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Date: Feb 22 2017

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Coral House design update today :) Things are really coming together, and I feel so lucky to get to renovate a historic cottage on one of my most favorite islands in the world. It has it’s challenges logistically… getting stuff to the island is like a nightmare… So we’re really trying to use as much of the furnishings that came with the home as possible. Not everything that conveyed is my beach house vision, so I hooked up with the local seamstress on the island to make slipcovers! Enter my amazingly talented friend Lulie Wallace and her fabric collection…


Version 2 IMG_2969


Her colors and patterns are pretty much perfect for what I want, and I’m so excited to be using many of them in the house for the sofa, some chairs, a headboard, and window drapes.




Fletch is like Vanna.


IMG_2971 IMG_2970


Aren’t they amazing? I’m also eyeing Lulie’s interior figures series. I feel like these ladies would be so cool there, or here in our home in Charleston.




And an early look at Lulie’s next series that she’ll be rolling out soon – these painted textiles! She’s painting these pieces of fabric, hand sewing them to the matte, and framing them in these gorgeous acrylic frames. Dying.




So many new pretty pieces to see on Lulie’s website if you haven’t looked over there lately. And if you don’t follow her on instagram you totally should.


And of course you can follow along on our @CoralHouseHarbourIsland instagram account for more – I’ll be sharing a lot over there this week!



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Date: Feb 21 2017

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Good morning! A little life lately…


When your friend’s front steps resemble Monet’s garden you stop for a photo, right? (Lucy, Gray, Julia)




This was the beautiful tablescape that Lucy set for dinner that night, so pretty! Similar plates on sale here.




Happy little Charleston spot.




Last weekend at the Sewe Gala wearing this dress. Okay it isn’t actually that dress, it’s this one, but it might as well be and it’s less expensive! PS this was a really bad hair night.




Close up…




Sweet Lilly during our morning breakfast fun last weekend.




Pretty Charleston.




Celebrating our friend Haskell’s birthday at Bowen’s Island. (Charlotte, Haskell, me, and Gray).




And with Jackie and Gray.




Close up of those peach earrings. Wearing this lipstick.




You all know XBB is my favorite. The mapo dou fu is my long time favorite but I’ve been loving the pad kra pow a lot lately.




Pretty sky at my in-law’s house.




Fun new J.Crew shoes!




And I can’t wait to wear this outfit soon! This one shoulder dress and these block heels.




Hope you all have a great day!


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Date: Feb 13 2017

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Good morning! Today I’m sharing ten things that are A+ in my book.


Desktop399 Desktop400-001


1. That awesome full hair style seen at Kate Spade’s NYFW presentation.

2. Slouchy sequins seen at J.Crew’s NYFW presentation.

3. Anthro’s new furniture collection. Such great shapes and colors.

4. Rainbow ruffle dresses. Because obviously.

5. Gal Meets Glam stopping by our Harbour Island home.

6. Old Whaling Co. soaps (I’m working w/ them for Coral House!).

7. Pink + yellow color combination. Plus that cute ruffle top.

8. The show Turn. Trust me. Best show EVER.

9. Lucy Cuneo’s floral photograph series that launches today!

10. Yellow ombre tassel earrings. Amazing.


Bonus: This wicker & brass wall sconce.



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