Date: Oct 3 2012

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I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. When I was little we lived on a farm. You do the math. I’ll never be able to give up cheeseburgers or fried chicken. But I try to eat a variety of foods, too. And one thing that I do struggle with is making vegetable at home. And the fact that I can get the most awful tummy aches after eating vegetables and fruit doesn’t help. What gives with that, anyway? Plate of fries? No problem. Sleeve o’ cookies? Easy. Broccoli? I’m miserable for at least 5 hours.

So when Claire of Heavy On The Veggie reached out to me, I took it as a sign. She’s a nurse practitioner with a focus on nutrition and exercise. And we have a few friends in common. Wasn’t long until we had a cooking party on the books…

This is Claire’s pretty kitchen. And that’s her on the right. And that’s Teal, in well, teal. She’s an artist. More on her later, this post is about food! Not art.
So the focus for dinner was eating vegetables simply. IE, something I might actually try to cook myself at home. We roasted broccoli (I know, at home I’ll switch it to cauliflower or something), grilled some okra, and made veggie pizzas. Even better, we had fun doing it.

Hey look, my friend Lulie was there. Again, this post is not about art, damn it…

But it is about wine.
I know okra seems like such a southern thing, but I swear it’s tasty. And I had never had it grilled – divine. Claire just tossed it with EVOO, seasoned salt, and a little red pepper.
For the pizzas we used tomato sauce or pesto (I did half and half) on Naan bread and then loaded up the veggies. Roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, whatever you want. We make pizza at home a lot and I regularly use roasted red peppers. So good. The broccoli was just tossed with EVOO, salt and pepper and then roasted in the oven at 400 for about 20 minutes. Claire squeezed a lemon over it before serving.
Good, healthy food with good people just makes you feel good. I’ve made it a priority to eat more veggies during my day. Thanks for the gentle push and guidance, Claire. Your blog is such an inspiration! I’m feeling Heavy On The Veggie.
PS: I’m pinning lots of veggie recipes here. Don’t judge the other yummy recipes mixed in there. It’s all about balance, right? ;)


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20 Responses to “Heavy On The Veggie”

  1. I’m going to have to try that okra! Looks so yummy… And can we talk about that kitchen?!

  2. Now this I love! I’m a no foods barred girl myself. I actually crave fruits and veggies the same way I sometimes crave a cheeseburger with fries! Can’t wait to check out her blog!

  3. You know I loved this post! I could almost be a vegetarian. Everything looks delish! Can’t wait to check out the new site- off to stalk her now!

  4. KatiePerk says:

    Cute girls! Yummy recipes. Claire and I went to school together!

  5. What a fun get together! I love my veggies but have never had grilled okra either. Can’t wait to give that one a try. Good luck with you’re healthy eating!

  6. I’ve never tried okra before, got to give it a try. Bring on the veggie recipes!
    PS: looove the wine glasses ;)

  7. I’ve never tried okra before, got to give it a try. Bring on the veggie recipes!
    PS: looove the wine glasses ;)

  8. 17 Perth says:

    I am a fan of okra in every way. I have heard grilled okra is awesome. I will definitely be giving it a try. Roasted okra is a go-to for me in the summer, mostly because it is so easy!! Also—the naan bread pizzas sound great! And of course I can’t not mention her kitchen—love it!

  9. I have to admit I am not the best with veggies, either. But a veggie pizza? I can get on board with that! What a great idea to cook together and enjoy. And that kitchen… wow!

  10. It only helps that Claire is hilarious, both in real life and her blog. She keeps me reading, and I am with you a meat and potatoes girl. What a fun dinner party, with great people!

  11. Mmm that all sounds so delicious! I’m with Natalie that I could almost be a vegetarian too. What a fun dinner party! (and such a beautiful house!) I’m going to have to start following Claire’s blog.

  12. Amanda Hill says:

    Fun party! I love okra but I have never grilled it…must do that this weekend :)

  13. looks devine! and so inspiring! I want to throw me a party like that! cheers!

  14. caycee says:

    Yes to the veggies!! And omg can we talk about how pretty Claire is?? And that kitchen my my that kitchen is fab!!!

  15. I love okra and wine! You girls are so pretty!

  16. Lianna says:

    I agree I am always trying to eat more veggies – b/c I never do!

    ps that kitchen is HEAVEN!

  17. I’m definitely not big on the veggie front either (I’ve got tons of crazy allergies), but *DANG* you make this look *GOOD*! I mean, I can pretty much eat anything on pizza (c: And I’m pretty sure I’d be Julia freakin’ Child if that was my kitchen…

  18. Bud and Leo says:

    It is a daily struggle for me to incorporate veggies so I’m so glad you posted about this! I’m definitely going to check out her site asap! And her kitchen is gorg too! :)

  19. Ok. . .I know this post is about food. But back the train up. Where is that door from. The one made from planks? DIY? What and where do I go for that???

  20. Jen says:

    Hi! I’m redoing my kitchen. Do you have ANY idea where the grey subway tile is from?!? Thank in advance!!

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