So there’s a story behind this lengha skirt… I was shopping at Celadon here in Charleston and came upon the most amazing pile of vintage skirts that the buyer, Rebecca Hawkins, had recently picked up in India. Naturally my eyes were drawn to this pink one. Because I was in a home interiors store my mind immediately went to using this as a tree skirt for a Christmas tree. And that’s my plan. But I figure I can have a few twirl worthy moments in it the rest of the year :)




chambray top, vintage skirt, valentino rock stud pumps, b-low the belt fringe clutch

lf chain necklace (look for less), christina jersey arrow cuff, braille cuffurban decay lip in crush




This fringe clutch is so clutch (sorry that was lame). But really, it goes with a lot and it’s just fun. I actually like the black one better, but figured the ivory was a better addition to my collection. I REALLY love the shoulder bag version.




Oh don’t you know there are my Valentino pumps again. I’m obsessed. And oh yeah my chambray shirt again, too. Sorry but i wear it all the time.






But really, won’t this skirt be crazy good under my Christmas tree next year?


Photography by Gray Benko.


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24 Responses to “What I’m Wearing: Lengha + Denim”

  1. You are adorable! And really, those Valentinos go with everything!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  2. Caycee says:

    That picture of you twirling in that pretty pick skirt makes me smile :)

  3. Caycee says:

    pink…. too much coffee already ;)

  4. Chassity says:

    Thank you so much Lexi! Indeed they do.

  5. Chassity says:

    I just had to twirl it right? :) Thanks!

  6. So great for sure! I love the idea of using it as a tree skirt.

  7. Julia Ryan says:

    Love it! Definitely a statement piece as a skirt for you or your tree. You know I love all that pink and gold :)

  8. Chassity says:

    I think it’ll be pretty great :)

  9. Chassity says:

    So excited about it. Thanks Julia.

  10. You really can’t go wrong with one part fashion, one part home decor! Such a pretty fabric.

  11. Hannah says:

    That skirt is BEYOND fun and you look glowing in pink! You should wear it more often!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  12. Eavie says:

    Those shoes! I want them. I LOVE pink and girly clothes – that skirt is amazing. I would want to twirl in it all day long. xoxo

  13. Neha says:

    That’s great! You wear it well. I have several lenghas as they are the customary apparel staple for weddings or big occasions. I have repurposed a few as Christmas tree skirts depending on the color scheme of the tree that year and they always look beautiful and are a great conversation starter when people come by. I say use one for the tree and buy one for yourself to wear-it suits you. You’ve even inspired me to pair some of mine with denim, thanks!

  14. You really are the cutest thing ever!

  15. Chassity says:

    It’s one of my favorite colors – I should! Thanks Hannah.

  16. Chassity says:

    I love them so much, they’re totally legit. Thank you!!

  17. Chassity says:

    Thanks Neha! So fun, great minds… :)


  18. Chassity says:

    I think YOU’RE the cutest :)

  19. […] year and they wanted colorful. So colorful they got. You might recognize our tree skirt from one of my outfit posts earlier this […]

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