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Date: Jan 10 2019

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Amazon just gets better and better. They have celebrity favorite pages, small business and brands pages, a shopbop page, and the entire fashion section is seriously amazing. From casual to dressy to inexpensive to designer, I’m super impressed with their site!

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This dress is $22 you guys. And this is such a great January – March kind of coat, don’t you think?! Also this little top is swingy and cute. Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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I love a thin, swingy sweater. They’re comfortable enough to throw on during the day, but polished enough to dress up as well. Plus they fit well under jackets and they hang nicely over jeans. 


black swingy sweater, black crop pants,

white sneakers, round sunglasses, leather crossbody bag

And J.Crew’s new swingy turtleneck sweater with side checks off all the boxes and comes in a lot of pretty colors. Only question is which colors to get!

Cute right? It’s the perfect mix of thick and thin to make it flattering! I especially love this pretty shade of light blue and the classic camel color. 


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If there is one item in my fall/winter/early spring wardrobe that gets a ton of wear, it’s my trench coats! They’re thin but warm, fitted and structured, give a slim silhouette, and pull together a casual outfit. I packed my navy trench for our Portugal trip last week as my one and only jacket, and it was easily the mvp of my suitcase (maybe tied to my white sneakers). 

gingham oversized tote, round sneakers, round sunglasses, navy trench

round sunglassesgucci sneakers, gingham tote,

black crop pants, navy trench

leather crossbody bag, gucci sneakerssunglasses,

skinny jeans, navy trench

They’re easily dressed up with heels, too! The perfect little jacket for day and night!

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Date: Jan 3 2019

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This is my favorite time of the year for new arrivals to show up in stores. You all know how much I love a fun dress, and vacation styles are my most favorite of all!

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I mean. I want every single thing up there, allllll the amazing dresses! I’m majorly obsessed with this dress. And this top, it comes in blue, too!


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Happy New Year! I hope you all celebrated exactly how you wanted to. We rang in the new year in NYC with friends and had an amazing night! We flew to Portugal last night and I’m so excited to be here! It’s my first time visiting, and I can’t wait to explore! We’ll be staying in Evora and Lisbon!

I’m starting 2019 with a focus on family, health, and happiness. And a few specific, albeit random, thoughts…

I want to cook more meals at home and order less Uber Eats (this recipe looks amazing, and easy!).

On that note, I want to spontaneously deliver more meals to friends and neighbors. 

I want to travel to at least one state that I’ve never been to before, ideally out west.

I want to work smarter, not harder. Have you seen the new iPad Pro?? I’ve never had felt like I needed an iPad, but I actually really want one of these! 

I want to go for more walks and finally replace my worn out sneakers (love this pair).

I want to declutter our home (it’s a nut house over here with the kids).

I want to go to bed earlier (total night owl here).

I want to do a dna ancestry kit.


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Date: Dec 31 2018

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What a year 2018 turned out to be. Personally, mine was filled with a lot of amazing highs and then some pretty low lows. I learned a lot and grew as a person. I came to truly understand the fact that in the end you have to live with yourself and and make the right decisions for you and your family, even if that means not pleasing others. I’ll be taking this mantra into 2019. 

Today I want to celebrate some of those amazing moments of 2018, so here are my favorite blog posts of the year!

Porch Swing Makeover with Serena & Lily

Our porch swing got a fun update and became our favorite place to hang! And I could put these raffia pillows everywhere. 

Harbour Island Girl’s Trip Recap:

We had the best time and all of these photos make me so happy!

Mother’s Day With Framebridge:

I loved framing my kid’s pieces and adding them to our art collection! If you’re looking for the perfect frame, this one is my all time favorite. 

Tuckernuck Lifestyle Feature:

Tuckernuck came to Charleston and my friends and I got to show them around for their March Lifestyle Guide!

Reading List:

I read SO many great books this year and sharing them with y’all is half of the fun! The book All We Ever Wanted was my favorite book of 2018.

Lilly’s Bedroom Makeover:

Lilly’s bedroom got a colorful update and I’m basically jealous of how pretty it is. I’m obsessed with her rug.

Dream Registry Ideas:

This was so fun to dream up what I would register today if I could do it all over! I love this strawberry melamine set!

Charlottesville Virginia Trip Recap:

I LOVED my trip to Charlottesville and discovering what an amazing town it is! And I also love my blue dress I wore. 

Yoga Lessons With Lilly:

This blog post combined two of my favorite things – exercising with my kids and our new home gym that we got this year! And these leggings feel like butter.

Beauty Update:

I’m always looking for beauty products that get the job done with an emphasis on clean ingredients (when possible). Still love all of these and use them every day, especially this!

Coral House Home Feature in Coastal Living Magazine:

This was so big for me you guys. It felt so amazing to see all of our hard work for Coral House featured in one of my most favorite magazines.

Harbour Island Trip Recap:

Yes I know I already did one of these but this one was pretty special to me too. It started off with Josh, then my best high school buds came, and it was when the Coastal Living shoot happened. 

My Top 10 Recent Amazon Orders:

And they’re still favorites! So many great ideas here. Like these

Custom Coral House Playing Cards:

I loved partnering with Peeps Paper Products for a custom card deck for Coral House guests!

Bathroom Makeover With Serena & Lily:

If there’s one place in my house that can use a regular refresh it’s the bathrooms, and this partnership with Serena & Lily turned our master bathroom into one of my favorite spaces in our home. These towels are amazing, you guys. 

I have to cut it off somewhere so I’ll cut it off here. 2018, you were pretty awesome all in all. Thank you for so many joys. And from the bottom of my heart thank you to each of you for reading Look Linger Love and sharing this space with me. It wouldn’t be the same without all of you. This blog means so much to me, I love writing it. And I love you all!


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