Warning: This post might be as self indulgent as they come. 
A few of you have left some nice messages about my new profile picture.  I’ve loved reading them and am so thankful to have such great readers.  I love ya’ll, I so so do.  Well the picture is from a little photoshoot that I did last Thursday with one of my best friends, Gray Benko, who just so happens to be a ridiculously talented children’s photographer.  Seriously, the bestest.  I’m so lucky to have her in my life.  I really wanted a more professional image on my blog, but you know I never would have hired a stranger to take pictures of me for my blogging hobby.  While Gray insisted to not expect much b/c she only works with children, I think she did an amazing job.  And best of all, posing by myself wasn’t so bad.  We had fun.  You’ll see…

We seriously took hundreds of images as we walked around downtown.  She just kept snapping while I laughed at the random people watching me (who must have thought I was crazy b/c some of these strangers took pictures of us- oy!).  But let’s be honest, I only need a couple of pictures, if not just one.  So these are the ones I’m keeping.  But I love ya’ll too much to not share some funny outtakes.  I mean, those are the ones you actually want to see, am I right?!  At the end of our “shoot” we came upon this scooter…

Couldn’t help myself.  The people inside the restaurant that it was parked in front of were egging me on, and we had a great time being goofy.
Aaaaand it gets better…

When my husband saw this last one he actually said, “Who do you think you are?!”!!  (In a nice way of course) Ha. 
Here’s to awesome girlfriends and just letting go and being girly.  I’m so happy that I’ll always have these pictures to look back on.
PS– Be sure to check out Gray’s awesome photography blog.


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  1. 17 Perth says:

    These are beautiful. And your dress? Love! Looks like you had a great time. Going to check out gray’s blog now.
    Happy Monday!

  2. A.S. says:

    Aw! Nothing like letting go and having total, free, fun! Good for you! [And the pics all look amazing]

  3. It looks like you had a blast! The scooter shoots are the best. They are so stylish, the perfect prop!

  4. Simply LKJ says:

    Those are great! I actually think the ones on the scooter turned out awesome!! Very chic and vintage.

  5. I think the last one might be my favorite! But seriously girl, you and Gray rocked it! You look fantastic and that scooter looks awesome with your red dress!

  6. You look truly fantastic and so do the photographs! Love this shoot. Your friend is really talented indeed. That dress is gorgeous, where is it from?

  7. abode love says:

    These images are fantastic! The colors are GORGEOUS and tell your husband that you are the proud writer of “looklingerlove.blogspot!” when he asks you “who do you think you are!?” haha… Thanks for sharing these lovely images!


  8. Love them all! Looks like you guys had fun. And I love the ones on the scooter too, the aqua against your dress is a great combo! Where is your dress from?

    Happy Monday!

  9. They are all gorgeous- adore your dress, that amazeballs necklace, your shoes- all of it! And I LOOOOOVE that last photo- you have to find somewhere to use it- I think it’s totally and utterly fabulous. xo

  10. Aw thanks everyone. The dress is by BB Dokota, and is calles Hasley. I did just see it at Nasty Gal for 30% off.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. And how much fun to let loose and have your picture taken!

  12. You look absolutely gorgeous — totally sexy! — love the ensemble and have total hair envy. Well, make that hair, lip, leg, toned arm, shoe…;P
    Just wait, the Mad Med casting agent is sure to call any minute now!
    Wat city do you live in?
    Cheers, Alcira

  13. These pictures are fabulous! You’re so photogenic!

    I have such a hard time posing for photos like these. I practice poses in the mirror, but when it’s time for the real thing I clam up! You look relaxed and adorable :)

  14. Sara Mueller says:

    Amazing pictures! Love the one on the scooter!

  15. Those are soo great!! Love the ones on the scooter, so cute!

  16. All of these photos are amazing! I love how your beautiful dress matched those windows and the scooter. I have been wanting to take some professional shots too and you have pushed me to do so! I don’t think mine will turn out half as good as yours though :)

  17. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous lady! I adore your dress and necklace! I expected no less though because I already know you have great style and Gray is a fab photographer!

  18. Morgan says:

    Love them all! And your dress… sigh… to die for!

  19. Sarah Gunn says:

    How fabulous are these pictures!! I have been wanting to do something like this for so long…it looks like so much fun. Love the one of you laughing on ‘stella’!

  20. Gray Benko says:

    Chassity!! Thank you so much for the sweet words, you are the best. You looked fabulous in all of them and you seriously rocked it as a model!!! I was super impressed. :)

  21. Gray Benko says:

    PS- I have to say though everybody…she is holding out on you. There is another one where she looks like a super fabulous fashion diva, but she is way too modest to post it. Just sayin ;)

  22. sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous lady!!! I love them all! What fun!

  23. i love these and you are so beautiful!

  24. Jessie says:

    you killed it. these are so fun.

  25. Taylor Renee says:

    That sounds like so much fun!!! And you look gorgeous. LOVE that dress too. Going to have to check into it!

  26. So much fun! You look stunning in every shot!

  27. These are so fun, love the ones on the scooter !

  28. Oh my gosh!! So so stunning!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  29. How could they be anything less than gorgeous with such a pretty model?! You look so joyful too…lit from the inside!


