Date: May 16 2011

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So today we have one of my new favs visiting – so super excited… welcome AmberSurely you all know her blog, it rocks my face off everyday.  Girl has TALENT.  See…


Hi Look Linger Lovers! Amber here from Amber Interiors. I was super thrilled when Chassity asked me to guest post while she was shmoozing it up at BlogFest 2011. Ummm, raise your hand if your jealous!!!! Anyways, I had free reign to post about whatever I wanted to, so I took some inspiration from all the flowers blooming in Sunny Southern California and those amazing new curtains hanging in the offices of Lonny Mag. Have you seen them? You must…here.
 I usually try not to go to feminine in my designs, but I am dying to bring some of these bold florals into someones house!  Plus Chassity has such a feminine and pretty sense of style I thought a touch of lady-vibes would fit in just swell.  What do you lovers think? 
Would you flower power a whole room or at least add a bit-o`-petals?


Told you you’d love her.  Thanks so much for helping me out today Amber!  xoxo.


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15 Responses to “Petal Power”

  1. abode love says:

    I am adoring the pink drapes in the last image! What a fun and super inspiring post!

  2. Jenna Lee says:

    OMG Love the peonies! Wonderful stuff!

  3. Lily says:

    Love the sunny section and the peonies section ! Beautiful photos.


  4. I am raising both hands and feet for the jealous question…but holy loveliness overload! Amber, you can come take over my blog anytime, my dear (c: GORGEOUS.

  5. Bud and Leo says:

    Beautiful inspirations! I love the ‘Sunny’ theme! So fun!

  6. designchic says:

    What a gorgeous guest post…full of inspiration!!

  7. I love Michelle Adams’ office – I had saved that very picture in my inspiration folder. Such gorgeous photos!

  8. Loved Guest Posting for you my deary! Thanks for all the love guys and for coming and visiting me…lets all keep in touch shall we?

  9. Fabulous! I adore a good floral :)

  10. Michaela says:

    Adorable prints! I love flowery designs like this!

  11. Moddy Bee says:

    i love the yellow!!! the one BAD thing about blog stalking is…you want to remodel!!!
    love it!

  12. Holy Dinahpants…looooved this post from Amber- the floral curtains, rug and wallpaper..le sigh- stunning and so perfectly girly.

  13. love those drapes in the last image!

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