Date: May 8 2015

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So a question I get asked a lot is where I blog from. The answer seems sorta boring, because I write my blog posts at home. But home is exactly where I want to be (unless of course I had some amazing office I shared with friends… dreaming). So when HP & Intel asked me to show my happy place where I “work” from I naturally chose to share my home.




And I put “work” in quotes up there because it hardly seems fair to call this lifestyle blog work. I started it nearly 5 years ago as a fun outlet to share clothing and home finds, and I still treat it like a hobby (a hobby that I get to devote a lot of time to). And I get to be home with the kids at the same time. But they have pre-school, the occasional sitter, and really, they play so well together now – which allows for plenty of opportunities to hop online and find new pretty things to share :)




This is me, finding a new pair of shoes I want to buy. Like usual. But really, my HP with Intel Inside tablet makes it easy to get online anywhere even if there is no wifi access, thanks to it’s 4G data (obvs not the case at my house because duh, I have internet).





Don’t get me wrong, working from home does have it’s challenges, but I really love it. If you could work from anywhere, where would it be?


Shop the post:

wearing stripe shirt & high rise shorts

hp with intel inside tablet

similar rugs here

peacock chair

similar outdoor chairs


Thanks to HP & Intel for partnering on this post.



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  1. Alesya says:

    Since I’ve started Alesya Bags, this has been a constant struggle for me. I’ve had two offices and now work at home. I was offered at great office location a few months ago, but decided staying at home was better. The office ends up being one more place I have to go. The ‘office collective with people I love’ dream is still there – but for now, this is best.

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