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Date: Nov 12 2019

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Over the weekend we took the kids to NYC for Lilly’s 10th birthday. They had never been before so it was much anticipated, and truthfully it was the best NYC trip I’ve ever taken. We were there for two days, 1 night. A quick trip, but that’s how I like to do it. We landed at 9 am Saturday and hit the ground running. We stayed at The Langham in Midtown and it was freaking fantastic. I’ve stayed at the Langham in Chicago and had been so blown away that I wanted to splurge for this one night trip as well. It was nicely located for the things we wanted to do!

Lilly wanted to do a little shopping so we walked from the hotel to Zara and Macy’s and a few other places. My cousin Wes met us for lunch at Shake Shack right in that area, too. By the way, I’ve gotten a few messages asking where all we ate with the kids there, and to be honest we just chose spur of the moment places that were convenient to where we were when we were hungry. I didn’t have any meals planned because I didn’t want to overload us by rushing around.

similar black puffer coat, blue chanel bag, white sneakers

We checked out SpyScape, the Spy Museum and LOVED it. It was Fletcher’s favorite of everything we did. I’m bummed I didn’t take great photos, but it was really cool and totally interactive. There’s a challenge room you go in that is filled with lasers that you have to navigate through and gather points. It was as cool as it sounds.

We were really excited about stumbling upon our friends at Vintage Barbie & Ken on the street! It made the city seem small to Lilly and Fletch. We have his prints here and also at Coral House!

This is my cousin Wes by the way. I know you’ve seen him on here before, we’re close and I visit him in NYC often. He’s Lilly and Fletcher’s Godfather!

We took a little break back at the hotel before dinner. Lilly was surprised to find birthday chocolates in the room. The Langham is the best.

I was exhausted and managed a 20 minute nap.

Lilly’s wearing this sweatshirt. I’m wearing this turtleneck sweater.

But I rallied and was ready for dinner and a show. The concierge recommend a great pizza place a block away (sorry I don’t remember the name). Fletch wanted to try all the pizza in NYC so this was his first and he ate the whole thing.

I’m wearing this dress and these boots. Lilly is wearing this pink dress.

I waited for YEARS to see Wicked on Broadway. It was incredible. Even better than I hoped it would be. The kids loved it, too. So, so very special.

Little tired. Lot happy.

The next morning we went to the Color Factory in Soho! This was the very first thing I bought tickets to after we booked our flights to NYC. I knew the kids would love it, and they were both over the moon there. It amazes me that there are people out there so creative to put together an experience such as this. 100% recommend this!

Color galore, and put together so beautifully. This ceiling is in the entrance.

So simple and so visually stunning and interesting.

And they had a LOT of snacks. All adorable and interesting and offered in all the colors. This conveyer belt of macaroons was my favorite.

And this blue ball pit room was obviously the favorite. I mean. Have you ever?

Pure delight. And our next stop (after a quick lunch with Wes along the way) was really cool, too. SlooMoo Institute just recently opened like a week or two ago. It’s a SLIME museum. I knew Lilly would just die, and I was right. It was her favorite.

There are huge interactive displays of slime everywhere, all the different kinds that you can think of. Fun rooms to walk through with various activities. A store (of course, which would be great for Christmas shopping). A HUGE slime making bar (I even enjoyed this). But best of all, a sliming room. Naturally I signed up Lilly and Fletch for this. Oh, and all the “sloomoos” are wearing these amazing jumpsuits in different colors. They’re singing and dancing and just being so fun.

A pretty epic 10th birthday trip. Somehow everything went smoothly and was a success. I can’t wait to go back with the kids again. I want to go when it’s a little warmer next time so that we can do the whole Central Park experience and other classics.


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I hope you all had a fun Halloween! Our’s was so great. Everything went as planned, there were no melt downs or malfunctions, and it didn’t rain (it was however REALLY hot). Halloween as a parent is basically my favorite thing. It’s almost the most important day of the year to kids. And they like to see us get dressed up too, and not be “boring”. I couldn’t wear my Cruella de Vil costume trick or treating because that just would have been a disaster. So I dressed up as Friday Night In. Or Slumber Party Girl. Or My Favorite Thing To Do. You could really call this costume so many things. I wanted to be comfortable walking around the neighborhood, so I threw on my favorite stripe pajamas!

My navy pompom slippers are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet. They’re lined in velvet, and have a memory foam insole!! They’re only $23 and come in grey and pink as well. And I just couldn’t resist getting this Happy Place eye mask! It’s so cute.


lake blue and white stripe pajamas,

happy place sleep eye mask, navy pom pom slippers

My pajamas are pretty much the best thing ever, and are by my favorite pj brand, Lake. They’re just a classic pj, simple cotton and super soft.

blue | green | red

Lilly dressed up as an 80’s jazzercise girl, which was hilarious and awesome. And Fletch dressed up as Harry Potter, which is basically his favorite thing ever. Josh surprised him and threw together a last minute Hagrid costume.

