Date: Jul 13 2012

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Remember how I mentioned that it’s face melting hot here in Charleston right now? Well the skies have been gracing us with rain which has given us some cooler evenings. Yeehaw. I snapped this while walking downtown a couple of nights ago. Even our sidewalks are gorgeous. Just saying.


Like I said over on Camila’s blog, I’m not so much an effortless style kind of girl. By this I mean that I put a lot of thought into my spaces and wardrobe. But everyone has a few pieces they can mindlessly throw on that make them feel like the cat’s meow. Here’s one of mine.

{Available at Proud Mary}
You can read & see more at Effortless Style. Camila really is the cat’s meow herself. Always finding the best things and doing impressive projects (really impressive, not lame DIY stuff). You read her blog, right? I have for years. And she’s the one who hooked me up with the Nate Berkus Blogger show just 2 weeks after I started my blog. A good gal there.

You know how good Bang Bang Shrimp is. Well I’m betting this Bang Bang Cauliflower is freaking awesome too. I want to make it soon.

And for all my talented southern readers out there, Garden & Gun just launched their 3rd annual “Made in the South Awards” and are accepting entries through August 1st.

Do you know how freaking happy I would be to see some LLL readers represent in there??! If you think you can compete, go check it out.


I know my posts have felt random lately (at least to me). I’m feeling rather scattered. More on that later perhaps. Maybe summer brain. But happy weekend, Everyone! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I plan to. I promise I’ll get a house update for you next week! I know I’m late on that.


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13 Responses to “Friday Thoughts”

  1. Alissa says:

    I hate shrimps so naturally I have never liked Bang Bang shrimp but this cauliflower recipe looks really good!

  2. GAH, I can’t wait to be back in Charleston again this weekend!

  3. Annie H. says:

    That cauliflower has me very hungry!

  4. Seriously, prettiest sidewalks ever- I really need to visit Charleston soon!

  5. How gorgeous is that picture you took? I love it when you find unexpected beauty in nature. I LOVE Camila, love her blog and loved your guest post. My post today was scattered as well- I definitely think it’s summer brain! :)

  6. Darling first photo! Happy weekend, my friend!

  7. oh man, now I NEED some bang bang shrimp in my life. Like now! I’d take the cauliflower too!

  8. beki says:

    that first photo makes me want to crawl right into it and take a stroll!

  9. I think *everyone* is in summer brain mode! I’m totally there with you, sister…but hello fab necklace and recipe!! I can always count on inspiration here at LLL, scattered or otherwise (c;

  10. Off to check out your post…of course I love camilla! happy weekend…and you’re not scattered, you’re a mama! ;)

  11. Loooove those necklaces. I’m thinking two for me…two for my sis…two more for me…

  12. Jamie Pepin says:

    love your new pieces! hope to purchase one someday soon!! it’s ok to be random! i rather prefer that sometimes!!! :)

  13. So many things happening…thanks for sharing about the Made in the South Awards!

    Crossing my fingers cooler weather stays for a little!


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