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Date: Apr 7 2020

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Well it’s Spring Break week here, and you’re looking at it. Just a few months ago the kids were begging to go to Florida. Now they’d be happy to go to TCBY down the street. But we’re making the best of it and are FINE. We are fine. And that’s what matters. I have a feeling we are looking at a couple-many-few weeks ahead of quarantine. So while this round up may look like it’s for the kids today, it’s really for all of us ;)

minnow swimsuit and a flamingo pool float

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The Swurfer Swing might just be my kids favorite thing we own. Tip, hang it in your front yard where your kids can be seen and – boom, they want to go outside! Now I know that waterslide bounce house looks crazy and it might be over the top, but imagine the fun. A giant connect four game? Yes, please. Fletch has those shorts and they pretty awesome really – water resistant too! And Lilly has these pajamas and they’re just the cutest!

A lot of these items would make good Easter gifts too – like that cute Unicorn and scrabble junior. And how cool are those customizable stuffed chairs?? There are so many cool fabrics.


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Do you realize that we are just 6 short days away from Easter? It’s crunch time to order Easter basket supplies (myself included)! I asked 11 of my mom friends to share their top 3 items that they are putting in their kids’ baskets this year! Here’s all the inspo we all need :)


“We English don’t usually do Easter baskets, but this year feels different. Cadbury’s chocolate eggs are always a given.”

Unicorn Surprise Soap | Croquet Set | Cadbury Chocolate Eggs

ALLIE MOOD, South Carolina:

Allie has one of the most inspiring family feeds on instagram. Her daughter Poppy is a sweet friend to Lilly, too!

The Good Egg Book | Fortune Surprise Soap | Jellycat Stuffed Watermelon


“I’m ordering a lot from local stores in my town who are delivering! I’m also ordering A Raven’s Nest by Raven Roxanne and the brand new book Ordinary Love by Teil Duncan.”

Big Bubble Wand | Pom Pom Fuzzy Bunny | Unicorn Soap


“This photo is from Mother’s Day. Remember when we could go outside?!” (fondly) Jen has the cutest kids shop and I’ve loved following her family on Instagram!

Rubix Cube | Land of Dough | Unicorn Surprise Soap

GRAY BENKO, South Carolina:

Gray is no newbie around here. She and her fam are very near & dear to us. I bet my kids spent more time on FaceTime talking to her kids this past weekend than they talked to me.

Instant Camera | Fortune Soap | Pastels Art Kit


“I always add some sort of art supply to their baskets, either giant chalk or paint! And these handmade dolls provide 10 meals per doll!”

Eco-Finger Paint | Cuddle + Kind Dolls | Ninja Surprise Soap

JACKIE ROBINSON, South Carolina:

Jackie is the creative force behind Sohp Shop’s branding and packaging! She nailed it and we couldn’t be happier!

Easter Mad Libs | Sloomoo Slimes | Unicorn & Ninja Soap

CLAIRE O’BRYAN, South Carolina:

“The kids will be so jazzed about their new surprise soap! My husband is in charge of the COVID response for our state of South Carolina so I bought these as soon as they came out, knowing we would use them religious!”

Invisible Ink Markers | Pool Toys | Unicorn Surprise Soap


“Now that Ralph is 2.5, this Easter will be the “first” that he can really comprehend. A couple of weeks ago I hid some eggs for him to practice and he was SO excited.”

Excavator Toy Truck | Ninja Surprise Soap | Balance Bike

MOLLY FIENNING, South Carolina:

Molly came into my life and instantly turned it better. She’s a loyal and fun friend and has been incredibly generous with her business and branding knowledge.

Babiators Sunglasses | Ninja Soap | Elliot & The Moonship


Bailey is the creative force behind one of my favorite linen brands, Biscuit Home. Her home aesthetic is one of my most favorites and you should follow her especially for a peek inside her homes!

Sohp Shop 3 Pack | Play-Doh Stampers | Chalk Blast Balls

I’m so grateful for each and every one of these amazing and talented ladies who took the time to share their Easter Basket picks. (I didn’t include the girls who didn’t mention Sohp Shop.) Just kidding. I love all of their ideas! I’m off to order the basket goods!! And you still need a basket too, I love this one! Have a great Monday, Everyone!


