Date: Aug 8 2013

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Since first glance I have loved this enchanting butterfly wall art featured in Lonny’s Sept 2011 issue (I know, I’m taking you back a couple of years).




It’s exquisite. But to be honest, dead bugs on a wall kind of freaks me out even if they did complete their natural lifespan. But you might be inspired to create a similar look with Eisley’s hand cut faux butterflies.




She sells them in lots ranging from 20 to 500 butterflies. I think it would be quite beautiful to arrange a monochromatic collection of butterflies set in acrylic like the piece above. I don’t know, just throwing that out there. They’re not as glowy as the real deal up top – but I bet a bunch in the same color scheme could be pretty amazing.


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7 Responses to “butterfly wall art”

  1. I think that could be really amazing and I am with you dead bugs on walls makes me uncomfortable!

  2. Julia Ryan says:

    dead bugs on the wall, bahaha, my kids would LOVE it. I can just hear Tagg now. Mama. Bug. Mama. Bug. On repeat all day long :)

  3. Gaby says:

    So freaking beautiful! That nook from the first image is insanely pretty, loooove it!

  4. Chassity says:

    Yeah done well it could be really cool. I love that top image.

  5. Chassity says:

    I can hear it, too.

  6. Chassity says:

    Isn’t it the prettiest? I love, too.

  7. michelle says:

    my boyfriend has a little shadow box with 3 bugs in it on his wall and it creeps me out. dead bugs are not decor!

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