Date: Feb 8 2012

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{Newsflash: I’m not a modeling fashion blogger so the picture below is major awkward.}

You all know that I love to shop my closet.  Well one style that I don’t have are those super cute asymmetrical skirts that are all the rage right now.  Or, maybe I do?  I’ve been converting my maxi skirts to this asymmetrical style and therefore switching up my look without spending the money.  All I’m doing is grabbing the front of the skirt (at around the knee length) and pulling it up and tucking it into the top of my skirt.  I then cinch it in place with a belt.  Voila, asymmetrical hem.  Best part is it’s just temporary- at the end of the night my skirt is still a maxi skirt.

I’m wearing a black chiffon maxi skirt like this one.  I’ve been known to wear my long skirts as dresses too. Here are some more versatile maxi skirts on my radar.

How are you getting more mileage out of your wardrobe?  


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29 Responses to “RE-INVENTED: The Maxi Skirt”

  1. You’re so cleva!! I want/need like 10 maxi skirts, especially a blush one, that Tibi one is gorgeous, but I’m sure is worth some couple of hundreds :S
    PS: is not awkward at ALL!

  2. You’re so cleva!! I want/need like 10 maxi skirts, especially a blush one, that Tibi one is gorgeous, but I’m sure is worth some couple of hundreds :S
    PS: is not awkward at ALL!

  3. Yay for a Chassity fashion post, I love! Genius idea to repurpose a maxi skirt. What to know something shocking- I don’t own one maxi skirt. I can’t find one that doesn’t make my hips look like a school bus. The pleated ones are out for me. They look great on your petite figure:) Love the black skirt such a classic choice and did you really just have a baby???

  4. such a cute look. and can we talk about the fact that you JUST had a baby? wha??? you look amazing.

  5. caycee says:

    HOT MAMA!!! You always look jaw dropping sista, and I love how you recreated the maxi skirt!!!

    PS Tell me the truth is it hard to look fabulous and daily shower with two?

  6. Yay love the fashion post! Totally trying this with one of my skirts :-)


  7. Love this idea! You look absolutely adorable! And loooove all of the skirts you posted.

  8. What a killer idea! I love it!

  9. Lovin That! says:

    Great idea – I love it!!

  10. Such a great idea and I love how you styled it w/ that turquoise and red belt! Super cute!

  11. Brilliant! Love these idea, although I wonder if I am too short to pull of the asymmetrical look. Rock it girl!

  12. You are one clever lady! Gotta try this… I am always looking for ways to repurpose a piece in my closet. Going to go raid it now and work that asymmetrical skirt :)

  13. Amanda Hill says:

    Genius! I adore this look! I saw one in the forever21 window last weekend {last One} fate I tell ya..just my size and in camel! Best $20 bucks I spent all day!

  14. Kim Aull says:

    CLEVER! I like the look and brilliant idea, great way to get two looks at one price!

  15. Look how adorable you are hot mama. I am so doing this. Thanks clever fashionista.

  16. angie says:

    So clever! And you are looking awfully fine girlfriend!

  17. You were definitely right, I *LOVED* this post!!! Totally brilliant and it looks fab! Definitely trying out this version before investing in any crazy hemlines (c:

  18. That’s brilliant! And you look gorgeous!

  19. So smart! I’ve just recently gotten into maxi dresses and skirts and would love to try this out…

  20. Look at those legs!! Loving all of these options. Absolutely beautiful.

  21. Simply LKJ says:

    Love it! You are so creative. Love repurposing clothing without it being permanent. Okay seriously…you just had a baby????!!!!

  22. So I’ve been wondering if I should buy one of those skirts because I love the look, but now you’ve given me a great idea! PS- I see nothing awkward about that photo :)!

  23. Sara Mueller says:

    you look great and what a great idea!

  24. Didn’t you just have a baby??!!??!!! Wow! :)

  25. Annie H. says:

    You look great and so very stylish!

  26. Nuha says:

    i am so doing this!

  27. How have I not thought of this?! Genius! And hello, you look incredible, C!

  28. You couldn’t look awkward if you tried, gorgeous girl!

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