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One of the most versatile items ever is the white cotton tee. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can layer it… it gets a lot of wear! I keep mine bright and fresh with Clorox, and I’m so happy that Clorox & Cotton Incorporated asked me to partner with them on this Spring fashion sponsored post! Cotton & Clorox are pretty much the perfect pairing to keeping clothes looking clean and fresh – they’re both a staple at my house with two messy kids. Today I’m sharing 4 easy ways to wear your white cotton tee with items you might already have!


FullSizeRender 60



This first look is really just going with the white on white idea. I pulled in a little color with the blue earrings but otherwise just kept it really simple. This is also great paired with white jeans or a white skirt.


FullSizeRender 56

(white cotton tee, white denim shorts, blue tassel earrings)



One of my favorite tricks is tying a tee in a knot. I usually tie it in the back like I have here, but I’m not opposed to the front tie ;) This just helps you get a little more shape out of a boxy or loose tee and looks great paired with fun skirts.


FullSizeRender 59

(white cotton tee, lips skirt, similar red circle bag)



Here I’ve just thrown it over a bikini and paired it with a sarong. An easy coverup for the pool or beach! (Don’t worry about seeing the color of your suit under the tee.)


FullSizeRender 61

(white cotton tee, black bikini, similar sarong, pom pom tote)



And here with denim jeans and a little neck scarf. I love bandana scarves right now and there are so many cute designs. Casual but still pulled together.


FullSizeRender 54

(white cotton tee, red neck bandana, pom pom clutch, light jeans)


Of course the most important detail is having a bright and fresh white tee. Not only does Clorox Regular Bleach fight stains, it also fights odor and sanitizes every load of your bleachable laundry. Odor build up occurs thanks to bacteria and sweat (yuck, but a fact of life). Adding Clorox bleach to loads of bleachable fabrics will remove tough stains, keep whites brighter longer, and sanitize your laundry to kill 99.9% of bacteria (which causes odor)! Cotton’s breathable, non-synthetic fabric is so much better for odors – making this duo a staple in our home!




PS, does anyone else always keep a Clorox Bleach Pen Gel handy? The best little tool!


Photography by Charlotte Elizabeth Photo. Thank you to Clorox & Cotton for partnering on this post.


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Good morning :) Here’s another post from Harbour Island that has me wishing to go back right this second. Especially since it’s so rainy here in Charleston this morning.


FullSizeRender 50


I LOVE the clay color of this dress. It’s neutral but still vibrant. And it’s so fun to wear because it’s light and swingy. I kind of want it in the white, too.


FullSizeRender 51


Can you see my red earrings? Favorite pair right now. The color is so bright and pretty!


IMG_4551 2 IMG_4555 IMG_4557 IMG_4553


Shop all of the links below. The patterned heels are almost sold out at J.Crew unfortunately. But the good news is that J.Crew is taking 30% off orders today with the code “BIGSALE“!



clay tiered dress, patterned heels, woven clutch,

red tassel earrings, tortoise sunglasses



Photography by Gray Benko.


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This post is making me miss Harbour Island. The good news is that our house is almost finished so I’ll be going soon to get it organized. The bad news is I need to figure out when it is that I can actually go do that… in the meantime I guess I can look at these happy pictures I took there two weeks ago!




So if this embroidered dress looks familiar to any of you it’s because I have it in the short sleeve version. I know. But it’s just one of those dresses that is so easy to throw on. I love it – especially the shape.





And I’ve been wearing these triple strap raffia sandals a TON. They’re the perfect neutral sandal that don’t look like all other neutral sandals, plus they’re comfortable!






Happy Thursday!



navy embroidered dress, tassel basket tote,

raffia sandals, white tassel earrings, polarized sunglasses


Photography by Gray Benko.



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