Date: Dec 2 2011

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Last night I got to go home for the first time for a few hours.  This is a big step, means I’m on the mend enough to be discharged :)  My handsome Fletcher is doing great too but still has a little while in the NICU, so I’m keeping a room at the hospital to be with him.  Your prayers have been working – thank you SO much for the overwhelming response.  Meant the world to Josh and me to read through all the messages.

When we got home last night I immediately teared up to see that Josh and Lilly have been quite busy decorating our home for the the holidays – my favorite time of year.  He really did a good job and has quite a bit of our decor up (and actually looking really good!).  I won’t be taking the time to take pictures of it this year, but I thought I might pull a post from my archives so you could get an idea of what it looks like.  This is the holiday decor tour I shared last year.  Hope you enjoy!


All of my favorite bloggers are sharing their holiday decorations, and so I figure I will share mine too.  I gave you a sneak peak of my bathroom last week (thank you for so many sweet messages!!)… 

And now I’m finally ready to share the rest of my seasonal decor as well.  It’s my favorite time of year, so I love to have a cozy home with a lot of festive touches throughout.

I’ll admit, I’m very much so a wreath kinda girl :)  This year I hung all of my wreaths by a brown and white striped ribbon.  Love how it pulls them all together.

This cabinet contains some of my very favorite Christmas decorations, like my santa collection that was passed down to me from my grandpa.

And this painting that my 1 year old daughter painted at grandma’s house.  LOVE.

I used some of the left over ribbon to wrap up a small stack of books.

And I just got these Kelly Wearstler stockings from Plum Cushion.  Thanks for the tip, Traci!  Absolutely adore these!!

My husband and I picked up this Santa print by Gaye Sanders Fisher during an art walk downtown a couple of years ago.  

Here are a few more of my holiday touches.

And lastly, in Lilly’s room we put Josh’s old Christmas tree and ornaments from when he was a little boy.  It plays music while slowly spinning around.  I’m so glad his parents saved it.

I hope you enjoyed the look around.  For as much work as one puts into decorating their home for a month or so this time of year, it feels good to get to share it with others.  Happy Holidays my friends :)


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23 Responses to “Holiday Dressed – Our Home”

  1. Umm, ummm, ummm. All so incredibly darling! Going to need to know where that red plaid pillow is from, dear.

  2. Designwali says:

    adorable! Hope you get some rest!

  3. Shelley says:

    It’s all soooo gorgeous! And, I’m pretty sure I could spend my entire life sitting in that amazing tub of yours :D

  4. travelkate says:

    Sooooo happy to hear you are feeling better and that Fletcher is doing well! Your holiday decorations are beautiful…those Kelly Wearstler stockings are amazing! And your bathroom is gorgeous!

  5. So glad to hear you + Fletcher are doing well! I am sure your house looks stunning as always, and can’t wait to see you guys safe + sound at home! Happy December!

  6. Morgan says:

    Loving the tree in Lilly’s room! So dang cute!

  7. I LOVE your decorations! I’m sending a prayer for you guys :) Merry Christmas!

  8. Glad to hear that you and your little man are both doing well. Loved the tour!

  9. So happy to hear you and sweet Fletcher are doing so well- thinking of you! xoxo

  10. Aw, love the decorations! All the wreaths look lovely! I’m totally a wreath girl myself! I need more and more and more! Love that plaid pillow too!

  11. Everything is just gorgeous!! What an amazing family you have to help out!! So glad to hear lil Fletcher is doing much better! Can’t wait for you to bring him home! and put him in that amazing nursery we all can’t wait to see!! ;)

    Ps..Ps. I’m hosting my first giveaway on my blog today!!

  12. i love the cabinet of ornaments!! what a fabulous idea. we have an antique cabinet in storage when we ever move to our “grown up home” and i will definintely be stealing that decorating tip. so sweet.

    xoxo jpc

  13. Leslie says:

    I can’t believe you’re blogging! I hope you and your little one continue to get stronger each day. :)

  14. Oh Josh is so thoughtful for decorating the house, how sweet! Love everything, the stockings are stunning, and I love the red wreaths! Can Lilly make some paintings for me? ;)

  15. Oh Josh is so thoughtful for decorating the house, how sweet! Love everything, the stockings are stunning, and I love the red wreaths! Can Lilly make some paintings for me? ;)

  16. Oh Josh is so thoughtful for decorating the house, how sweet! Love everything, the stockings are stunning, and I love the red wreaths! Can Lilly make some paintings for me? ;)

  17. As if I didn’t already love you… I had to see that bathroom!!! Yay I am for sure getting those stalkings.. I am dying!! xo

  18. 17 Perth says:

    I am so glad you guys are doing better! I know you will be glad to get that sweet little boy home. But for now, we will keep praying for him to get stronger.

    On another note–that bathroom? Gorgeous. And I love your decorations–especially the wreaths. This is the best time of year. :)

  19. I am in love with your stockings. I am going to have to check out the plum cushion!

  20. Stephanie says:

    love lilly’s masterpiece. something about canvas that takes childhood artwork to another level… your house is beautiful.

  21. I love any and all peeks into your house! So sweet they started decorating for you…glad you’re on the mend! We’ll keep praying for sure!

  22. {darlene} says:

    chassity, it looks gorgeous! my favorite touches are your stockings and that cute stack of books-turned-present. how wonderful!

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