Date: Jan 9 2013

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Lately my mind has been preoccupied with all things Alt Design Summit. It’s pretty much the coolest blogging conference on earth and takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah later this month. I’ve been wanting to go since I learned of it back in early 2011. I couldn’t go then because it had just happened. Doh. Then I couldn’t attend in 2012 because I had just had Fletcher. So when registration opened up a few months ago I stalked the site and scored a ticket before they sold out in like minutes or something like that. Maybe an hour. Not sure. Anyway, this is my first year attending.

I’m no stranger to blog conferences. I’ve been to Blogfest the last two years and have traveled to and attended a few other blog events too. I’m a pretty outgoing and open book kind of girl so I generally meet people easily. Yada yada yada.

But you know what? The folks at Alt keep dropping lines that shoot little slivers of nervousness through me. Like, Alt is pretty much one big fashion show. Oh yay, sounds fun. Wait. Is that fashion anxiety I feel coming on? I know, I’m really blowing this way out of proportion by writing about it. Making it sounds like I’m way more paranoid than I am. But you get what I’m saying a little bit, right? And you’re probably thinking oh please, Chassity. I’m sure you have plenty in your closet. But too bad most of it is for warm weather. It’s going to be down right frigid in SLC!!

From what I understand there will be about 650 attendees. And according to Alt, they’ll be decked out in the best top knots you’ve ever seen, sparkly heels, and jewelry that could pass as art.

Guess I better get to studying my closet. Ohhh… maybe I could buy a few new things. Right?

Anyway, I just felt like opening up today.


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14 Responses to “Wait… Is That Fashion Anxiety??”

  1. Cara says:

    wish i was going!

  2. You always put together the best outfits no doubt you will rock it. But I am always up for a shopping trip!

  3. That gives me anxiety and I’m not even going. You can DEFINITELY allow yourself to purchase a couple things. Theres nothing better than a big comfy sweater, a bun in your hair, statement earrings and booties. That uniform gets me through the Chicago winter without fail.

  4. Of all the people going, you my friend, have nothing to worry about! You are the one putting pressure on me, imagine how it is to this lost island girl to share a room with glitter girl chassity!!!! ;) pressure is on, even to pick my pj’s hahaha

  5. Of all the people going, you my friend, have nothing to worry about! You are the one putting pressure on me, imagine how it is to this lost island girl to share a room with glitter girl chassity!!!! ;) pressure is on, even to pick my pj’s hahaha

  6. I love that you posted this because I have a feeling at least half of the girls going are all thinking YOU are one of the fashionistas they are worried about! Hopefully all those bloggers are as genuine and nice as you are so you’ll all just be looking at the positive and not over analyzing people’s attire. Like, damn girl, those are some pretty shoes. Not, damn, that girls is wearing last year’s shoes…
    Can’t wait to hear all about your recap!

  7. 17 Perth says:

    Um–gives me a little anxiety and I am not even going! Definitely understand where you are coming from–and I don’t think it makes you seem like you are blowing it up. I know for me–when I keep things locked up in my head is when I blow it up. Sometimes just saying it outloud and getting it out there is exactly what I need!! However, I am sure buying a few new things would put you in the festive spirit–so I am sure it wouldn’t hurt!

    You do however have great style and it is YOUR style. :) They will love it.

  8. This is hilarious as I am planning to go shopping today and I just read the piece on Alt. about the top knot and sparkly shoes. Total fashion anxiety. . .it’s the one liners they keep dropping that are killing me. Might set a trend and wear workout clothes;)

  9. caycee says:

    Now I get this funny feeling you will be just fine my dear!! You always look like a rock star in your attire ;)

  10. Taylor says:

    you’ll look great! love that clueless pic – but it never hurts to go shopping too :)

  11. You always look fabulous — esp with that confident bright smile of yours! Besides, it won’t be cold inside the conference!

  12. Melissa says:

    So much fun! I’m thinking about attending a blogging conference…can’t wait to hear about ALT.

  13. I feel your pain. I used to get fashion anxiety every year before the big National Sales Mtg. Only 5000 gorgeous women decked out in their finest duds. No biggie. I’m sure you will fit right in! Have fun!

  14. I am sure you are going to look great! That is on my list to do someday: attend a blog conference. I would be SO intimidated but I bet everyone is. Can’t wait to see what you wear and have fun!

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