Date: Feb 4 2011

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I know I’m not the only one with spring fever when I get a couple of swimwear post requests.  So here’s a little roundup of the suit style currently on my radar.

It’s not a secret that Marysia Swim is on my list.

See a theme?
PS, the background image is actually an Amanda Nisbet fabric.  Thanks for that idea Sarah


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21 Responses to “Reader Request: Swimwear”

  1. Morgan says:

    Love the Anthro suit… which isn’t a surprise because I would LIVE in an Anthro store if I couls. :)

  2. 17 Perth says:

    These are great! And yes–I love the trend.

  3. Amanda says:

    I LOVE the first ones…on my gosh I love them!

  4. These are adorable. So different than what I usually see. Just got very excited for summer… that is still 6 months away in Chicago!

  5. I’m liking the one-piece (which is wierd, because usually I HATE one pieces) Also the Anthro one… but it looks like a bit of a boob-smasher (which I can’t afford as recent weight loss seemed to all come off of my boobs.) So those things considered I’d probably say my fave is the top one in black.

  6. Okay now you made me want that Marysia fab little number with the black stripes! I’m never going to be able to decide on a new suit! (c:

  7. I am so ready to be in a swim suit!!…preferably on an island with a drink in my hand. Great picks!!

  8. tickled. says:

    This gal is SO SO SO ready for it to be warm enough to be in a swimsuit … But wait, does that mean I need to start working out!? :)

    I also LOVE LOVE Marysia swim!


  9. Love the anthro striped bikini! great picks, chassity!

    have a fab weekend


  10. love these, i so badly want the anthro one!

  11. designstiles says:

    Love the background fabric idea. And I’m especially digging the high waist bottoms this year. I’m going to need to hide my non-exercised tummy.

  12. Nuha says:

    sooo cute!! Its kind of a throwback to the 40’ it!

  13. I love love the first and second ones- divine!!

  14. Sarah says:

    These suits are amazing! A little sass with a classic twist. Score! I must check out the sites you provided. Luv the background fabric. Thanks for the mention! ;) Have a great weekend Chassity.

  15. Simply LKJ says:

    Great suits, especially the Anthro one.

  16. I guess this means you think I should be rocking the high waist this summer? Hmmmm …. I have been a tankini girl …. Remember, I do have twins! ;-)

  17. Sara Mueller says:

    Beautiful options! Have a great weekend!

  18. _kArLy[*] says:

    interesting! i like! Love the blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  19. Those first two-piece suits are out of this world. I love them. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a two-piece… but I love those suits. xo

  20. I am so all about these suite! I have yet to actually try one on so I’m not getting my hopes up, but so far LOVE!

  21. Michaela says:

    High waisted!! So cute (: I simply cannot wait to be in a swimsuit for spring and summer!

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