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Raise your hand if you were basically an honorary member of the Babysitter’s Club as a kid. I lived in the country with no girls nearby so the majority of my free time was spent either playing outside by myself or reading books in my room. And I read a lot of books. Like, one a day. I would display them on my book shelves like a badge of honor. My favorite books were the Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High Twins (devoted reader from the kids books to the college series). I had them ALL. And I saved them. And now Lilly and I read them together. We are up to number #32 and she’s just as hooked as I was.  

If you didn’t save your books then it’s been a HUGE bummer because they stopped publishing the originals and started publishing them as a type of comic. I mean. WHAT?! No!! Finally they’re getting with the program and have released a new Retro Set

Aaaand I’m not even done. NETFLIX announced that they’re planning a 10 episode Babysitter’s Club reboot!! They’re bringing back Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacy, Dawn, and Claudia. I realized they’re the original 5 but I love Jessie & Mal! Maybe they’ll work their way onto the show by the 10th episode to keep things moving for a season 2?! One can hope! Catch up on The Babysitter’s Club right here :)


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Date: Feb 20 2019

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Good morning! I’m so excited to share my latest Etsy favorites with you today! This is one of my most favorite round ups yet, I just ordered a couple of those wire headbands!

1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

That citrus piece. Can you even believe the gorgeousness?? The woven basket bags are so chic. And this breezy tunic

 Check out more of my Etsy Favorites here!


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Date: Feb 15 2019

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I’ve been saving up all my favorite home finds for a Top 12 post and I’m excited to share this one. So many fun finds here!

1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |    9

10     |     11     |     12

That rattan side table is freaking amazing and only $69. Yep. And this abstract painting series is exquisite. 

And heads up, right now you can take 20% off at One Kings Lane! Isn’t this print the happiest print? Have a  great weekend, Everyone!


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Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friends!


Bella Tu dress, Carrie Forbes sandals, similar sunglasses

also featured – watercolor coffee mug

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder to show yourself some love! We devote so much of ourselves to others (special shout out to moms!), but it’s  important to remember to take the time to take care of yourself as well. I’m sharing 9 ways that I love to recharge and a few ways to spoil yourself, too.

Go for a long walk – Neighborhood walks with my music & headphones is one of my favorite ways to wind down. If you’re like me, you hold on to your sneakers for far longer than you should (a new pair every 6 months is recommended for an active lifestyle!). Make sure you’re sneakers are giving you the support you need. How cute is this pink APL pair?!

Taking care of my skin – This may not sound relaxing, but I love having a skincare routine! Knowing that I’m doing what I can to keep my skin healthy feels good. If there’s one product I recommend it’s the True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster – you can mix it with any of your serums you already love!

Fresh lipstick – If I had to choose just one make up item to use, it would totally be lipstick. It brightens my face and can change my whole mood. Glossier’s Generation G Lipstick is THE best. 

Non toxic cleansers –  But as much as I love make up I also LOVE washing it all off at the end of the day. This RMS Coconut Cream is a both a make up remover, facial cleanser, and moisturizer all in one! Magic.

Reading – I’ve been a big reader since I was a little kid and it’s part of my nightly routine and relaxes me. I’m about to start Where The Crawdads Sing after hearing SO much about it. Anyone read it yet?

Sleep: Daytime, nighttime, anytime – Obviously this is on the list. A fresh, luxurious bed is pretty hard to top. I’m a simple white sheets kind of girl!

Exercise – Yes, exercise rejuvenates me. I just bought these wrist weights to wear around on walks for a little extra something. They’re adjustable, and can be worn on your ankles, too!

 Switching to non toxic products – I’ll never live a perfect life but it’s so easy to make shifts to non toxic products these days. Every little bit helps. I love Native deodorant and they have so many fun scents (you can even customize your own)!

Plan a vacation – Half of the fun of vacation is planning and anticipating it, am I right? How adorable is this pink suitcase?! My kind of Valentine’s treat.


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TGIF! Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away?? I mean, 2019 is flying. 

These new Lake pajamas from their Heart Collection are our new favorites! I’m so excited that they now make kids sizes because they’re seriously so cute and comfortable! This pink and white stripe set is Lilly’s new favorite pj’s to wear!


My heart pajamas, Lilly’s pink stripe pajamas

I also wanted to share this adorably charming book by one of my most favorite artists, Janet Hill. It’s called Miss Moon: Wise Words From a Dog Governess and the story and illustrations are based on a prim & proper woman who lives on a small island off the coast of France who has 67 dogs. Seriously, so quirky and fun. Also, Janet’s 2nd book, Miss Mink: Life Lessons for a Cat Countess, just released too!

And here’s a little Valentine’s inspired round up to end our week! Everything from the perfect gift, a pretty spring wreath, to the perfect girly outfit.

1     |     2     |     3     |     4

5     |     6     |     7     |     8

9     |     10     |     11     |     12

The Tokens of my Love set is THE cutest. Would be so fun to keep these on hand for loved one’s birthdays through the year. Really love this little ceramic travel mug (coffee just takes better out of a ceramic vessel). And these heels, jaw drop.

Photography by Abby Murphy.


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Date: Feb 7 2019

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Introducing the Why The Heck Not post. If we love it, I’ll do it again. But only if we love it :) 


Buy a new swimsuit in February? Why the heck not! Especially when it’s a cute as this pink and red one.

Actually get organized in your laundry room? Why the heck not! I’m all for every day items that make my life easier, and this hanging drying rack is cute!!

Buy yet another striped top? Why the heck not! This one nips in at the waist and works for both day and night.

Splurge on a statement daybed? Why the heck not! I mean, there are actually a lot of reasons not to, but you have to admit this peacock cabana daybed is pretty amazing.

But yet another pair of pajamas? Why the heck not! You know you’re going to live in these cotton striped pj’s anyway.

Wear wrist weights on your sunset walk? Why the heck not! These wrist weights comes in a lot of colors and have amazing reviews for being comfortable. They can be worn on your ankles as well.

Wear seashells on our toes? Why the heck not? These shell adorned slides are the cutest vacation sandal!

Bare a little shoulder? Why the heck not! This adorable off shoulder dress is the best way to dip your toes in the one shoulder trend!

Finally replace your door mat? Why the heck not! This navy gingham outdoor rug is great all year round and will make your mail carrier happy!

Actually order online the coffee you want instead of limiting yourself to your grocery store’s lame selection? Why the heck not! If you haven’t tried Counter Culture, what are you waiting for?

Buy your next vacation dress before you even know where you’re going (or when)? Why the heck not! This scalloped embroidered wrap dress is so amazing that it’s probably not going to be around when you do actually know!

Get a fresh pair of classic ballet flats? Why the heck not! Because chic ballet flats are always a good idea.


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