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Good morning! With the new year I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite beauty products that I can’t live without. I’m not high maintenance and don’t use products just for the sake of using them. I wear very little make up most days, but I do like what I like and I try to take care of my skin! I’ve tried a lot of different brands and products and these are the ones that are the best of the best!


This body hero perfecting body lotion is so good that I’m on my third bottle. It smoothes the look of my skin while moisturizing, and the smell is intoxicatingly good.

This Un-Cover-Up Cover Up is THE best every day concealer. It’s hydrating and dewy and luscious and feels light and bright. I literally can’t say enough about it. I’m on my 3rd container of this concealer, too. It makes you GLOW.

I collect a lot of lipsticks, I definitely have more tubes of this Generation G lipstick than any other brand. Not only do I have 3 different shades, but I have at least two tubes of each that I keep in various locations. It gives the best just-blotted look!

I use this nourishing facial cleanser every single night. True Botanicals makes all of my favorite skincare products and I use their Clear Collection to help keep my cystic acne at bay.

Speaking of True Botanicals, this Pure Radiance Oil is another product from their Clear Collection that I swear changed my skin. It doesn’t just moisturize, it purifies and balances my skin, preventing breakouts from happening.


If I have plans and need to officially “get ready” then I’m likely wearing this Chanel Flawless Powder Foundation that I discovered last year. It’s like it lays a light filter over my skin that just makes my skin look so much smoother. Its kind of magical to be honest.

Okay, so even though I use this product all year long it gets A LOT more use this time of year. This bronzing powder is my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried. It gives a subtle sun kissed glow and is buildable!

Here’s another True Botanicals product that I actually use EVERY SINGLE morning but didn’t include in my Top 5 because I wanted to share the others first and was being a stickler about sticking to 5 (dumb I know). When I first wake up in the morning I spritz my face a couple of times with this Nutrient Mist to not only feel fresh, but more importantly its a daily vitamin for your skin! I also spray it every night BEFORE I put on my other nightly products because it makes my products apply really easily. Aaaand I have a travel size bottle that I carry on the plane when traveling! Obsessed.

So this Serene Scalp Balancing Conditioner is what made me purchase travel size bottles just so that I can travel with this stuff when I’m traveling and don’t want to check a suitcase. It’s that good. It’s gentle on your scalp, is hydrating, and it makes my hair so soft. I use and love the accompanying shampoo too! It’s also recommended for dandruff as well.

I’m rounding out the list with the True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster Powder! Did you know that Vitamin C is most potent and effective when in powder form?! You can mix it with any serum you love (I use this Clear Repair Serum) and it visibly brightens and firms your skin!! This is basically a product that every dermatologist can agree you should be using daily.


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Date: Jan 22 2020

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Sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle.

This year I want to focus on wellness as a lifestyle. I’m pretty good about exercising in general, but the last several months I really fell off of the “activity” wagon. So starting now I’m making a conscious effort to move more regularly as part of my entire day. And I’m so honored to partner with Nordstrom to share one of my new daily outfits that will encourage more movement!

I like wearing active wear mixed with regular street clothes because it doesn’t hold me back from walking more throughout my day, whether that’s to pick up my kids from school, or to go to the park, or to run an errand at the shop down the street. This classic chambray shirt is lightweight and is the perfect layering piece over leggings (I love these simple, black, high waisted leggings).

The smaller details can help you look pulled together, too. This pearl hair scrunchy is just about the cutest, isn’t it?! And my floral stud earrings are the perfect accessory because they don’t get in the way of exercise. They come in a few different color options.

I love the mix of the baby blue and peach colors on my Nike sneakers. And if you’re looking for good moisture wicking athletic socks that don’t slip then these cushioned tab back socks are for you. I have tried SO many different pairs and these are my most favorite.

