Date: Jun 14 2011

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Super excited to introduce one of my most favorite blog buddies, Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.  Ya’ll read her blog right?  Because she pretty much cracks me up every single day.  We have regular email banter back and forth, and she’d definitely be a drinking buddy if only we weren’t so far apart.  Her talent(s) rocks my socks off too.  Thanks so much Cassie for popping over to help pick up my slack this week!


Hello lovlies! I’m Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I think Chassity had a mental lapse when she asked me to guest on her uber-fabulous blog today?! Does she really trust me to live up to her level of style? Impossible! I feel like I need to up my game and put on my klassy classy hat!

I love color, and home interiors provide some of the greatest color combinations. Here I take some favorites into my closet, and create outfits inspired by decor.
Pink and Black
red & aqua
Red and Aqua
peacock blue & green
Peacock Blue and Green
orange & brown
Orange and Brown
But fashion only makes the occasional appearance on Hi Sugarplum. Most days you’ll find me Building Pelmet Boxes out of foam board,

and making my home over, one room at a time.
And here’s a sneak peek at a project I’m working on next.
So hop over and say hi! Thanks so much for having me today, Chass!! Hope you’re having a ball in New York.

Isn’t she great?  Girl crush.  Now show her some love!!


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26 Responses to “Hi Sugarplum’s Decor To Dress”

  1. Natalie says:

    Excuse me Cassie but you are so stylish. You look amaze in all these pictures, seriously gorgeous. And you know your yellow dresser holds a special place in my heart. xoxo

  2. I’m pretty sure you held up the standards here quite nicely! Both of you ladies ooze some style! xoxox, Julia

  3. Morgan says:

    Love this post idea! So cool!

  4. Absolutely loved this. Cassie, you’re adorable!

  5. Jenna Lee says:

    Cassie is ADORABLE! Great style. Love this post what a creative idea! Perfect!

  6. Ok, this is seriously fabulous! Love that peacock blue and green look/room!

  7. 17 Perth says:

    I love the peacock outfit….actually I love all of them, but that is my fave. Great post.

  8. Daydreamer says:

    love the peacock version best, but who wouldn’t want a swing in their bedroom? lovely!

  9. MEGMAC says:

    Love the orange chevron chairs, love your powder rood, WORSHIP your yellow armoire.

    You’ve got it going on, girl!

  10. Amanda Hill says:

    Pretty stinkin awesome! Agreed on the girl crush :) Have fun in NY can’t wait to hear it all!

  11. This is probably one of my top ten favorite Cassie posts *ever*! I have to say though, that we might not be able to be friends anymore, Cassie…sick DIY skills, funny, and a fab wardrobe??? Are you trying to give me a complex??? (c: LOVE both my C-named gals…fabulous post!

    P.S. Cassie, I’m on my way over to play in your closet…and I can’t wait for the new project!

  12. I love how Cassie did a fashion meets decor post with her own stuff- brilliant!!! Hope you’re having a fabulous time again in NY- lucky girl!!!

  13. Lily says:

    So cute ! Love the pink and black bedroom ! And love Cassies sunburst mirror !


  14. Loving this idea!! Decor to Outfits!!

  15. I love this idea! You look great, Cassie! The color combos are beautiful. :)

  16. I love it when Cassie shows us more of her gorgeous self! Love her outfits!

  17. Love love that pink top!!! I need one!!

  18. Allison says:

    Cassie has great style and use of color in her fashion and her home. I love visting her blog! Nice to meet you Chassity.

  19. a' la mode says:

    Girl crush indeed. on BOTH of you!!! xoxo shelli

  20. Cassie . . how can one girl be so darn cute? Those outfits are amazing. Next time we “double” I might need you to style me!!! :)

  21. The girl crush is SO mutual! Thanks for the kind intro and for having me over today! Your readers are amazeballs…I think I’ll have to pop in again for an ego boost!

    Now get your ‘intimately clad’ hiney back to the south! (do you have to give back the ipad?!)

  22. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Great post!!! Love all of you outfits!!!! Beautiful!

  23. Nuha says:

    gorgeous girl :) I love the stripes in her bathroom!

  24. designchic says:

    Cassie, you look adorable…love the pairings!!

  25. Love seeing Cassie’s pretty face over here! Chassity, I hope you’re having a blast in NYC- been keeping up with you via TWitter!!

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