Date: Jan 16 2013

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My friend Meg Biram just launched her comfy tee with a meaning line, Manifesto. Each month a different declaration of intention, motive, or view will be chosen. 12 different tops a year. All limited edition.

For Manifesto’s launch Meg invited 9 blogger friends to be a part of the lookbook. I’m so honored to be a part of it wearing January’s tee, evolve.

I chose to pair it with an oldie but a goodie floral skirt. And my friend Calder snapped the pics for me. After Josh attempted to… Josh’s turned out something like this:

Alright they weren’t really that crooked, but they were way out of focus. So big ups to Calder for saving this. Anyway, how about some of the other lovely ladies…

So fun, right? Congrats on the line launch, Meg! I can’t wait to see next month’s.

Oh, and let’s just go ahead and address one last thing. I know my left boob looks like it’s about to jump out of your screen and punch you in the face. I mean, yeah it is bigger than the right one. But my angle makes it look 3 times bigger! WTF.

Oh well. Evolve. Meg asked me what it means to me… Embrace change. Seek out the opportunity meant for you.
What does it mean to you?


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19 Responses to “Manifesto’s Launch: Evolve”

  1. Constant striving to be a better person today than you were yesterday. That’s my evolve!

    Love that you were included in her roundup my dear!

  2. Very cool ;) and hahaha I didn’t even notice the boob thing

  3. Very cool ;) and hahaha I didn’t even notice the boob thing

  4. You look adorable, I never would have noticed your tata.

  5. haha your left boob does look bigger! Congrats on being featured, super cute tee!

  6. caycee says:

    Well you and your over sized boob look absolutely adorable!!

  7. love tee – and my left boob is way bigger than my right as well : )

  8. You look gorgeous! I never even noticed your boobie, but feel your pain ;)

  9. Erin Pabst says:

    Cute! Is the fit pretty standard, or do you recommend ordering up?

  10. You are hilarious!!! You look adorable. Excited for Meg too!

  11. cute tee – i love your outfit best – the floral skirt is so fun!
    to me evolve means to keep moving forward – better and better

  12. The Now says:

    I saw Grace’s yesterday but hadn’t seen yours or the others. YOU LOOK ADORABLE. Seriously why are you so pretty!! Love your skirt…and the shirt. xoox

  13. 17 Perth says:

    Love this…and yes–embracing change!! Seeing it as good and NOT resisting. :) Love how you ladies styled it!

  14. You guys are sweetie! Thank you. And Erin, yes I would recommend ordering up a size.

  15. Megan says:

    OMG- I needed that left boob laugh today! You are gorgeous!

  16. You look amazing! Great shop idea!

  17. zanetastyle says:

    You all look wonderful pretty in those Tshirts and they seem to go with everything! Evolve would mean that I do things better with each day to come, think how I did it and what I can improve…step by step…in my cooking as well and more importatnly in educating my child, being a better wife and friend…and sometimes I hope to narrow my focus so I can achieve something again in my life…too many things at once can be distracting and with havind a family, every woman wants to multitask all the time….sometimes makes achieving and giving it all you got more difficult…hope i make sense…hugs Z

  18. You are cracking me up. I am helping with 1st grade homework right now, and oddly enough the assignment involves line of symmetry. I think every woman knows that her own body is anything but symmetric :) You look great!

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