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Date: Mar 31 2020

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Hi! Today I’m sharing a really fun post dedicated to Easter baskets and all the cuteness that can go inside! I feel like Easter this year is going to need all the oomph we can give it! Here are a dozen GREAT ideas!

Sohp Shop Surprise Soap – You knew I had to include it. But seriously these make an amazing Easter basket gift!! Unicorn, ninja, or fortune!

Hyper Color T-shirts – Both Lilly and Fletcher have these shirts and they are literally one of their most worn things in their closets! Especially Lilly. They’re super soft and just plain fun. Major childhood vibes.

Kapla Blocks – We have had these for probably the last 8 years and my kids STILL use them. They’re one of the coolest kids products I’ve ever found!

Scrabble Junior – My personal favorite, and this kid friendly version makes it easier to play as a family or for the kids to do together while you’re getting some things done!

Bunny Piñata – Either tucked next to your Easter Basket or stuffed and ready for a little family party this will be a hit in my house. Lilly and Fletcher love making pinatas! Stuff it with these, aka the best candy ever.

Soccer Swingball Set – Good for indoors or outdoors (I vote out), and such a fun activity for kids stuck at home!

Unicorn Chalk – I’m all about the outdoor activities right now. This is on my list for Lilly, a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Inflatable Pool – Listen, maybe the Easter bunny feels really sorry for all the kids stuck at home and is just going bigger this year. I don’t know, but you know this is a fantastic idea.

Stuffed Poodle – I don’t know about you buy my kids have so many stuffed bunnies that we just really don’t need another one. But this stuffed Jellycat Poodle? Well she’s really cool and hilarious!

Sprinkler Splash Pad – Another fun outdoor toy for kids to play with and it’s only $30 and makes a big impact.

Iridescent Glitter Sandals – These sandals are so freaking cute. I want them for myself!

Bling Headphones – Because blinged out headphones are the new school clothes, don’t you know?! Gotta look fly on all those Zoom classes! These are cool for the boys.

Also, if you need an Easter Basket look no further than here!

Last but not least, how’s this for an adorable Easter activity?? Would be so fun for your kids to decorate and then have their own egg hunts!


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Date: Mar 25 2020

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Good morning! Today I’m sharing 10 lovely things under $50 that might be just the thing to perk you up this week.

This twist front sweatshirt from Amazon is one of my most favorite things to wear around the house and out and about (not that I’m doing much of that these days). It’s just $35 and comes in light grey and charcoal as well. And it’s made with the softest fleece material.

Never has there been a better time to focus on your health and well being. Ritual vitamins are the vitamins I take because they are very thoughtful about what they put in them. Bonus, they actually have a little minty taste.

I just think Baggu nylon bags are one of the coolest products out there. They have the prettiest colors and patterns, a lot of different sizes, and they’re super affordable. The new 3 – packs are only $36 and are so fun. They make great every day totes, beach bags, grocery bags…

Okay so you’ve got your Ritual vitamins so now check out these vitamin supplements by Moon Juice. These are actually not just for your hair, but they’re for your nails and skin, too!

Finding yourself suddenly in the market for home gym equipment? I personally love these bangle ankle weights, I have them in the dark blue and they’re the only ankle (or wrist) weights I’ve ever worn that don’t hurt. And isn’t that jump rope is cute!

Okay we got the home gym covered, now for the home chef… EVERYTHING is better with Red Clay hot sauce. It even dresses up boring frozen chicken fingers on a bed of iceberg. TRUST. And it’s available on Amazon, too.

One of the cutest t-shirts I’ve seen in a while is this burnout pocket tee that comes in a lot of colors and is 40% off (thanks J.Crew).

One way to get out of the house is a picnic and this paper plate picnic set is the most adorable. I love all the colors and all the scallops!

Waterproof slip on sandals are a MUST have for me in the spring and summer and these double banded sandals from Freedom Moses are THE new it shoe (as far as casual goes anyway). They’re cheap enough that you can even get them in a couple colors – I’m really drawn to the faded army green!

Last but not least, I shared these Tan-Luxe self tan drops a couple of weeks back and I just have to talk about them again. They’re one of my new most favorite things ever. They work so well and give me a little spring color! They’re super easy to use, just mix them with your every-day face serum or oil!