Only 364 more days until Halloween! I hope you all have a nice weekend!


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I’m SO excited to share the photos from my dear friend Lauren Lail’s latest Library Littles Fall Collection! Not only is the collection adorable, but Lilly was one of the models!! I’m so proud of her. She doesn’t do a lot of modeling, but the chance to take pictures in one of her favorite clothing brands with some of her best besties was too good a gig to pass up! The collection just launched on the Library Littles website so you can shop it all now!

The wide leg knit pants are literally Lilly’s favorite item in her closet. She basically lives in them! 

One of the cutest new arrivals this season is the new customizable sweatshirt. It’s the softest sweatshirt ever, and it can be embroidered with names, symbols, initials… Pretty much the best, and it comes in light pink or ivory!

How precious is this ruffled jumpsuit and that elastic detail ivory dress?!! I mean!!

SO cute! Shop all of Library Littles new collection (there’s more to see!) right here!

Photography by Lindsey Shorter.


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Date: Aug 7 2019

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Who else is in the midst of all the back to school chaos? We go back in just 2 weeks (uh, where did summer go??), so I’ve been spending a good chunk of my time back to school shopping and organizing. Kids grow like weeds. Sneakers get worn out and dingy. And fresh school supplies just make going back to school a lot more fun.

Featured: pink jansport backpack

So since I’ve been doing so much online searching I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you guys! With any luck, it’ll save you some time, and money, because there are a ton of sales happening right now!


1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

10     |     11     |     12

This is the number one thing on Lilly’s back to school wish list. She picked out these cute shoes, too. Those are erasable highlighters (where were they when I was a kid?)! The front knot long sleeve tees are nice and easy and come in a lot of colors. And always has the best planners and notebooks. Lilly actually chose this 3 ring binder planner, it includes fun “extras” like different sections on wellness, fitness, feelings, goal planning… oh and stickers. Stickers always sell it. 


1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

10     |     11     |     12

Those Kickee Pants are the only underwear Fletcher wears. They really are incredibly soft, so I can’t blame him. Smart watch phones are perfect for those kids riding their bikes to school on their own! Fletcher got this camo backpack two years ago and it’s SUPER durable, and cool (spoiler alert he gets to use it again this year). We have about 8 pairs of these shorts. Seriously. And the headphones, let’s be honest, we all know that your teachers are going to request them. These are on Amazon Prime and come in all the good colors. 

Of course every kid needs a fresh supply of white socks (where do they goooo anyway?!). We like this pack of low cut white socks! These gel pens make taking class notes more fun. And I know a file folder sounds super lame, but this one is COOL and comes in all the pretty color combos. Seems like a great way to organize all those class papers! 

Lastly, here are some timely sales for your back to school shopping:

TARGET – BOGO kids shoes!

GAP – 50% off kids clothes!

H&M – 20% off kids clothes!

MACY’S – extra 20% off back to school essentials!

J.CREW – 35% off back to campus styles!


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Date: Jun 25 2019

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I have some big super duper news coming at you today – Minnow Swim has expanded their sizes just in time for their new summer collection!! I’m SO happy about this. Lilly was just on the cusp of growing out of them but still squeezing in, and Fletch (while younger), had outgrown them 2 years ago. And Minnow’s swimsuits are just SO freaking adorable you guys, and a good price!! 

stripe one piece swimsuit, stripe boardie trunks

stripe swimsuit, pink suitcase, floral boardie trunks

blue gingham briefs

stripe rash guard, white polka dot rash guard

white polka dot bikini, navy ruffle swimsuit, white polka suit

blue gingham rash guard

pink print suit, yellow ruffle swimsuit

blue rash guard, blue trunks, blue gingham swimsuit

So freaking cute, right Check out all the swimsuits and cute patterns and colors right here!


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Date: Apr 15 2019

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With just 6 days until Easter it’s about that time for me to begin “Easter Prep”! From basket goodies to what to wear, I’m sharing my favorite Easter Finds!

1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

10     |     11     |     12

These instant cameras are seriously one of my kids favorite things! Endless entertainment! They love putting up their photos on their white linen cork boards in their rooms. And these bunny felt headphone headbands are another one of their favorite things! They come in a lot of different animal options!

1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

And how adorable is this bunny ear headband for Easter brunch?! And I can’t say enough about these waterproof shoes, they’re a summer staple for us and come in so many colors! And it’s not shown, but if you have a crawler, this waterproof rain suit would really come in handy!!

For more of my favorite Easter finds, check out my LLL Amazon Easter Round Up Storefront! There are a ton of great ideas in there!


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