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Date: Feb 20 2017

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Good Monday morning! It’s going to be a beautiful week and I’m excited to break out new springy clothes. Here are some of my favorite new arrivals.




plaid dress, black sandals, stripe dress, rainbow bag, black dress,

tassel pouch, blue dress, pink dress, black tote,

white dress, pink sandals, black floral dress, tassel bag, blue dress


If you haven’t seen Loeffler’s new collection you need to go look immediately. It is SO much fun. And a style steal – that black floral dress is under $60!



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Date: Feb 18 2017

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For anyone wondering what Anthropologie has been up to lately…




1     |     2     |     3     |     4

5     |     6     |     7     |     8

9    |     10     |     11     |     12


I’ll take all of the dresses, please. Especially this one! Also, I found this cute one after I made the collage.



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Swing dresses are one of those things that I can’t resist collecting. It’s exactly what I want to throw on most any day. I have one similar to this one I’m wearing today except that it’s old and totally worn out.




This comes in navy too, and I’m totally tempted.






Happy Friday! We’re looking forward to Sewe with the kids this weekend.



black swing dress, cylinder crossbody bag,

floral hoop earrings, similar tassel heels, black sunglasses


Photography by Gray Benko. 



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