Date: May 10 2013

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Random and disjointed thoughts today, y’all…

I might die if these french tassel window panels don’t happen over here. And to be specific, by over here i mean all over my house.

I love them by themselves, but I get reaaally excited and flustered picturing them layered inside of other drapes. Where the tassel goodness peeks out at you. I know.

My kids are really picky eaters. There’s pretty much never a meal where all four of us eat the same thing. I need to put my foot down.
Excited doesn’t describe my feelings over the new Gatsby movie. I’ve had a leo crush since Romeo & Juliet. This movie will be bomb.
Charlotte Olympia’s new zodiac capsule collection flats are pretty much everything. A beautiful special shoe that if taken care of could last you a lifetime. Wouldn’t that be fun?
I mean, I really love every single one. I’m a pisces (who’s a fellow fish?) and think that pair is pretty much delighful. Check out your sign here:


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15 Responses to “Things That Need To Happen”

  1. I love Charlotte Olympia. Gatsby looks incredible! I tell my family (over and over again so they get it) that this is not Waffle House, therefore I am not a short order cook. Not gonna do it!

  2. Oh, I know the flustered feeling! I think I need the tassel curtains in black! I have big decorative black/white curtains (horizontal) and I’ve always thought they needed a little extra-ness…do you think it would look ok? Yes, this is a good start to Friday!


  3. Those curtains are *FABULOUS*! And the layering…don’t even get me started on all the ridiculously cool combos (c: I’m still laughing at that quote, too…I make my kids eat whatever I’ve made, but dang it if I don’t hear A LOT of whining about it. Every. single. night. (c;

  4. travelkate says:

    Saw those curtains in Serena and lily catalog and had heart palpitations…I Really want them to make a canopy bed for my daughter’s big girl room never mind that won’t be happening for at least another year!

    Everyone thinks my daughter is the most unlucky water because when we go out she seems to love everytjhing but at home I feel like a short order cook…seems like she’s turning in to a 15 mos old foodie and mamas cooking is just too boring!

    I’m a Pisces too :)

  5. travelkate says:

    Autocorrect fail: unpicky eater*

  6. Morgan S. says:

    So true about picky eaters – I may sound like a mean mom, however Breckin is only almost 3, but he’s quite intelligent, so I know he understands he has to eat his dinner. He’s given the choice of eating and then playing, or if he doesn’t, he gets early bedtime and we talk about what he will do next time instead. It actually works like a charm and he more often makes the choice to eat now.

  7. I swore I’d never let the picky eater phase happen and we’re knee deep in it too- sooo annoying! On a happier note, adore adore the curtains and those shoes…oh and can’t wait for Gatsby too!

  8. Amanda says:

    I am so excited about the Great Gatsby too

  9. The Cancer flats are adorable.
    OMG. Birthday wish!

  10. Sara says:

    I concur! I think some tassel action is in order…and some Gatsby as well. Have a great weekend!

  11. I make my kids try one bite of everything. If still don’t like it, they can have cereal.

  12. Might need some tassel curtains in Sterlings room or nursery. Dying to see Great Gatsby!! Leo is so hot.

  13. I can’t wait to see Gatsby!

  14. caycee says:

    Carson is the pickiest eater ever, drives me nuts!!! Can’t wait to see the movie, and girl get those curtains ASAP!

  15. lizziefitz says:

    The curtains are fantastic! Picky eaters here too;( cereal is always an option if they don’t want what I make. Aries Ram

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