My Patagonia fleece jacket is super cozy and warm. I really like the funnel collar and all of the trim detail. It’s my new favorite jacket for chilly days!


classic chambray shirt, patagonia fleece jacket,

black high waist leggings, white tank,

nike sneakers, white cushioned sports socks

pearl scrunchy hair tie, blue floral earrings

It’s easy to let our own well-being fall behind when we spend so much time focusing on our families. And it can be hard to find the time and energy (and maybe even more importantly, the desire) to exercise. That’s why I love walking so much. It’s not so strenuous and I don’t get sweaty and have to interrupt my day to immediately take a shower after. Plus it’s the perfect “me” time to listen to music or a podcast!

Be sure to check out Nordstrom’s Wellness Guide and enjoy all of Nordstrom’s services (free shipping and returns, BOPUS, curbside pick up). If you join The Nordy Club you’ll earn points on your purchases, too! It’s free to join, and you’ll gain exclusive access to Beauty & Style workshops, first to shop select brands, and more! Here are some of my favorite pieces from their Wellness Guide!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

One of my girlfriends uses that Kopari deodorant and I tried it while we were traveling together and loved it – it smells so good. That black tank has just the right amount of drape to it. The quilted vest is the perfect option for adding layers but not restricting movement. And isn’t the neck line on this funnel neck hoodie so pretty? Scroll below for more great pieces to help you get motivated, and check out Nordstrom’s Wellness Guide right here!

Photography by Julie Livingston.


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Date: Jan 20 2020

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Let’s kick off this week with a round up of the cutest pieces that are under a $100! I have this funnel neck knit sweater in a few colors and it’s literally one of the best budget finds ever!

orange funnel neck sweater, rockstud leather bag

Here are dozen favorite pieces and all under $100! Dying over that red eyelet cotton dress, and it comes in white, too!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Okay that stripe midi dress is adorable with that asymmetrical overlay at the waist (flattering!) and it comes in a great cinnamon color, too. The bralette would look pretty under so many dresses and tops and comes in a few neutral colors. And the pink coverup dress is super adorable (and reminds me of my blog’s colors when I first started LLL).

PS, did you catch my round up of easy, every day tops yesterday? They’re all under $100 as well!


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Date: Jan 19 2020

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The dip in temperature this weekend has made it very clear to me that my closet is lacking easy, everyday tops. You know, just super soft, simple knit tees that I can throw on with jeans and leggings now and then with shorts later. So I went down the rabbit hole and found some really cute ones that aren’t a gazillion dollars!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

13 | 14 | 15 | 16

I will forever love a swingy top, and this peplum knit is so good that I want it in every color! A blue stripe is always a good idea, especially paired with a slouchy sleeve. And this stripe pullover has the prettiest shades of coral.


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I’ve had a hard time writing this recap because I have such conflicted feelings about our trip to Mexico earlier this month. We had a lot of fun and there were so many beautiful and meaningful places that we visited. I especially found San Miguel to be absolutely enchanting. Josh and I went with two other couples and everyone enjoyed the trip. With that said, most of our group got pretty sick mid-trip. It’s hard to say with 100% certainty what it was but we’re pretty sure it was the bacteria in the water (probably from ice cubes in drinks since we were all careful to only drink bottled water) and from fruit (again, probably because of water). Truth be told the sickness really had a big effect on our trip, a doctor came to our hotel for some, and there was a lot of missed vacation spent in bed, as well as more days in bed once we got home. I luckily was spared the worst of it and was okay for the most part. I hate to share all of this, but it’s just the truth of what we experienced. From what I gather from the many messages I received on Instagram, our experience is VERY common. But, Mexico and it’s people were lovely. Here are some photos of our trip and some of our highlights.

We toured Casa Barragan in Mexico City and the home was so incredible to explore. I loved all the light and color and use of outdoor space.

We stayed at Condesa DF and it was such a cool hotel in the most gorgeous quaint neighborhood. In the photo below, all of these white “panels” close at night to keep it quiet in the rooms since the middle of the hotel is open to the sky and rooftop bar. It’s really very beautiful.

Excuse the mess but wanted to show this pretty window. The rooms are pretty small but it wasn’t a big deal (until the sickness hit, ha).

