Date: Feb 25 2013

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I went through my swimwear collection yesterday and was so shocked at how plain it is. Save for a few stand outs, it’s pretty blah. That just can’t do. I need some color in my life.

Tunic Cover Up
Flamingo Cut Out One Piece
Floral Belted One Piece $52!
Striped Bandeau Bikini $65!
Feather Print Bikini
Bow Jelly Flops $30!
Lemlem Stripe Cover Up

This year will be different. I’ve already added the Marysia Swim flamingo print one piece to my drawer, and now that floral one piece is on it’s way to me too. I need some bomb bikinis now. How pretty is that stripey bikini?? 
As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize just how important it is to love my coverup as much as my suit. Back in the day I would just throw on shorts and tees. But these days I’m all about pretty coverups that I can kinda sorta live in and wear out to a casual lunch or chase after my kids in and still look fly (while hiding the cheeseburger belly after lunch).
I know I’ve been talking about clothes clothes clothes on here lately – but this is what’s on my mind. Vamping up my wardrobe for spring and summer! And it’s even better when the price is right.


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16 Responses to “Spring Swim Wishes Take 2”

  1. I always choose black. I have like all black swimsuits at this point. I need to branch out. And I completely agree about the cover-up situation. Of course, we’re pool rats now instead of Beach Bums which means I totally need something pretty to show up in.

  2. christy says:

    Coverups are much more imporatant than my suit but when I have to buy one I always choose a tankini.

  3. I’ve been eyeing that flamingo one-piece, it is a stunner! And I love the floral you got, and what a great price! I need to revamp my swimsuit collection too, tops are too big now :(

  4. I’ve been eyeing that flamingo one-piece, it is a stunner! And I love the floral you got, and what a great price! I need to revamp my swimsuit collection too, tops are too big now :(

  5. I’m the same way, I love cover ups. I am starting to amass a large collection. Love your new suits.

  6. Love the Marysia one piece you will look great in that! and agree I love a great cover-up. Especially when I need it to cover up a booze and food filled belly! I have been stalking the LemLem ones, adore them!

  7. Love cover ups I must have 10 or more, the best place is H&M, they always have really cute big cotton shirts that work great.

  8. Morgan S. says:

    The floral is so cute! Not a bad price either. I don’t have any one-pieces, can’t ever seem to find the right one. All bikinis but definitely in need of a new one. Can’t wait for the Charleston spring and summer – was at the beach yesterday! {not bikini-clad though!}

  9. How do you like the fit of Anthropologie one-piece? I’ve been looking for a young looking one piece to wear with family in lieu of a bikini.

  10. Katie – I have the maillot version so it’s just slightly different. I would think this would be great for family stuff because it’ll hold you in and not be too booby.

  11. 17 Perth says:

    Hahaha–I am SO with you about the coverup. I used to just throw on shorts and tanks too–but not anymore. And I live on the beach in the summer–so it is a “staple” for sure.

  12. We’re on the same page today! I was thinking swimsuits this weekend too. I love that flamingo suit!

  13. I don’t really wear one pieces, but that floral number is calling my name!

    The Glossy Life

  14. You are totally inspiring me! We’ve had a pool for the last 7 summers (awesome…sing that like oprah). But what’s happened, is all my suits are falling apart bc I’m in the pool constantly, half are usually hanging on hooks outside to I end up in mismatched suits most the time (which I kind of like), but with lycra-less bottoms (don’t like). I’ve gotten so casual with grabbing whatever is hanging…that I’m probably a hot mess. I’m motivated to toss out all the worn and ugly, and get a few really nice ones…with yes, a cute cover up and hat! Just bc I’m in my backyard with my kids doesn’t mean I should look fly ;)

    wow — long comment

  15. Oh love that floral one piece. My body is really difficult to find bathing suits for. I always end up with way too much of my boob area showing, but perhaps this one will be a winner!


  16. Oh my god, I am tired and thought your ! were 1 and that you were paying over 500$ for a swim suit.

    I was sitting here going “gosh, that lady is dangling her money out for everyone to see!” Ha!

    I am planning a maui trip and lusting after several of Marysia’s suits. Her new cobalt color is amazing.


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