There are a lot of gadgets and devices that we use every day that we don’t even think twice about – iPhone, laptop, and a personal favorite of mine my apple tv. Today I’m sharing 5 specific items that have been game changers for me and make my days so much better.

This Dyson cordless vacuum is the bomb. I know that it doesn’t seem like having a cordless vacuum would really make that big of a difference but, trust me, it does. Plus is just a REALLY solid vacuum and is truly the best one I’ve ever had. And it’s so easy even the kids offer to use it (sometimes).

This pink handheld travel steamer is so good that it replaced my big “industrial” size steamer. It seriously works just as well, takes up a fraction of the space, and easily packs in my carry on! I bought mine back in 2017 and she’s still going strong.

I know I just wrote about this hair dryer smoothing brush earlier this week, but holy wow I love it more and more every time that I use it! And it’s only $58. My hair has so much more volume after I use it! I just can’t scream it enough, I’m oddly excited about this thing.

This Kindle Paperwhite is literally one of my most used things that I own. Downloading (or borrowing from the Kindle library) is so easy, and the screen can be perfectly viewed in direct sunlight (yes even on the beach). I use it every night at bedtime and I never travel without it.

I know this coffee grinder might not be so sexy but it WORKS. Grinding my own coffee beans fresh every morning makes my coffee taste sooooo much better. Finish off the rest of your bag of ground coffee, buy this grinder, start buying bags of whole coffee beans (I love this brand), and never look back. .

PS: This is the next gadget on my wishlist and I think it’s going to happen. I’ve been hearing the best things about it. Have a great day, Everyone!


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