Date: Jan 31 2013

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She had such a response that I feel you all deserve to hear the latest (y’all were out clicking to read the comments like mad). I’m writing this update despite my anxiety that one local reader will discover who inspired this conversation in the first place. Ooooooo danger.

Okay so you remember this girl that you didn’t want to hire? Well, most of you said you wouldn’t hire… Because she’s a fucking bombshell living in your home as a nanny and your husband isn’t blind. Yeah her. I wouldn’t have hired her either even though I’m certain that my loving, devoted husband would never have ever even glanced at her ;) Sorry Toots, I guess sometimes the world just isn’t always fair to the beautiful. Huh.

Anyway, she (the gorgeous and very real Swedish au pair that sparked this conversation in the first place) went back to Sweden for school and the family has already hired a new woman. This time, drum roll please, she’s a woman in her 60’s. Just saying. I don’t know if this one lives with the family. Just found it interesting.

Good move on the wife’s part. Please keep your insults on my insecurities to yourselves :)


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14 Responses to “Remember That Girl You Didn’t Hire?”

  1. I know I’m in the minority here, wayyyy in the minority, but the response to the question made me sad that so many immediately dismissed someone because based solely on looks. I know some extremly beautiful young women who are amazing with children and who I’d trust to live under my roof. Please don’t view this as criticism, I have my insecurities too but my first concern would be how the individual responsible for the well being of my children interacted with them and how the children responded to her or him. If a man is capable of cheating on his wife then he’s capable of cheating, it doesn’t matter what the women looks like-remember the woman who caused the break up of Arnold and Maria’s marriage?

  2. I 100% agree Karen, if he’s gonna cheat he’s gonna cheat. And then of course he’s a loser. I’m not saying that she’d be a bad nanny, I’m just saying I’d find someone equally as good that wasn’t a hottie :) Just me. Insecurities and all.

  3. Taylor says:

    hahaha. I agree, I’m sure she is fantastic (cough: that lucky bitch… gorgeous and sweet?) …. but it’s just not the way things work. Would your husband want a 25 year old male underwear model being your nanny? probably not. 60 years old sounds just about perfect.

  4. Kim Aull says:

    haha! Love this. cute story. Trust in a hubby or not (hopefully trust) no gal… ok not many gals… wanna willingly put some hot eye candy in front him. and I wouldn’t want her around often either to remind me of my muffin top that she doesn’t have ;)

  5. Yanira Garza says:

    I remember reading this and the comments and laughing out loud. She is a hottie but…and don’t take this the wrong way but…so am I! There. I said it. My husband thinks so also so…yeah. LOL Good post!

  6. Indeed Yanira, you are a Hottie for sure!

  7. Melissa says:

    Soooo would not hire her. A young Swedish Manny on the other hand….

  8. Ha! Smart woman!! No need to put temptation in front of our husbands faces. Pretty or not- I don’t want another woman living in my home, remember what happend with Arnold S?!

  9. Oops- I just read the previous responses- looks like I’m not the only one that thought of Arnold :)

  10. Vic Tullman says:

    I agree with you in some respects — it’s called the “fence around the law” or basically avoiding temptation. However, I did have a drop dead gorgeous young nanny from Peru, and several people asked me that question. My husband and I loved having her energy and playfulness and help with the kids, but she was so young, immature and “teenagery”, she drove us both crazy. Also, having live-in help is a double edged sword. Sounds nice, but like all things, the reality was not all that it is cracked up to be, no matter how old, young, plain or beautiful the person is.

  11. OMG Vic I LOVE that you just weighed in with your experience. Thank you. I totally get it – the energy would be amazing, too bad it didn’t work out.

  12. Wait wait wait, is this story for real? I wouldn’t be surprised , but I thought this was fictional ;)

  13. Wait wait wait, is this story for real? I wouldn’t be surprised , but I thought this was fictional ;)

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