For New Year’s Eve we ate at Huset, drinks at Gin Gin, and then rang in the new year at the hotel.

We visited the Teotihuacan Pyramids which was just absolutely marvelous. They were built in 200 CE. It was really windy out there (and I didn’t realize we would find ourselves at the pyramid when I got dressed that morning), so I had to buy a little pettiskirt to wear under my dress. It was pretty funny but it worked.

I loved all the pattern and detail they used. It was truly moving to stand there. We didn’t climb the pyramid because the lines were insane, unfortunately, but that would have been pretty awesome.

We went to a lucha libre wrestling match, I didn’t enjoy that at all but I didn’t expect to, ha! But sometimes you have to just take one for the team. Our other activities in Mexico City included dinner at La Jacinta, a long lunch at Contramar, exploring Diego Rivera’s water mural, and some shopping. I really wanted to make it to the Frida museum but sadly we didn’t make that happen.

Onto San Miguel. Which was the star of the trip for me.

We stayed at Hotel Amparo, which was truly one of the most incredible and lovely hotels I’ve stayed at. It’s owned by the Hibiscus Linens founder, Mariana Goodall. Every inch was exquisite, the rooms were very comfortable and uniquely designed and spacious, and the staff was the best. They went above and beyond for our group, including preparing a pot of homemade chicken soup for our arrival (because you know, sick friends). They ran to the pharmacy for medicine. And they were just so all around helpful.

The streets in San Miguel are colorful and architecturally stunning. I wish our whole trip would have been just in this city!

Haskell, Molly, and I went crazy in a linens store that we found and shipped a huge box back home (it arrived in 1 week which is pretty fast). I got a lot of things for Coral House!

This is before a winery tasting at Garambullo, which was right outside of town in the Mexican Highlands. The couple that owns the winery were adorable and it was their anniversary!

One of my most favorite things that we did was a cooking class at our hotel. It started with a trip to the market next door to buy all of our supplies!

And then back to the hotel in the chef’s kitchen to prepare our dishes. It was the BEST meal I ate the entire vacation. Not because I had any hand in making it, but because it was just so good. One thing about Mexico that was surprising is that while the food was really good, I expected it to be even better. I figured we’d be eating chips and salsa and guacamole every day but that just wasn’t the case.

Really, all of the best food of the trip was at our hotel, Amparo. They make some extremely beautiful cocktails, too.

We went on a horseback riding adventure (with @3senores on instagram) which was also one of our favorite things as a group! I would highly recommend this if you visit this area!

It really was such an enjoyable trip with friends and I loved San Miguel so much. If it weren’t for the water issue I’d totally go back. And maybe I will again some day. Again, I feel bad talking about it but it wouldn’t be right to share a recap and pretend that all was perfect. But it was fun.

In conclusion, traveling with friends is always a good idea.


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Date: Jan 15 2020

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Good morning! Today I’m sharing some of the prettiest pieces that are on my wishlist right now.

Bubble Glasses – I’ve had this image saved to my desktop for months now. I am just enamored by these bubble glasses. And they’re 30% off right now!

Rattan Flush Light – I can think of quite a few places I’d like to install these pretty rattan lights. They’re so simple and so beautiful.

Vintage Pink Runner – This rug is the most gorgeous shade of pastel pink! I like how the pattern feels somewhat minimal while being intricate at the same time.

Stripe Cartier Watch – Serious wrist watch dreaming right here. I absolutely love these colorful striped leather Cartier watches. In all the different shades.

Woven Coffee Table – Now this could be used as a coffee table or as a little bench/table in a hallway!

Mixed Collage Lady – This original piece is by one of my most favorite artists to collect, Chambers Austelle. I love the shades of pink and the shine on her blouse.

Leopard Ballet Flats – I love this updated square shape to this ballet flat! It comes in a few pretty colors, too.

White Martini Table – Here’s another piece that I could find quite a few spots for. This is the most adorable little table to perch your drink on.

Storage Armoire – This piece might be for a bedroom but I think it could be put to good use in most any room! It’s gorgeous.


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