Date: Sep 2 2011

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A little of what’s going on around these parts…

Lilly’s throwing her first Halloween party this year.  Last week I picked up this Halloween issue of Martha Stewart and I’m getting frighteningly pumped (insert cackles).
I’ve been moving things around in my house and have some new items on my entry console.  My mother in law Marian painted this colorful piece (isn’t it fabulous?), and here’s the brass urchin thingy I won from Lily at Gold & Gray.

Along with my growing belly, my boobs and butt are expanding too.  So I went out and got some new lingerie (enter sarcasm, like I’d be even remotely comfortable in this).

But for real, all parts of me are expanding, including my feet.  So I had to break out my pregnancy flats that I wore while pregnant with Lilly.  A pair of leopard flats and these cheapies.  At least they’re sparkly.

But what I really want to wear are these oxfords.  They would make for a great “Hey you’re pregnant so your feet must hurt” gift.  Hint hint Josh, size 8 please.
A couple of days ago I stopped in one of my favorite local shops, II Brunettes, and picked up a bump friendly top.  But this ensemble that they put together really caught my eye.  Isn’t it fabulous?
And last but not least, the Nursery Design Series has received such great feedback.  I knew it would, because I’m smart like that ;)  If you can’t get enough of all things nursery and must see more, two talented women have emailed me links to designs they’ve created:
Katie created not only one but TWO nursery designs for Baby Boy Evans and they’re both fabulous – Go See them here!  She may have used this fabulous party animal wallpaper in one of her designs.
And Jessica emailed me the link to the nursery design that she’s in the process of putting together for her own baby boy.  You can see it here.


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16 Responses to “‘Round Here”

  1. Natalie says:

    So excited for the party. I need to start working on costumes around here! Ok so I have never been to 11 burnettes, where is it? Girl you make me want to shop showing me cute outfits like that!

  2. This is gorg! I love the entryway table! You styled it perfectly!

  3. Ohhh love it all! Love the console table and YES the painting is fabulous… so is the urchin thingy! Tell the hubs to hop on the pair of oxfords in a size 8… you need those! ;)

  4. 17 Perth says:

    Okay, I am kind of obsessed with that cover on martha stewart. Really–I think I am!! When I was a kid, I was obsessed with butterflies and I think that is the perfect grown up butterfly costume! Haha. And, I LOVE those oxfords! Fingers crossed for you. ; )

  5. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Ok, so I have been living under a rock!! (had baby boy 8 weeks ago) I had NO idea you are preggos! CONGRATS!!! So exciting! I think you def deserve those shoes!!! Treat yourself!!!

  6. Wow! You have one seriously talented Mother in law…it’s beautiful!! And oh I feel your pain…isn’t maternity “lingerie” the WORST?!!?! I’m sure you still look fabulous though! :)
    Thank so much for including my nursery design today! Your are too sweet!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Erin says:

    New to your blog! Love it! Your entry console is GORGEOUS!!!

  8. Morgan says:

    Love your console area! Perfectly put together!

  9. Lily says:

    Your entry console looks great! So happy you like the urchin thingy and the painting by your mother in law is gorg !! Love your sparkly flats and the faux fur !!


  10. caycee says:

    Halloween party, sounds like fun ;) Hope the Hewitts get an invite ha! love the new console set up girly! Cant wait for the next nursery!

  11. Nuha says:

    i’ve been coveting a fur vest like that one…i may give in soon!

  12. Seriously, cute comfy flats are every pregnant lady’s best friend. I have yet to check out the nursery design series, gonna go catch up!

  13. The entryway looks great!! Your poor feet- I so remember that. My last trimester I only wore flip flops b/c my feet were so swollen! And, yes, I went to work and corporate mediations in my flip flops! But I think everyone just felt sorry for me because I was so huge and my feet looked like balloons!

  14. My Elle had her first halloween party last year and I did the same the martha haloween mag….they have some many great ideas….have fun planning…i see you have the nesting syndrome…i did tooooo

  15. Sherry says:

    Wow, your entry table is fabulous!!! And the artwork is beautiful!! I love your blog!! :)

  16. Bud and Leo says:

    There’s not much more that I love than a great Halloween/Harvest party! So many awesome ideas you can do with pumpkins! You are going to have a blast planning that! And I can’t wait to see what Lilly dresses up as! :) And LOVE your entry table!!! xoLisa

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