Have a great Wednesday, Everyone!


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So I have some really big news, you guys… We launched Sohp Shop!!

So yesterday was kind of a big (and busy) day over here! I hope you don’t hold it against me that I didn’t get this post up earlier. I’m SO happy to tell you all about it now. We’ve been working on bringing Sohp Shop to life for over a year! Who’s “we”? Lilly, Fletcher, and me. Oh and Josh, too (sorry Josh). What makes this so special to me is that Sohp Shop was Lilly’s idea! She came up with the idea of hiding small toys in soap “to encourage kids to wash their hands” while making Christmas gifts back in 2018. She and Fletcher sold them at a lemonade stand in our front yard, and they were such a big hit that we got the idea to make them in a larger scale.

I won’t bore you with all it took to get the product here today (but I do want to share a lot more about our process of starting a new business from scratch in the days/weeks to come – I feel like there could be a lot to unpack and talk about here), but we are very proud of the time and effort we gave to make Sohp Shop the best that we could make it be.

We launched with three themes: Unicorn, Ninja, and Fortune. Inside each ball of soap is a surprise toy! The idea is to make hand washing feel less like a chore and a lot more fun. The more you wash, the closer you get to the surprise! We hope to expand our themes in the year ahead and offer more fun ways for kids to wash their hands and create healthy habits. And rest assured that we took care when choosing our ingredients.


There has never been a more important time to make hand washing a fun and consistent habit for kids! Come check out our new fancy schmancy Sohp Shop website! You can see more of our story on our About Us page here and check out all of our products and collections on our Shop page here!

Photography by Leigh Webber.


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Date: Mar 16 2020

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Last week was a crazy and confusing week, but it all got even weirder over the weekend, don’t you think? It’s like all of a sudden it really sunk in what we all needed to do. Our school has moved to e-learning from home for the next two weeks, and I expect that will be extended. We are hunkering down to flatten the Coronavirus curve and preparing for a long stretch of time ahead of us. Like I mentioned last Friday, my blog will continue in much the same fashion that it always has – a light hearted break for your day. So today I’m sharing 10 ways to improve your isolated weeks ahead.

Let’s just be honest and admit that TV will have a legit role in making it through the day. If you’re looking for a great show I highly recommend Good Girls. I’m also loving Single Parents, The Bold Type, and the latest season of Outlander!

There will be many family activities and board games are always a favorite for my kids. I love Scrabble the most! Scrabble Junior is a great version for kids, too!

I’m making an effort to focus on good choices. Getting a little more active and exercising. Going for long walks in my neighborhood. Getting fresh air. This swingy asymmetrical top is new and adorable, and Lululemon leggings are comfortable for (let’s just be honest) all day long.

Like I mentioned my kids will be e-learning from home the next 2 weeks (at a minimum). In addition I plan to have reading time every single day, and Kindle Kids makes it so much easier for kids to find a book that they love and removes the “we don’t have any books I like” excuse! Plus it comes with access to thousands of popular books!

One way I make time for myself is a long walk with headphones and either music or a podcast. Bose headphones are my favorite and I’m just so sad because I left mine on an airplane on our way home from Mexico in January. I ordered these headphones because they had good reviews and are only $70, and they’re FINE, but just not at all as good as the Bose headphones. If you’re looking for a good new podcast my friend Claire just launched an amazing one called Dabble! Check it out!

In my quest to stay active I’ll be using my Obe Fitness app! It is the best app and has all sorts of different workouts and it’s just really so fun. If you use my code CHASSITY30 you get 30% off of your first month!

I’m planning to replace a few of my breakfasts and lunches with juices to help make sure I’m getting all of my vitamins and hopefully curb some of my snacking habit! BluePrint is available on Amazon (thanks Whole Foods) and can ship right to you in 2 hours!

I’m the type of person who loves to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch all year round. These Chappy Wrap blankets are my most favorite – I have one on each couch in my living room.

These Olly vitamins are vitamins that my kids will actually take! They really do taste good – all while providing not only essential nutrients, but also live probiotics!

And we’ll end with what I will in all likelihood spend a GREAT deal of time in the next few weeks – my Lake Pajamas. They are THE comfiest and cutest pajamas ever. I hope you all have a beautiful, happy, and healthy Monday.


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