chassity says:

    The hotel is seriously gorgeous. Every inch of it!

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  10. Rose says:

    Laughing at your last comment about cabs—I took a lot around in early February for a bunch of things (also some were comp’ed through work) and felt SO carsick. Glad it wasn’t just me! I must have just missed you at Tibi & Mara Hoffman but it looks like you had a fun time :)

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