  30. Gorgeous! And your dress is fantastic!

  31. Beautiful Chassity!!! I love the one on the vespa! I need that vespa for my next shoot….i may have to steel this idea:) xoxo Marysia


  32. Michaela says:

    Ah! I’m speechless. First of all, we are all allowed self indulgent posts, especially if they’re this beautiful (: These pictures are amazing. You should model and these should be in a magazine…like right now!

  33. designstiles says:

    How fun. Love the colors. And your fab dress as well. I think my fave is the scooter one. I swear it’s meant for a glossy mag.

  34. Love the photos! So fun! Your dress is amazing.

  35. Nuha says:

    oh my goodness, I am seriously so jealous!! A.) you look fabulous B.) I want your dress C.) I love the pictures with the scooter D.) I want your shoes E. ) I want your skinny legs!! Need I say more?! I must go find a scooter ASAP! haha

  36. Good for you, Chassity! You’re gorgeous, and it looks like you two had a blast. Oh, and I LOVE that dress!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    hotness. and thanks to all of you posters, i have to come home to her big head now.

    – the husband

  38. Yeah for you! what a fun girlie photo shoot . . . they are all great and almost a necessity …. every girl should get dressed up and take photos! I love the dress, where did you get that??? xoxo E


  39. You look GORGEOUS! i LOVE the pics!

  40. Megan says:

    Stumbled onto your blog and you are adorable!! I bet it did feel a little weird taking pictures for your blog, but I’m so glad you did because they are stunning! You look like a model from a magazine!

  41. caycee says:

    You and that dress are stunning girl! The last one is may favorite you look beautiful and sexy all in one!

  42. Hello, beautiful! How fun. You can tell what a ball the whole shoot was. Just darling. And I would have ridden the scooter all the way home. Print model anyone????

  43. Hi, I thought I recognized you! ;) Saw you again over at Nero Chronicles. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Your pictures are amazing! I love the dress, necklace, turquoise vespa, and especially your words. xo Samantha
    ps. newest follow!

  44. SHERRY HART says:

    You look so dang cute!!!!

  45. Aubrey says:

    Of course you don’t need me to tell you how fabulous you look…but I’m going to do it anyways! YOU LOOK FABULOUS! and what an fun thing to do, especially with a bestie…it doesn’t get any better…(c:


  46. LOVE that dress on you! You styled it perfectly!

  47. jane says says:

    Ohhhh what fun pictures. You look great! Love them.

  48. b.b. says:

    hahahaha oh Chassity I LOVE these! The last one is just priceless. I showed it to Michael and what Josh said and he actually giggled! Gray did such a fantastic job. We are lucky to know such a talented photographer, not to mention awesome friend.

  49. Georgia says:

    the pics are gorgeous, you look awesome…. but i was just wondering where you got the nicklace from i love it and have a dress just like yourse that would go perfectly with it, any help would be great xx

  50. Oh these shots are stunning, you look amazing! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments, its so nice to meet you! I’m your newest follower :) x

  51. Hamptontoes says:

    Lovely photos of a super lovely gal! That photo of you on the scooter smiling belongs on the cover of a magazine! Wow!

  52. Kim Aull says:

    Cute cute cute! The pics are adorable and fun! :)

  53. A. You’re GORGEOUS! B. Your friend is so incredibly talented! C. Your dress, shoes, hair, person are to die for! D. The scooter shots are my fav! E. FRAME THEM ALL! That’s all.

  54. Christina says:

    these pictures are FABULOUS! you look awesome and it seems you were having so much fun! :)

  55. emily says:

    What fun! You are gorgeous! I love that dress! So beautiful!

  56. jessica says:

    stunning photos! you look gorgeous! and your friend is so talented!! xo

  57. Sarah Jane says:

    I love these photos! what a pretty dress. I think the one’s with the blue moped are my fave;) how fun.

  58. Beautiful, beautiful photos Chassity. You are such a stunning lady. The dress and colors make those photos oh so perfect! Great job Gray and great modeling/posing Chassity.

  59. LOVE THESE! Your personality shines thru these photos. The dress and the vespa are too fabulous. Good for you for doing a photo shoot. Nothing wrong with a little indulgence from time to time! I’ve been secretly wanting to do something for my birthday. Did you feel silly posing? You don’t look it!

  60. Chassity you are one hot momma! LOVE the dress. LOVE the scooter. LOVE seeing my long lost Charleston in the background. LOVE it all! So fabulous.

  61. annacon2enes says:

    Beautiful post, I love your look, and the dress is perfect, who is the designer?

  62. you look gorgeous! i love your dress and your necklace…

  63. Absolutely love these! You look fantastic and the pictures truly look right out of a magazine. Love them!

    -xoxo Noe

  64. Rach says:

    Your honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! those are great pictures my sister and I love doing this!!

  65. beautiful pictures! I love your bright, richly colored dress and super cute heels! Cheers! :)

  66. Megan says:

    Vivacious and beautiful- loves these images. Looks like such a fun day!

  67. Fancy Pants says:

    These pics are gorg!

  68. Carly says:

    I just found (and followed your blog!). I found you through the Style Blogger contest, but am happy to have because I live in Charleston too. I especially love this post because of the scooter photos – I have a scooter. It’s the same manufacturer as the one in your pictures (Genuine) but a different model. Super cute pics!

  69. Sarah says:

    Your photos are lovely as is your outfit. You are just too cute Chassity!

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