Date: Jan 8 2020

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Anyone else feeling fluffy after two months of sin? Don’t tell me it’s just me. So today’s post is dedicated to getting active. Some people love going for a run, some people love classes. I love working out at home. Which, as you all know, is why we turned our sunroom into a home gym.

But that doesn’t mean that I jump up every morning excited to knock out a long work out. I’m seriously not trying to act like I’m a great example, or like I know anything about anything really. But I did want to share a few things that I love. Most of my workouts take place on my Peloton, on my Allegro 2 pilates reformer, or on my Manduka yoga mat. If I had lots of extra space I’d get a treadmill, too, so that I could cruise-control walk at an incline and binge watch netflix (anyone else looking forward to season 3 of Good Girls?). But I love going for walks in my neighborhood and listening to music or podcasts (I like these headphones). And I like to wear these adjustable bangle weights on my wrists or ankles (they come in 13 colors) and are amazing.

Sometimes I prefer to make up my own routines, and sometimes I like to use a workout app. The apps I like are Peloton’s (you don’t have to own a peloton to subscribe) and Sweat. And I just started using the Obe Fitness app, and I’m really liking it! You can do it on your phone but it’s super easy to fling onto your tv as well (which is what I do)! If you use the code CHASSITY30 you’ll receive 30% off of your first month! Some of the gear I’ve picked up for these workouts include a foam muscle roller, a large exercise balance ball, and a 9 inch bender ball (all shown above).

In the photo above are some of my most favorite tools, the mini toning ball weights. They’re soft and comfortable to hold and come in different weights. What I like about them most of all is that they can easily be tossed down to the ground in the middle of exercises. You can’t really do that with barbells. Lilly likes using these, too.

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New workout clothes always motivates me as well. I’ve been wearing a lot of biker shorts. That twist front long sleeve top is the cutest layer to throw on with leggings. And a cute strappy sports bra can look good under dresses and tank tops as well!

Now this v-neck hoodie in the collage above is one of the cutest finds I’ve seen recently. It looks good alone or layered as shown above, and is made of a comfy, distressed terrycloth material that’s smooth on the outside but cushy on the inside. And the color options are gorgeous.

Last but not least… This vintage style standing floor fan is one of my most favorite purchases! It looks sooo good and is adjustable and is a total workhorse. It comes in a creamy white color as well, and also in a table top version (which I just gifted to my mom for Christmas). I can’t recommend it enough.


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